• The Three of Us

    Both wickedly entertaining and thought-provoking.
    I couldn’t stop turning the page!
    ~ Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

    Long-standing tensions between a husband, his wife, and her best friend finally come to a breaking point in this sharp domestic comedy of manners, told brilliantly over the course of one day.

    What if the two most important people in your life hated each other with a passion?

    The wife has it all. A big house in a nice neighbourhood, a ride-or-die snarky friend with whom to laugh about facile men, and an affectionate husband who loves her above all else. The only thing missing from this portrait is a baby. But motherhood is a serious undertaking, especially for the wife who has valued her selfhood above all else.

    On a seemingly normal day, the best friend comes over to spend a lazy afternoon with the wife. But when the husband comes home and a series of confessions are made that threaten to throw everything off balance, the wife’s two confidantes are suddenly forced to jockey for their positions. Told in three taut, mesmerizing parts—the wife, the husband, the best friend—the day quickly unfolds to show how the trio’s dented visions of each other finally unravel, throwing everyone’s integrity into question – and their long-drawn-out territorial dance, carefully constructed over pivotal years, into utter chaos.

    At once subversively comical, wildly astute, and painfully compulsive, The Three of Us explores cultural truths, what it means to defy them, and the fine line between compromise and betrayal, ultimately asking: who are we if not for the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, and the people we’re meant to love?

    The Three of Us

  • You Failed, So What? (Hardcover)

    Before he turned 9 years he had helped a professional plumber plumb a whole house. By 11 years, he was an apprentice to an electrician. By 13 years, he was an apprentice to an auto mechanic. At 22 years, he finally received grace and decided to change for the better – changing from a watchman to a scholar. 

    • What did he do?
    • How did he retreat, rethink and retool?
    • How did he re-educate himself?
    • How did he go through life with no qualification?

    This book “You Failed, So What?” is a book written…

    • For students of all levels and disciplines.
    • For parents/guardians who want to help their children/wards become the best.
    • For lecturers/teachers who want to help their students.
    • For anyone who craves to succeed in life.

    In the chapters of this book – 

    “You Failed, So What?” – the author presents an integration of academia, real life stories and nuggets of wisdom to the generality of readers and students in particular. He openly shares his youthful naivete in the hope that his missteps would make your steps more audacious to a better future. “You Failed, So What?” is about striving more than it is about arriving.

  • You’re Marrying A Rich Girl, So What?

    It is a practical and situational outlook to one of the most neglected areas in the quest for marriage. What happens when a governor’s daughter falls in love with a poor prince? 

     This book raises and answers over 450 questions about love, relationships, attitudes, courtship, marriage, social status, parentage, educational background and property ownership. For example;

    • What is Love?
    • How to navigate a relationship that is in the realms of a fairy tale, into reality? 
    • What’s wrong if a “poor prince” marries well?
    • What do you do if you are the poor prince in love with the governor’s daughter?
    • How do governors arrive at their conclusions on who their daughters should marry?
    • How do governors arrive at who they do not approve of?
    • How should the idea of property co-ownership be treated in a lopsided relationship?

     “You’re Marrying A Rich Girl, So What?” gives deep insights into most pre-marital and initial marriage problems, which most rich ladies are likely to face when they decide to marry seemingly underprivileged gentlemen. 

     This book speaks to the differences that arise from relationships of very privileged ladies – whom we prefer to refer to as governors’ daughters, and underprivileged gentlemen – whom we choose to call “poor princes”

     It serves as a “guide” to privileged ladies to know and understand some of the fears, frustrations, and suspicions of underprivileged men, when it comes to courtship with the aim of marriage and the issues of property ownership, money, influence and the future of their children. 

     Also, it provides assistance to men with “challenging backgrounds”, who find themselves in love, dating, or enthusiastically preparing to marry ladies from very wealthy homes, or ladies with privilege backgrounds – resulting in lopsided marriages

     Most importantly, it is to help the privileged ladies know which of the potential gentlemen their fathers – the governors would agree for them to marry. 

    Read this book before you say “I do”.

  • Managing Distant Relationships: A Bite!

    Managing Distant Relationships: A Bite! is a book born out of the personal experience in distant relationships of the author. The author believes that, for the best result, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, where the manufacturer here is God. The book talks about the unpredictability of life, which in turn affects relationships, especially marriage.

    The book deals with the purpose of marriage as the Bible wants it and the new normal of today – distant relationship.

