• Rose and the Burma Sky

    A gripping and intimate historical novel of a black soldier’s experience in the Second World War – a rare and moving tale of love and sacrifice.

    One war, one soldier, one enduring love

    1939: In a village in south-east Nigeria on the brink of the Second World War, young Obi watches from a mango tree as a colonial army jeep speeds by, filled with soldiers laughing and shouting, their buttons shining in the sun. To Obi, their promise of a smart uniform and regular wages is hard to resist, especially as he has his sweetheart Rose to impress and a family to support.

    Years later, when Rose falls pregnant to another man, his heart is shattered. As the Burma Campaign mounts, and Obi is shipped out to fight, he is haunted by the mystery of Rose’s lover. When his identity comes to light, Obi’s devastation leads to a tragic chain of unexpected events.

    In Rose and the Burma Sky, Rosanna Amaka weaves together the realities of war, the pain of first love and how following your heart might not always be the best course of action. Its gritty boy’s-eye view brings a spare and impassioned intensity, charging it with universal resonance and power.

  • The Cabal

    Bako Thomas lives a solitary life, a calm centre in an increasingly unstable world. The City outside his apartment is sliding towards a dystopia as a fuel crisis holds citizens to ransom. He is down to his final chance with Avé, his girlfriend of two years, and his relationships with his neighbours, The Law, Gebu and Mimi is fraught with anxiety and tension. When a tragedy forces him to go on the run, he soon finds himself being roped into the murky world of politics and corruption he thought he had left behind for good.

    The Cabal

  • Màmá, It’s a Girl

    Available from 4th September, 2023

    For years, the people of KAMINWANAGA have lived by specific rules and traditions, but the birth of a feisty, determined and resilient young girl would shake up the whole village.

    Her curiosity about the world beyond KAMINWANAGA and determination not to be a statistic leads to a series of life-altering events that causes her to grow into the woman who would change the course of history for her people.

  • No Be From Hia

    A homecoming tale of a family brought together by migration and torn apart by tragedy and secrets. In a search for identity, love and acceptance – two ordinary girls travel from London to Lusaka to Lagos in order to save their family and discover their destiny.

    Meet the Ayomides and the Kombes – Zambian-Nigerian-Jamaican powerhouse families brought together during the post-colonial migration of the 1960’s to the UK – and later separated by death, divorce and betrayal. Scattered between London, Lusaka, and Lagos, only the new generation can save this family.

    Maggie Ayomide and Bupe Kombe are cousins on either side of the world who couldn’t be more different. Zambian-Nigerian and Zambian-Jamaican, both yearn for their disbanded family to reunite. When Bupe leaves Brixton to go to secondary school in Zambia, she brings light and disorder to Maggie’s world. However, the girls are hindered by dark family secrets such as the mysterious death of their late grandmother, and Maggie’s missing Nigerian father.

    From the blazing streets of Brixton riots to multi-party elections in Zambia to glitzy Independence Day celebration and adventurous nightclubs in Lagos, this heartwarming story breathes life into the modern-day result of postcolonial Africa and 20th Century migration as it follows two ordinary girls trying to find their identity and reunite their family.

    No Be From Hia

  • Small Worlds

    An exhilarating and expansive new novel about fathers and sons, faith and friendship from National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 honoree and Costa First Novel Award winning author Caleb Azumah Nelson

    One of the most acclaimed and internationally bestselling “unforgettable” (New York Times) debuts of the 2021, Caleb Azumah Nelson’s London-set love story Open Water took the US by storm and introduced the world to a salient and insightful new voice in fiction. Now, with his second novel Small Worlds, the prodigious Azumah Nelson brings another set of enduring characters to brilliant life in his signature rhythmic, melodic prose.

    The one thing that can solve Stephen’s problems is dancing. Dancing at Church, with his friends, his band or alone at home to his father’s records, uncovering parts of a man he has never truly known.

