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  • My Testimony: From Obscurity to Prominence

    The tale of Blue Rose Limited—a journey from the rural landscapes of Ghana to pioneering the construction industry and earning global recognition—an enigma forged from one person’s ambition to serve humanity by solving accommodation woes. Across the globe, people seek a place to call home, a sanctuary for their families. Through integrity, innovation, diligence, and grace, Blue Rose fulfilled that need.

    Yet, the saga of Blue Rose didn’t leap effortlessly into prominence—no true success story ever does. It navigated through phases of adversity, turmoil, and challenges, as you might expect.

    Within these pages lies a spark to ignite a flame within you—a flame that fuels dormant dreams, urging you to realize your full potential, to accomplish a unique assignment only you can fulfill. Regardless of your origins, experiences, or current challenges, there’s a “blue rose” within you waiting to bloom. Embrace the possibility that the blue rose story can resonate with your own journey, perhaps even surpassing it.

    Enjoy the read.

  • Flutter Until You Fly: The Unwanted Child who Became Captain of the Biggest Passenger Aircraft of the World

    When he was six years old, he declared to the hearing of some friends: “I want to be a pilot when I grow up,” and it generated mocking laughter from them. The laughter became louder when at the end of sixth grade, his father lost his job and life went further downhill. From his family couch surfing in the neighbourhood for about seven years to having to cook and hawk kenkey, gari, and bake bread as a secondary school student, he kept going. He took the A Levels twice and performed poorly, disqualifying him from joining the air force even though he passed the army’s assessments twice. In Flutter Until You Fly, Captain Solomon Quainoo shares how he overcame these stumbling blocks and more, worked 17-hour days as a labourer, cleaner, pizza delivery guy, and traffic warden, to still become a captain of the world’s biggest passenger aircraft.

  • The Credibility Capital

    In The Credibility Capital, the author provides insights into the principles of credibility and the practical journey toward establishing a strong, lasting reputation. From personal branding to business operations and social relations, the book explores how credibility capital becomes a powerful asset; one essential for growth and success. Drawing upon relevant and personal anecdotes from different people, the narrative unfolds to underscore the importance of building an unshakable reputation. In an era dominated by the pursuit of social capital, the book challenges us to question whether we seek true credibility or merely its appearance. It cautions against the pitfalls of wielding any influence without the bedrock of credibility. 


    This book prompts introspection about the long-term consequences of habitual white lies and the importance of evaluating the true cost of living a life of pretense. It challenges the reader to consider how the authenticity of a person or endeavor is ultimately determined by the merit of their actions over time.

  • Hello Opportunity! A Tap On Your Shoulder

    This book will help you to know who you are, how to identify an opportunity and how to create your own opportunities. Chamming Pollock once said “Opportunity rarely knocks until you are ready”. And few people have ever been ready without receiving opportunity’s call.
    With everyone so busy, many are grateful for self-help books as this, that will allow them to pick up intelligent points in grabbing opportunities.
    So, I have put this together for grabs and easy reading. Some of the most inspiring thoughts I have come across are gathered through personal research and paying attention to the things and opportunities presented me, which are shared in this book. Seizing opportunities is you

  • Leading Inside-Out: The Secret to True & Extraordinary Influence

    Every chapter closes with a practical guide and steps which calls the reader to action.

    Kwame Owusu-Boateng

    (CEO, Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd.)


    Emphasizes the significance of self-awareness, empathy, and integrity in fostering authentic connections with others.

    Arnold Parker

    CEO/Founder, Pesewa Rising


    Full of deep truths and insights, vignettes and practical exercises.

    Mike Ohene-Effah

    Co-Founder, LeadAfrique International


    Masterfully combines timeless principles with contemporary insights.

    James Kwesi Addison

    CEO/Founder, Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence (AICEl)


    Takes you on a journey of knowledge, inspiration and commitment.

    Patrick Otieku-Boadu

    CEO, Spearhead Consult


  • The Working Woman’s Guide to Living in Purpose

    Life is indeed an interesting journey with various twists and turns. With age comes wisdom, and in my view, the obligation to share that wisdom with others; particularly young women in society who are trying to find their feet. In that regard, I have written this book to share the lessons I have leant over time in seeking a life of purpose.

    Part 1 of this book is focused on helping you live in purpose. It consists of three chapters that help you find purpose, walk in purpose, and stay in purpose.

    Part 2 of this book focuses on helping you build better relationships with others. It consists of two chapters that will help you understand how to work with people effectively. Part 2 is an important aspect of this book since working with others in purpose are crucial when you want to have a great impact on your life’s journey.

    Part 3 of this book is about walking purposefully with your core team: your family. It focuses on the importance of understanding love, building yourself to be the anchor of the home, and making God the centre of the family.

    Part 4 of this book consists of workbooks that would help you tailor the advice shared in this book to your life and purpose walk.

    I hope you enjoy this book, and I also hope that this book provides you with some key lessons (at the very least) that would make your purpose walk successful.

  • Woman: What The Bible Really Says about Her-Story and Human Dignity

    WOMAN interrogates the different layers in the two creation stories of the Bible, its impact on gender relations, the personhood, womanhood and dignity of women.

    “WOMAN takes a focused approach, and Edem’s ability to delve into the multiple layers of the Genesis narrative is truly captivating.


    Rather than simply reciting existing beliefs, Edem guides readers towards nuanced interpretations, which underpins the core themes of the book.


