• Groovy Dee

    Age Range: 5 – 10 years 

    This captivating book is destined to spark delightful discussions between children and their parents. Its vibrant pages are adorned with enchanting illustrations that bring to life a remarkable cast of characters. Within these pages lie invaluable lessons waiting to be discovered.

    Groovy Dee

  • It Wasn’t Exactly Love: Stories from the Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop 2012

    A selection of participants from the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop come together in this delightful collection of 13 stories that tell of humans and human relationships. ‘Be Happy’ chronicles a woman’s journey to contentment in a marriage she has settled for. An adolescent is faced with a shocking reality while attending a Catholic boys’ school in ‘A Taste of It’. In ‘An Autodidact’s Guide to Sex-Ed’ a woman contemplates the right time to introduce her children to sex. Domestic violence is explored in ‘You Take Me for a Goat’. ‘Ladies Night’ tells of the escapades of a middle-aged married man in the city of Accra.

    This collection of short stories dazzles with its simplicity and resonance. It Wasn’t Exactly Love is a profound journey into the ties that bind us.

  • What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky

    A dazzlingly accomplished debut collection explores the ties that bind parents and children, husbands and wives, lovers and friends to one another and to the places they call home.

    In “Who Will Greet You at Home,” a National Magazine Award finalist for The New Yorker, A woman desperate for a child weaves one out of hair, with unsettling results. In “Wild,” a disastrous night out shifts a teenager and her Nigerian cousin onto uneasy common ground. In “The Future Looks Good,” three generations of women are haunted by the ghosts of war, while in “Light,” a father struggles to protect and empower the daughter he loves. And in the title story, in a world ravaged by flood and riven by class, experts have discovered how to “fix the equation of a person” – with rippling, unforeseen repercussions.

    Evocative, playful, subversive, and incredibly human, What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky heralds the arrival of a prodigious talent with a remarkable career ahead of her.

  • A Handful of Dust: Stories from the 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop

    In this collection, 19 stories speak of the myriad struggles faced by contemporary Africans. ‘Aderoye’ tells the tragic story of a life lost to tradition. A cult collects its due in ‘Pink Soap’. ‘The Little Things’ captures life in a typical Nigerian general hospital. A budding paedophile struggles with his basic urges in ‘Fighting Temptations’. In ‘A Handful of Dust’ a gay teenager struggles to find acceptance from his family.

    From the participants of the 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop, A Handful of Dust aptly portrays the internal conflicts we suffer when the lines dividing opposing sides blur.

  • Sharp Brain Games: Word Search

    Age Range: 5- 10years

    Discover the joy of learning while having fun and conquering boredom with Sharp Brain Games: Word Search Book for Kids (Ages 5-10), our focus lies in selecting age-appropriate and captivating topics and words that cater to children’s interests. Our aim is to ensure that word search puzzles are a delight for everyone, devoid of words that might prove either too simple or excessively challenging to identify.

    Our book features:

    Captivating puzzles for kids aged 5 and above

    Themed puzzles tailored for kids, boasting accessible and moderately challenging words

    A rich selection of over 400 words waiting to be uncovered

    Comprehensive puzzle solutions located at the back of the book – we’ve got you covered!

    Clear and legible Large Print text, enhancing readability for all ages

  • The Noisy Bluebird

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years 

    This captivating book is destined to spark delightful discussions between children and their parents. Its vibrant pages are adorned with enchanting illustrations that bring to life a remarkable cast of characters. Within these pages lie invaluable lessons waiting to be discovered.

  • Treasure In The Sky (BoardBook)

    Age Range: 3- 5 years 

    Within the pages of this book, the author takes our young explorers by the hand, guiding them on a captivating journey to unravel the wonders of nature and venture into the limitless expanse of the sky.

  • Native Tales: A Collection of Short Stories

    In Olamidé Adams’ Native Tales: A Collection of Short Stories, a spinster in Iliya must dance bare in the market square to save the king from dying; an unlikely but kind young boy got mysterious strength, during a wrestling bout, to defeat and crush the pride of a feared wrestler in Agbor; a drummer learnt to take care of his magical talking drum and together, they saved the land of Ibadan from a dispute that almost divided the kingdom; a young and brave girl in the land of Igbeyinadun journeyed where no man had succeeded in quest of a remedy to heal her sick mother and one of two childhood friends from Esanogbogun remained faithful to their years-long-amity unlike the other who was selfish and eventually got paid in his own coin. All these stories resonate the value that hallmarks heroes, selflessness in service to others.

  • The Widow Who Died With Flowers in Her Mouth

    Nobody mixes surrealism, sensuality, and sexuality like Obinna Udenwe. Nobody.

    In the 2021 NLNG Prize finalist’s new collection of stories, ordinary people find (and fashion) themselves in (and into) far-from-ordinary situations. A beautiful woman is discovered half-naked and dead but is the killer one of her wealthy suitors? A plumber is treated to an intense sexual experience by a woman with cash, curves, and killer moves—but is she who he thinks she is? A young doctor arrives at the brink of insanity after a forbidden entanglement with a married woman. A sexually promiscuous tailor’s return to her father’s house immediately sparks lust, jealousy, chaos, and violence.