    Mark 10:9 reads, “What therefore the Lord has joined together, let no man separate”. This book is recommended for all people in relationships as it deals with the various forms of distant relationships, causes and effects, and the likely way out.

  • My Home, My Hell: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Within three weeks of the 2020 UK pandemic lockdown, an unprecedented number of women – sixteen – were reported to have died. This figure does not take into account unreported deaths across the globe. Domestic violence is a global crisis which cannot be ignored. My Home My Hell is an insightful read for anyone about to get into a relationship, in a relationship, in a position to influence couples and not only the victims of domestic violence and abuse.

    Nana explores relationships in her straightforward writing style and catalogues the kinds of abuse that can manifest within these circumstances. She highlights the warning signs of abusive relationships and marriages and through the lens of real examples, she encourages the reader to reflect on their own lived experiences. By offering practical advice on how to safely exit a toxic relationship, she hopes that readers within such situations will be motivated to make informed choices and avoid becoming a statistic.

  • The Threefold Bond

    Love and Marriage are subjects that have been explored for generations and still remain a mystery. Through the years, songs, films, proverbs and books have sought to unravel the secrets of love and marital happiness.

    In their first book, The Threefold Bond, Myles and Selorm Hagan explore some of the most pertinent issues in marriage including the purpose and context of Christian marriage, what to consider in choosing a partner, the roles of the couple and the tricky ‘hot’ subject of romance, sex and marriage.

    The book also examines the roles and functions of the couple in the marriage, provides insights into issues of selflessness, and service to each other, preparation for welcoming either biological or non-biological children into a fold of security, nurturing and values.

    The Threefold Bond sets out and offers the base for anyone desiring to improve their marriage relationship or those about to enter. This book is a great tool for anyone who desires to know and live out the essentials of God’s plan for marriage.

    Rev Ocran

    Pastor & Executive Coach

  • A Theology Of Marriage and Family: A Challenge To Same-Sex Relationships

    In spite of the fact that this is a small book, in my candid view, this is an important contribution to the field of marriage and family life in our contemporary society. And this book will definitely be beneficial not only to people of faith, but sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage counselors and researchers in marriage and family life in general.

    Prof. Samuel Awuah-Nyamekye, Former Head, Department of Religion and Human Values and currently, the Head, Department of Classics and Philosophy, University of Cape Coast.

  • Yes I Do (Vol. 2): Living Happily Ever After

    YES I DO Volume II is about building a healthy Christian family which has to be anchored on Christ and on an equally healthy marriage. What a healthy family is and its benefits to members are outlined in this book.

    A novel concept called “THE MYSTICAL TRIPOD” which represents three basic factors (oneness or unity, mutual love and mutual respect) required to sustain Christian marriages has been introduced and used to discuss four major topics which are critical for blissful marriages.

    “Interpersonal relationships” – This tackles how Christian couples can understand and relate to each other as they live together.

    “Managing Family Resources”: This discusses in great detail how family material resources should be jointly owned and shared to ensure optimum use to promote understanding and to eliminate stress.

    “Responsibilities and Roles of Spouses and Children”: The book teaches that with the application of the “Mystical Tripod” the responsibilities should be as mandated by the Holy Scriptures and should make the spouses compete to outdo each other in serving the interest of the family.

    “Sex, Child Bearing and Christian Parenting”: Sex is projected as very central to marriage from the scripture; the details are therefore discussed and mutual support in raising children is encouraged. The principles for effective Christian parenting and step-parenting are also outlined.


  • Yes I Do (Vol. 1): Bone of my Bone – Discovering Your Soul Mate

    “YES I DO” Volume I presents comprehensive teachings, sound pieces of information, advice and safety precautions. The pitfalls in establishing marital relationships have been discussed; exposing fraudsters in the system.

    It does not only seek to build the spirituality of readers through the scriptures provided but also make a compelling case for them to develop their life and employable skills as a means of raising their personal values and improving their chances of getting a higher calibre of suitors.

    The unmarried, are mentored and fully equipped with practical ways to market themselves, to search and to connect with the opposite sex. The expected outcome is that readers will know what to look out for and how to look for it in a would-be partner.

    How to engage in effective Christian courtship that will lead to a fulfilling Christian marriage has also been dealt with in great detail – with the introduction of the “Soul mate session” an exciting courtship spiritual workshop to be held by partners.