    Through its thought-provoking pages, Woman invites us to re-examine our long-held beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices, and to consider God’s intention.

    The Genesis account in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) provides two different creation stories.


    The first, the Priestly (Elohim) story (Genesis 1:1-2:4a), emphasizes that God created humans as both male and female at the same time (en masse). The second, the Yahwist story (Genesis 2:4b-25) describes the creation of man and woman separately, with the woman being created as a companion for the man….

    Woman stimulates contemplation about God’s purpose for humanity, particularly women, womanhood, human dignity, marriage, and its origins…” -Excerpt from FOREWORD by Prof. Mercy Amba Oduyoye, First African Woman Theologian, Educator and Poet

  • She: The Feminine Enigma

    SHE is a groundbreaking book with important contributions to the ongoing conversation about gender relations, equality, and human dignity.

    This book explores the complex issues emanating from the relations between males and females, and the place of the woman in society, from a fresh perspective that is informed by research, nuance, and illumination.

    The author’s critical, provocative, and spiritually awakening writing calls for shift in Beliefs, challenging readers to unlearn unhealthy narratives about women that are often attributed to the Bible. Ultimately, this book aims to liberate people to fully realise their human potential and to create healthy space for all persons to fulfil their God-given Purpose.


    “For many Christians who have grappled with trying to understand issues of equality, complementarity, hierarchy, and subordination in relations between men and women, husbands and wives, you may well find answers from this book that decisively settle your questions.” – Excerpts from FOREWORD by Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, PhD, Christian Lawyer, Theologian and Counsellor


  • Millionaire Writer

    Takes us on a journey many have silently wished to gain guidance on.
    Kobby Kyei
    Blogger & Philanthropist


    A notch into the world of rediscovery where creativity meets monetary value.
    Ameyaw Debrah
    Ghanaian Entertainment & Lifestyle Blogger


    Revelations are twined with actions.
    Caleb Kudah
    Broadcast Journalist


    Provides valuable insights toward growth.
    Cwesi Oteng
    International Gospel Musician & Songwriter


    Treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration for those who are passionate about writing.
    Prince Akpah
    Founder- Avance Media


    Argues that all writers can benefit from the business side of their craft.
    Esther Wepia Kopiah
    Writer & Content Creator

  • The Beauty of Pain: Your Journey to Healing and Wholeness

    “The Beauty of Pain” is a journey of healing and self-discovery by author Richard Akita. In this book, he shares his personal experiences with trauma and abuse and how he found his way towards healing and self-love. Through his story, Akita shows readers that pain can catalyse growth and transformation and that forgiveness and self-care are essential for achieving wholeness. With a focus on spirituality and personal development, “The Beauty of Pain” offers a message of hope and inspiration for anyone who has experienced pain and is seeking a path toward healing and self-discovery.


  • Giving Grace: Releasing The Power For Wealth (Hardcover) – Pre-Order

    Available on 14th November, 2023

    “Giving Grace: Releasing the Power for Wealth,” offers a profound exploration of the spiritual principles and teachings surrounding giving within the church. It explores the transformative potential of generosity and its profound impact on individuals and communities.

    The book explains the significance of giving within the church by examining biblical passages and stories, providing meaningful interpretations and practical applications to show how giving, based on biblical principles, can bring abundant blessings and unlock wealth. Additionally, the book offers guidance on financial stewardship, clarifying misunderstood concepts such as tithing, sacrificial giving, and the benefits of sharing resources with others. The book serves as a roadmap for aligning personal wealth with biblical teachings.


  • Thunder Protocol

    Thunder Protocol is a mid-career oeuvre of lively and impressive poems that examine issues ranging from the personal to the global. The diversity of themes in this poetry collection is both refreshing and startling, with language that is sometimes witty and inventive, and other times reflective and simple. This collection, which seems like an uncovering of the poet, may be considered a bearer of a collective understanding on the workings of the world.

  • For Broken Men Who Cross Often

    Efe Paul Azino’s spoken word performances have received critical acclaim from listeners over the years. This book is therefore an expected result of a heightened expectation from many of his fans. For Broken Men Who Cross Often, is a refreshing and brilliant bond of the written and the oral, as it invents aesthetic devices to connect the two mediums which have constantly generated wide debate: spoken word and poetry-on-the-page. The author, in his writing, resonates through his themes of advocacy, love, loss, identity and history, the need for a revisit of the inner self. In Efe Paul Azino, we will always listen to tradition in present-day voice.

  • Letters of Hope To My Younger Self

    A legacy project, Letters of Hope to My Younger Self is a compilation of testimonials and inspirational stories from notable Ghanaians across the globe. They too, experienced failure, fears, discouragement, and missteps. Knowing what they have been able to overcome and then go on to achieve in life, tells us that we too, have the power to break through our challenges and achieve higher heights.

    Throughout the book, readers will learn about the challenges and lessons that have impacted individuals across generations.


  • Why Go for Crumbs If you Can Own the Bakery

    Why settle for crumbs when you have the power to own the entire bakery?

    In this inspiring and empowering book, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance and start living the life you truly desire. With inspiring stories and practical advice, this book will help you break free from limiting beliefs and empower you totake bold action towards your goals.

    Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, student, athlete, or anyone looking to unleash their full potential, “Why Go for Crumbs If You Can Own the Bakery? ’will help you unlock your true potential and create a life that’s truly worth living.

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to claim your rightful place at the table and own the bakery of your dreams.”

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