• Psst…Just Saying: Musings of an Exasperated Woman

    In Psst…Just Saying, Obafunke draws readers out of their comfort zone into her orbit without apologising for her viewpoint. Her central argument is that cultural norms evolve and exist for reasons that ensure their survival in the Zeitgeist.

    These deeply personal and emotional poignant essays present the writer’s concerns about modernism, culture, respect and life. They make for a read that is in turns deadly serious, outrageously funny and profoundly honest.

  • Moringa Species: A Potential Source Of New Drugs

    A comprehensive study of all 13 species of the remarkable plant family Moringaceae, including Moringa oleifera the most widespread member of the species. Rich in phytochemicals, these plants are of immense importance where they occur and for many people their only form of curative medicine. Particular attention is paid to known traditional medicinal uses, chemical compounds identified and pharmacological investigations conducted to confirm the rationale for their traditional use.

  • A Doctor for the People: Memoirs of a Village Doctor in a Forgotten District

    This book is not just about experiences of a medical officer in a rural district of Ghana but provides useful insight into the life and character of Dr Anthony Ofosu and what drives him in his work as a public health physician. In a profession where many people will shy away from working in remote and deprived districts of the country, Dr Ofosu has provided useful insights through his pioneering work in a remote district, for young and upcoming medical and other practitioners to emulate. The ingredients for such successful transition from an urban to a rural setting have been highlighted, including overall vision of his profession, commitment to his God, openness to suggestions, supportive superiors and above all understanding family support.

  • Let’s Talk Diabetes

    Diabetes education is integral in the management of diabetes. This handy book is packed with information needed by all diabetes patients, discussing diabetes, its complications and management.

    Using pictures and illustrations, diet, correct use of glucose meters, foot care, insulin storage and injection are explained amongst others. Finally, frequently asked questions are answered.

    Health workers who manage diabetes patients will also find this very book useful as it simplifies diabetes education.

    If you have diabetes, have a relative with diabetes, manage patients with diabetes or want to prevent diabetes, this book is for you.

  • Check The FATS: Eliminate Chronic Diseases

    The world is in a global obesity epidemic and this is associated with thousands of chronic diseases. At the root cause of excess body weight or obesity is diet high in caloric content, ultra-processed foods padded with sugars, salt, and fat as well as sedentary lifestyle. Our goal then is to consume healthy nutritious foods and avoid excess caloric intake in the first place. Yet, many dietary approaches as well as exercise regime only provide short-term solutions and conventional treatment of chronic diseases at best can only manage these conditions. The challenge with modern dietary intervention and physical activity clearly indicates that the current obesity epidemic defies simple solutions.

    In Check the Fats: Eliminate Chronic Diseases, Dr. Bernard Kwabi-Addo discusses how the human body has designed complex and integrated metabolic process that involves several factors such as hormones, gut microbiome, circadian rhythm/sleep pattern, genetic traits, and exposures to the current obesogenic environment in regulating energy intake from diet and energy expenditure as well as energy storage in the form of fat. Thus, disruption in any of these processes can and do contribute to obesity and chronic diseases. Check the Fats then discusses lessons from our ancestors who did not have chronic diseases and presents the scientific evidence in support of the role of poor dietary components and sedentary lifestyle and their association with chronic diseases whereas healthy dietary interventions can reverse and even eliminate chronic diseases.

  • Serving Ghana: 70+ Everyday Ghanaian Indigenous Recipes for Hospitality with Step-by-Step Instructions (Hardcover)

    Full Colour Inside!

    Serving Ghana: 70+ Everyday Ghanaian Indigenous Recipes for Hospitality with Step-by-step Instructions is a Ghanaian standard recipe book. The book is written in everyday language but takes care of a number of professional à la carte food production concerns of the professional chef.

    With data collected through focus group discussions from thirteen ethnic groups as its basis, the book in addition to some nutritional information documents the recipes of popular indigenous soups, gravy, sauces and stews, grills and fries, one-pot dishes and carbohydrate accompaniments.

    The book will facilitate the teaching and learning of younger generations to appreciate and cook Ghanaian local cuisine.

  • A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health: Take Charge of Your Health

    A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health has been written by Dr. Barbara Entsuah after practicing medicine for over 30 years. It is to empower women to know about their bodies, what diseases affect it and how they can both prevent these or be knowledgeable about them. It teaches among other things, how to treat minor illnesses like common cold, allergies etc at home for symptom relief and the need to see a health professional if there is no improvement thereafter. It also encourages women to be involved in their own health by knowing about their medical conditions or diseases so that visits to health providers can be meaningful as well as useful.

    Both conventional medicines and complementary/alternative medicines are addressed and awareness of medications and what indications they are being used for and side effects of different medicines are also addressed.

  • Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth


    Dr Essel combines his practical knowledge and skills in enlightening us all on ‘common’ but often not discussed topics affecting our health! And he adds simple and effective tips to remedy them as well! A must read and a copy of this book will surely keep the doctor away!!!! – Dr Albert Akpalu Consultant Neurologist, UGMS/KBTH/Albany Specialist Clinic

    Dr. Kojo Essel’s book Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is a welcome nugget to the literature on better living. Written in graspable and comprehendible form, the book is designed and destined to help the reader and the practitioner to live comfortably and also postpone death. Everyone needs a sound and healthy body to fulfill his/her God given assignment, this nugget Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is full of simple, practical steps to manage the spirit, soul and body to achieve that. In this insightful book of an experienced doctor, he enriches us with page after page of practical instructions about the fine elements of living better. It is easy to read and easy to apply. Go for the treasures. – Dr. Ebenezer Abboah Offei, Leader, Grace Evangelistic Team, Akropong-Akuapem

    Beautifully written, skillfully crafted, highly readable, very useful, recommended for homes, schools, libraries, offices and for all whose priority is to enjoy health, the book, Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth authored by Dr. K. C. Essel is a must have and a must read. – Doris Adabasu Kuwornu, Vice President of Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) 

  • Ghanaian Cook Book: Favourite Recipes from Ghana

    In this book, you will find truly Ghanaian recipes devoid of foreign recipes which have gradually established themselves in the Ghanaian household. Most of the dishes described in the book are not only favourites in Ghana, but are also common to West Africa.

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