• Accra Aca Blɛoo: The History of the Accra Academy from James Town to Bubiashie (Hardcover)

    Accra Aca Bleoo – the first comprehensive history book on the Accra Academy – captures nine decades of the school’s history, including the most epic events and pivotal moments. It takes the reader through the life journeys of the founders and those who believed in their dream to educate the underprivileged youth of the Gold Coast. It also recounts the aspirations and achievements of successive administrations of the school and how they overcame the challenges of their time and influenced the character of their students.

    The book brings to light several unknown facts about the Accra Academy and examines the educational policies that have influenced its development and growth.

    It is not only informative and educative but also entertaining, as it is interspersed with interesting stories and several pictures that will undoubtedly take the minds of alumni back to the good old days and give other readers a perspective into how life in the school has evolved.

    This book is the outcome of many hours of personal interviews and research, and is intended for anyone interested in the history of education in Ghana and what has made the Accra Academy what it is today.

  • Next Level Education Game Changer

    **Available in Ghana from 20 January 2021

    Next Level Education Game Changer seeks to engage our readers on how the theme “Quality Secondary, Technical & Vocational Education; A Catalyst for National Development” for the 91st Speech & Prize Giving Ceremony at Achimota Secondary School in Ghana on November 3rd 2018, inspired research work and findings that could contribute to a change in the educational landscape in Ghana.

    The book provides insights from students at Achimota Secondary School in 2018. Singapore’s educational system, considered the best in the world, was adopted as a benchmark, against which some educational proposals have been made.

  • Jennifer Goes to the Library

    Age Range: 2 – 5  years

    Jennifer lives in Accra, Ghana. She likes to read storybooks at the Mamprobi Gale Community Library where her mother, Joyce Yeboah, works as a librarian.

  • The Library Tree: How a Canadian Woman Brought the Joy of Reading to a Generation of African Children

    “You are proof that the vision and actions of just one person can make a tremendous difference in so many lives!” — Michaelle Jean, former Governor General of Canada, following a visit to the Nima Library, November 2006

    It began one afternoon in the shade of a tree in the yard of a Canadian woman living in Ghana, West Africa. Kathy Knowles brought out a basketful of books thinking she might amuse the neighbourhood kids by reading to them.

    Over 20 years, that simple storytelling session morphed into seven large community libraries in impoverished areas of the country’s capital, support for more than 200 similar initiatives around Ghana and other African countries, and a publishing venture that produces children’s books tailor-made for the African culture.

    Kathy Knowles now runs her volunteer-based Osu Children’s Library Fund from her Winnipeg home with twice-yearly trips to Ghana. Her work promoting libraries and literacy in Africa has been recognised internationally. Her unflagging enthusiasm has created bricks-and-mortar projects and has brought the wonder of reading to thousands of children.

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