    It gives insights about common sources of conflict in marriages to forewarn and forearm readers and also suggests ways to forestall some of them during the search for suitors.

    Common questions that bother young Christians have also been answered and illustrations given.

    The basic teachings of the Catholic Church relating to marriage and divorce have also been discussed so that aspirants to the Christian marriage will know exactly what they are getting into.

    It is recommended for all those involved in the formation of the youth; at home church or institutions.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    You are reading the blurb to help you make up your mind whether you should buy this book or not. Well, let me help you; buying this book may be one of the best investments you ever made.

    Let’s Talk About Sex is about sex and much more. If you read this book with years of marriage behind you, you would wish you had read it earlier. If you read it before marrying, you will save yourself and your partner years of frustration and disgust.

  • Passionate Monogamy

    Marriage is becoming a temporary relationship with people taking precautionary measures before marriage to safeguard their individuality. It is no longer a lifelong commitment of unity. To talk about passionate monogamy seems to be out of this world.

    Stephen and Georgina, however, have good news for the faithfully married: Romantic love can characterize and indeed should be part of Christian marriage for life. Their twenty five years of loving relationship have led then to the conclusion that sexual intimacy is an art to be learned by Christian couples and the result is “lifelong honeymoon”.

  • Prepare! 10 Studies to Help You Build a Secure and Happy Marriage

    Prepare! Is here to help you do just what it says: to prepare you for a happy and secure marriage. It contains counselling notes based on Dr John Kpikpi’s book, “The Marriage House”. Within Prepare! You will find notes, ideas and thoughts that will equip you to build a transformed marriage- one which exceeds all your hopes and dreams.

    Prepare is also designed to make readily available to marriage counsellors the resources they will need to assist couples. It can be used as a marriage preparation course for couples-to-be or as a refresher or rebuilding material for already married couples.

  • The Marriage House: God’s Blueprint for a Secure and Happy Marriage

    The Marriage House covers love, sex, culture, God, money, work and conflict and is a definitive resource on how to build a happy and secure marriage. Taking a comprehensive and scripture-based approach, weighty matters are tackled in an easy-to-read style, lightly peppered with humor. The chapters are packed full of practical advice, personal experience, radical suggestions and helpful stories.

    The Marriage house reveals God’s blueprint for marriage, making it a must-read for men and women of all ages. Whether you are married, preparing for marriage, searching for a spouse or a supporter of marriage, this powerful book will unlock the secrets of a successful “Marriage House”.

  • The Marriage Vows: What Are We Getting Into Here?

    In this thought-provoking book, Dr John Kpikpi opens up the subject of vows. What are vows and what is the significance of their inclusion in Christian wedding ceremonies? Starting from Scripture, Dr John Kpikpi shows the sacred nature and importance of marriage vows. He makes a strong case that, given the weight and gravity of a vow, every person should be given the opportunity to learn about vows- well before they arrive at the point of actually making one.

    As you read through this fast-paced book, prepare to be challenged to revise your views about the marriage vows and the covenants they bring about. You will also find very useful counsel on choosing the right location for a marriage ceremony and whether it is appropriate to write one’s own vows.

  • In Pursuit of True Love

    This book is about how to get your marriage off on the right start or correct the foundational errors if already married. It is possible to avoid an unending drama of pain and stress that can be acted out before your very eyes by the same person professing love, promises passion and fidelity, and perhaps moved heaven and earth just to get you to marry him/her. Do not come to a place where you have to choose divorce because a celebrity says it is ok. It’s not a walk in the park but more like living the rest of your life being followed by a dead body that refuses to be buried. However, it is better to be unmarried than suffer a slow agonizing death at the hands of a lover because it’s ‘till death do us part’.

    There are men who were willing to pay more than what was being requested as their lady’s bride price, even now after 20 years of marriage, likewise women who find it worth submitting themselves under their man’s leadership, and it’s all because right from the start, there was evidence of progress attributable to their partner’s efforts. You too can experience same if only you choose to elevate the conversation beyond the façade, the sex hype and the imaginary competition you wish to win or is being forced into. Focus rather on the true purpose of and your motive for marriage, give attention to your individual worth, life direction, capacity to endure inevitable trials and openness to adjustments.

    So before you initiate the relationship or take a step into marriage, take the time to first establish a solid reason for choosing that particular person over others, because the kind of person you marry is the evidence of how much you love yourself.

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