• Brain Challenge (Activity Book for Kids)

    Age Range: 6- 8years

    BRAIN CHALLENGE activity book for children aged between 6-8 years or lower primary or K1-K3 levels. This book is packed with challenging activities such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, Sudoku puzzles, colouring, scrambled words and more. It is based on digital literacy and mathematics theme.
    The book will challenge kids digital literacy knowledge and critical thinking while making learning fun and keeping kids busy.

  • Abusua Pa Jigsaw Puzzle: Fufu Dish (1000 Puzzle Pieces)

    Fufu is a popular staple food in Ghana made from starchy root vegetables like cassava, yams, or plantains, boiled and pounded into a dough-like/pasty consistency.

    It is a versatile dish, served with a variety of soups and plays a significant cultural role, symbolizing communal dining and togetherness. Regional variations of Fufu may exist.

    Fufu offers energy and it is a cultural experience, making it a beloved and nutritious part of Ghanaian cuisine.

  • World Globe

    This Globe is perfect for teaching geography to new learners. It has a sturdy base and a design which acts as a visual reference during geography lessons.

    The globe is perfect for use at home or school.

    You can use it to teach new learners about different countries, continents and more.

    It has a durable plastic construction with a sturdy base.

    The globe has a natural colour scheme with blue oceans and coloured land.

    World Globe

  • Rambunctious Kwame and The Case of the Missing Birthday Banku

    Age Range: 7 – 13 years

    Meet Yawa, a 13-year-old near genius with a knack for getting into trouble! Yawa The Adventurer Issue is an original, funny, 32-page all-ages action-adventure comic series with an African twist. It is the first-ever comic to blend fact, fiction, history, culture, and modern living from a variety of African countries. If you’re a fan of adventures like Indiana Jones, silliness like Scooby-Doo or Dumb or Dumber, or international mystery and mischief like Tintin, then this is the comic for you! Each issue explores different countries in Africa through Yawa’s adventures – their history and culture and includes pages of facts that you are guaranteed to not know about! Perfect for comic lovers, young AND old!

  • My Nigeria: People, Places and Culture

    Age Range: 7 – 10 years

    This series provides a captivating way for children to learn about Nigeria. Complete with colourful illustrations, the series starts with a brief history of the Niger Area, its people, early culture and tribal dynasties. It delves further into the colonial era, Nigerian pioneers and past leaders of both democratic and military administrations. The final book explores the people, foods and places in Nigeria.

  • A School Trip Like No Other

    Age Range: 8 years and above

    “A School Trip Like No Other delivers engagement, retention and ingrained lessons in the most unusual manner.” – Benjamin Benj! Okoh, Award winning broadcaster and anchor of BookOnReview, Classic FM

    Why does the ostrich bury its head in the sand? Why does the chameleon change its colour? Why does the frog croak?

    Miss Obehi and her students go on an adventure through the magical animal kingdom of Jojo, where everything is possible.

    “Deep lessons, suspense, hilarity and fun. . . Jacqueline has done a brilliant job of keeping the reader glued to each tale, just as much as the kids on the bus trip.” – Akin Akingbogun, Author, Prisoner of Fate

  • Papa and Nana Series for Kids (9 Books)

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years

    Introducing the captivating “Papa and Nana Series” – a heartwarming collection of 9 beautifully illustrated children’s books celebrating the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. This enchanting series is designed to nurture young minds and foster intergenerational connections, created with love by Smartline Publishers in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Adei, Mrs. Georgina Adei, and Ghana Christian International High School.

    Each book in the series unfolds a delightful tale that revolves around the endearing characters, Papa and Nana. Join them on their heartening adventures that impart valuable life lessons, ignite imagination, and evoke a sense of nostalgia. The vivid illustrations bring the stories to life, captivating young readers and sparking their creativity.

    Enhancing the reading experience further, the “Papa and Nana Series” also includes a set of 9 flashcards, each featuring keywords from the corresponding book. These flashcards engage young readers in word recognition and pronunciation, making the learning journey enjoyable and interactive.

    Embrace the joy of storytelling and learning with your little ones as you dive into the world of “Papa and Nana.” This series is more than just books; it’s an opportunity to create cherished memories and deepen the connection between generations

  • Groovy Dee

    Age Range: 5 – 10 years 

    This captivating book is destined to spark delightful discussions between children and their parents. Its vibrant pages are adorned with enchanting illustrations that bring to life a remarkable cast of characters. Within these pages lie invaluable lessons waiting to be discovered.

    Groovy Dee

  • Mama’s Sleeping Scarf

    Age Range: 3 years and above

    A poetic, tender tribute to the simple joys of family life.

    Chino’s mama wears a sleeping scarf at night, to keep her hair all soft and nice. One day, when Mama is leaving for work, she lets Chino play with the scarf – and so begins a magical day of imagination and adventure! Running with the scarf, Chino weaves together the little moments of home life into a glorious celebration of love passed down through generations, as well as the power of the mother-daughter relationship, and the gentle joys that build a perfect day.

  • Sharp Brain Games: Word Search

    Age Range: 5- 10years

    Discover the joy of learning while having fun and conquering boredom with Sharp Brain Games: Word Search Book for Kids (Ages 5-10), our focus lies in selecting age-appropriate and captivating topics and words that cater to children’s interests. Our aim is to ensure that word search puzzles are a delight for everyone, devoid of words that might prove either too simple or excessively challenging to identify.

    Our book features:

    Captivating puzzles for kids aged 5 and above

    Themed puzzles tailored for kids, boasting accessible and moderately challenging words

    A rich selection of over 400 words waiting to be uncovered

    Comprehensive puzzle solutions located at the back of the book – we’ve got you covered!

    Clear and legible Large Print text, enhancing readability for all ages

  • The Noisy Bluebird

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years 

    This captivating book is destined to spark delightful discussions between children and their parents. Its vibrant pages are adorned with enchanting illustrations that bring to life a remarkable cast of characters. Within these pages lie invaluable lessons waiting to be discovered.

  • Beem Explores Africa

    Age Range: 7 – 14 years

    Beem Explores Africa follows a young Nigerian girl, Beem, as she explores the continent of Africa, meets its people and animals, and visits its key geographical and historical sites.

    The book introduces children to the physical and human geography of Africa. It has easy-to-read text, a glossary to explain key geographical terms, and vivid hand-painted illustrations.

    Beem Explores Africa also encourages in children a sense of adventure, tolerance of cultural difference, and responsibility for nature.

  • Treasure In The Sky

    Age Range: 3- 5 years 

    Within the pages of this book, the author takes our young explorers by the hand, guiding them on a captivating journey to unravel the wonders of nature and venture into the limitless expanse of the sky.

  • Princess Nana Afia: The Majestic African Hair Show

    The Majestic African Hair Show is a story about Princess Nana Afia and her friends. They prepare for an upcoming show at school where they will show off traditional African hairstyles and teach the guest attending the names, meanings, and history behind each one. Afia loves her African heritage and wants others to understand why Black hairstyles are historically important and to be celebrated. This fun engaging story teaches young readers how many African civilizations used hairstyles as a form of communication. Hairstyles could indicate a person’s family background, tribe and status in the community. Throughout this book you will find out where in Africa many of the hairstyles we wear today come from. This book encourages children of African descent to embrace their natural hair, it also teaches them how Black people have always used their hair to express creativity.

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