    Stephen has only ever known himself in song. But what becomes of him when the music fades? When his father begins to speak of shame and sacrifice, when his home is no longer his own? How will he find space for himself: a place where he can feel beautiful, a place he might feel free?

    Set over the course of three summers in Stephen’s life, from London to Ghana and back again, Small Worlds is an exhilarating and expansive novel about the worlds we build for ourselves, the worlds we live, dance and love within.

    Small Worlds

  • Crossing the Stream

    Ato hasn’t visited his grandmother’s house since he was seven. He’s heard the rumours that she’s a witch, and his mother has told him he must never sit on the old couch on her porch. Now here he is, on that exact couch, with a strange-looking drink his grandmother has given him, wondering if the rumours are true. What’s more, there’s a freshly dug hole in her yard that Ato suspects may be a grave meant for him.

    Meanwhile at school, Ato and his friends have entered a competition to win entry to Nnoma, the island bird sanctuary that Ato’s father helped create. But something is poisoning the community garden where their project is housed, and Ato sets out to track down the culprit. In doing so, he brings his estranged mother and grandmother back together, and begins healing the wounds left on the family by his father’s death years before.

    And that hole in the yard? It is a grave, but not for the purpose Ato feared, and its use brings a tender, celebratory ending to this deeply felt and universal story of healing and love from one of Ghana’s most admired children’s book authors.

  • From Charleston to Accra (Hardcover)

    Age Range: 3 – 8 years

    From Charleston to Accra is a children’s book following the story of Leela as she moves with her family from their home in Charleston, South Carolina to Accra, Ghana. She juggles between excitement about the move and nervousness about leaving her familiar surroundings and friends. The family has a stop in Hamburg, Germany on their way to Accra and has a few adventures there. Eventually Leela is happy and excited to explore her new home with her family.

  • Anloga Damsel

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    What do you do when you have become popular in school as an athlete and your friend, out of jealousy, betrays you? This is Dzidzor’s predicament. In this entertaining novel, the reader is taken on an adventure, explores the giddy life of students in secondary school. their loves and joys, as well as their woes and disappointments. The narrative generates fond memories of nostalgia and wistfulness. A very engaging novel indeed!

    Anloga Damsel

  • Kojo Writes a Story

    Age Range: 6 – 10 years

    With just days to the end of the mid-term break, all Kojo had was blank pages and no story to present to Mrs. Appiah his teacher. Their assignment was to come up with a story and present it in class. His friends were counting on him to help them write their stories. Meanwhile, Annie, his sister, made fun of him and his friends for not having a story. His father helped him with an idea. Kojo sprung a surprise in class, this was inspired by his sister’s mockery, his father’s guidance and his creative abilities.

  • A Wish Comes True

    Age Range: 6 – 9 years

    A Wish Comes True

  • Kwaw and the Boatman

    Age Range: 6 – 9 years

    Kwaw and the Boatman

  • A Message to Anna

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    A Message to Anna

  • The Drunkard’s Daughter

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    The Drunkard’s Daughter

  • Mama’s Dream

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    Mama at a very tender age displays keen interest in health and medicine. She burns the midnight candle and forgoes all the pleasures of life to realize her dreams. Her frustrations start when she decides to leave Ghana Medical School to pursue her dream career in the most sought for pharmacy school in the USA. She is frustrated by the consular of the American Embassy in Ghana, the airline’s inability to take her to her destination at the right time due to bad weather, getting stuck in a hotel lift and her bag damaged by thieves.

    In spite of her setbacks, Mama gets usually helpful assistance from all quarters to enable her finish her doctorate in pharmacy ahead of time. Mama’s parents are in the US to attend her graduation. Her happy father thanks God and all helpful friends for making Mama’s dreams come true.

    Mama’s Dream will inspire young readers to seek divine direction to pursue their heart’s desires.

    Questions, Language Study and Glossary have been set at each chapter to guide the children in their study of the English language.

    Mama’s Dream


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