    In The Widow Who Died With Flowers in Her Mouth, Obinna Udenwe opens a window into Nigerian life and gives readers an unvarnished look at the country and its people in all of their thrilling, titillating, and terrible glory.

  • For What Are Butterflies Without Their Wings

    Troy Onyango’s For What Are Butterflies Without Their Wings is a collection of 12 short stories that have a quickening pulse and pages crackling with sharp observations and gentle revelations about solitude, loneliness, connection, loss, love, and the infinite intricacies of daily human life.

  • Yawa Okwantufoɔ No: Okra Hohoroɔ Mɛdallion No

    Wɔ saa nsemaa nhoma yi mu no… Yawa a wadi mfe dumiensa nsa ka telefon so frɛ a ehaw adwene fi ne papa a watu kwan akɔ Ghana wɔ nhwehemu akwantuo bi mu no hɔ. Esiane sɛ ɔpɛ sɛ ogye no nti, ɔde wimhyen kɔ Ghana kɔhwehwɛ no, nanso wayera wɔ mframa a ɛyɛ tratraa mu. Yawa hwehwe mu na ankyɛ na ɔto hintidua wɔ ahintasɛm bi a ehaw adwene a na wɔanhyɛ da sɛ obiara nhu. Saa ahintasɛm yi de Yawa ne ne papa nyinaa to asiane kɛse mu fi nnipa a wɔpɛ sɛ wɔyɛ komm ahintasɛm no ho. Yawa hu ntɛm ara sɛ ebegye ne nyansa na wagye wɔn baanu nyinaa nkwa, na saa bere no mpo ebia ɛno rennɔɔso!

  • Yawa, l’Aventrier: Le Medaillon du Soul Washer

    Dans ce numéro…

    Yawa, 13 ans, reçoit un appel téléphonique inquiétant de son père qui s’est rendu au Ghana pour un voyage de recherche. Dans une tentative désespérée de le sauver, elle s’envole pour le Ghana afin de le retrouver, mais il a disparu dans la nature.  Yawa enquête et tombe bientôt sur un secret troublant que personne n’est censé connaître. Ce secret met Yawa et son père en grand danger lorsqu’ils tombent face à face avec les personnes qui souhaitent le garder secret. Yawa réalise rapidement qu’il lui faudra utiliser toute sa tête pour les sauver tous les deux, et que… cela pourrait ne pas être suffisant !

  • Rainy Day Zoo

    Age Range: 1 – 5 years 

    Today is Zoo Day but when rain ruins a trip to the zoo, this joyous picture book follows a little child who uses their imagination to turn a boring indoor day into a wild and exciting adventure at the zoo. Go on this wild Zoo adventure with animals native to Ghana, collective names, fun facts and their Twi names too!

    Looking for a way to beat the rainy day blues? Look no further than The Rainy Day Zoo! Perfect for children, teachers, and parents alike, The Rainy Day Zoo will have kids (and adults!) laughing and learning as they follow along on this imaginative journey. So why wait for a rainy day to have some fun?

    Rainy Day Zoo

  • Yawa, The Adventurer: The Soul Washer Medalllion

    Age Range: 7 – 13 years

    Meet Yawa, a 13-year-old near genius with a knack for getting into trouble! Yawa The Adventurer Issue is an original, funny, 32-page all-ages action-adventure comic series with an African twist. It is the first-ever comic to blend fact, fiction, history, culture, and modern living from a variety of African countries. If you’re a fan of adventures like Indiana Jones, silliness like Scooby-Doo or Dumb or Dumber, or international mystery and mischief like Tintin, then this is the comic for you! Each issue explores different countries in Africa through Yawa’s adventures – their history and culture and includes pages of facts that you are guaranteed to not know about! Perfect for comic lovers, young AND old!

  • Children of Stardust (Hardcover)

    Zero Adedji dreams of joining one of the Saba guilds―groups of intergalactic travelers who explore space, retrieve lost treasures, and hunt down criminals. Instead, he must scrape by as a guide to travelers stranded on his home planet of Anansi 12. Then he meets Wanderblatch, a strange creature with an even stranger object: a golden pyramid that houses a legendary Kobasticker called the Jupiter. When the Jupiter chooses Zero as its next host, he is recruited by a top Saba guild so he can harness his newfound powers.

    But the stakes are rising, and Zero and his friends Camih and Ladi are tasked with recovering an artifact known as the Mask of the Shaman King, which can grant wishes at a terrible price. And they’re not the only ones on the hunt―Space Mafia head Rozan Leombre is desperate to use the Mask to break his family’s curse. The trio must use their wits, courage, and friendship to achieve their quest and protect the galaxy.
    Action-packed, wildly imaginative, and laugh-out-loud funny, Children of Stardust is a fast-paced space adventure that launches a brand-new and unique voice in children’s literature.

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