• The Einstellung Effect

    We become unable to consider other solutions when we think we already have one that works, even though it may not be accurate or optimal. It leaves us cognitively incapable of differentiating previous experiences with the current problem. So we may solve a problem but we don’t actually INNOVATE.

    Einstelung is a German word that translates to setting, mindset, or attitude. The brain attempts to work efficiently by referring to past solutions without giving the current problem much thought. It’s stuck in a mindset. We apply previous methods to a seemingly similar problem instead of evaluating the problem on its own terms. This effect presents itself across various disciplines and skill levels. Whether we know it or not, we all experience it.

    This book explores INNOVATION like never before.

  • Being Youthful & Useful

    This book is designed to guide you in the process of critical decision-making stage as a youth and gives you a perspective on how you can make your impact on your generation.

    It contains chapters such as:

    • The Paradox of the 21st century young person
    • The takeover generation
    • Broke and Broken and others for your consumption

    Undoubtedly, it’s a timely book that substantially or essentially deals with the reality of the state of our youth and the many opportunities that young people can readily tap into.

  • Live Your Dream: A Manual to Help bring Your Dreams into Reality

    There are lots of people who have conceived powerful and amazing dreams but are wallowing in uncertainty, doubt and fear. This classic book has extracted and unveiled the core values of true wealth ; and that living a purposeful life means living your dream. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dream is; you’ve got to live it until you become it.

    Live Your Dream is a divinely inspired manual uniquely crafted to inspire the young and the old to take huge strides in their God-given dreams.

  • Inspirational Master Pills: Collection of Divinely Inspired Quotes

    The Author writes to create a world of awareness on how great the Creator has given each and everyone an inspirational master pill to nurture our lives and to colour our worlds.

    In this script, one will realise the immense contribution and the vital role each pill plays in our lives as the nutrients of life.

    “Who you are is who you decide to be. Where you are is where you decide to be. Nobody can stop you from becoming who you were created to be and what you were created for except you. The greatest impediment on your progressive life is not the devil but the decisions you make. Every right decision you make has a tangible effect and produces the right result”.

  • I Dare You

    The Author in the timeline of the book, “ I Dare You” is the fighting spirit found in you. As humans, we need to unearth the positions of our inner spirit to enable us find our true strength of spirit.

    Loaded in this script, you will decode mysteries of your inner self and intriguing life-long stories of great personalities around the world who were not born into privilege but managed to become great successes today.

    Whereas some people might be born with “silver spoons” in their mouth, the chunk will have to strike hard  in order to make it. These blockages prevalent and come what may, you surely have to discover yourself and work on it.

    I Dare You

  • Passionate Monogamy

    Marriage is becoming a temporary relationship with people taking precautionary measures before marriage to safeguard their individuality. It is no longer a lifelong commitment of unity. To talk about passionate monogamy seems to be out of this world.

    Stephen and Georgina, however, have good news for the faithfully married: Romantic love can characterize and indeed should be part of Christian marriage for life. Their twenty five years of loving relationship have led then to the conclusion that sexual intimacy is an art to be learned by Christian couples and the result is “lifelong honeymoon”.

  • Prepare! 10 Studies to Help You Build a Secure and Happy Marriage

    Prepare! Is here to help you do just what it says: to prepare you for a happy and secure marriage. It contains counselling notes based on Dr John Kpikpi’s book, “The Marriage House”. Within Prepare! You will find notes, ideas and thoughts that will equip you to build a transformed marriage- one which exceeds all your hopes and dreams.

    Prepare is also designed to make readily available to marriage counsellors the resources they will need to assist couples. It can be used as a marriage preparation course for couples-to-be or as a refresher or rebuilding material for already married couples.

  • The Marriage House: God’s Blueprint for a Secure and Happy Marriage

    The Marriage House covers love, sex, culture, God, money, work and conflict and is a definitive resource on how to build a happy and secure marriage. Taking a comprehensive and scripture-based approach, weighty matters are tackled in an easy-to-read style, lightly peppered with humor. The chapters are packed full of practical advice, personal experience, radical suggestions and helpful stories.

    The Marriage house reveals God’s blueprint for marriage, making it a must-read for men and women of all ages. Whether you are married, preparing for marriage, searching for a spouse or a supporter of marriage, this powerful book will unlock the secrets of a successful “Marriage House”.

  • Restless: Passion That Makes a Difference

    RESTLESS brings us close to a man called Esau, who right from birth, was destined to live a life of slavery and servitude. Do you know that his story changed and he ended up living a life of wealth, dominion and prosperity? This book explores the X-factor responsible for this transformation. Through the Life of Esau and other bible characters, this book shows us how we can arm ourselves with this all-important virtue and move from a place of nonchalance and bondage to a place of purpose and freedom. We discover how we can practically triumph over odds that have frustrated the passions of others and make a real difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

  • Call Me Miracle

    It’s the real life experience of a woman who has been  through challenging and trying times. Journeying through what could be described as walking through “the valley of the shadow death”, she kept looking for the miracle that she so much craved but never seemed to be in sight. As her faith threatened  to suffer ship wreck she questions her own faith and the faithfulness of the God she put her trust in. Unable to reconcile her plight with a loving and merciful God she concludes there are “no miracles” for me. However at the points in her journey when it was darkest she encountered the miraculous intervention of the God she put her trust in and depended on.  She will conclude in the final analysis that there is no God like Jehovah. The gracious and merciful God never failed her, but chose to give her a new name, Miracle.

    Call Me Miracle

  • The Marriage Vows: What Are We Getting Into Here?

    In this thought-provoking book, Dr John Kpikpi opens up the subject of vows. What are vows and what is the significance of their inclusion in Christian wedding ceremonies? Starting from Scripture, Dr John Kpikpi shows the sacred nature and importance of marriage vows. He makes a strong case that, given the weight and gravity of a vow, every person should be given the opportunity to learn about vows- well before they arrive at the point of actually making one.

    As you read through this fast-paced book, prepare to be challenged to revise your views about the marriage vows and the covenants they bring about. You will also find very useful counsel on choosing the right location for a marriage ceremony and whether it is appropriate to write one’s own vows.

  • The Wolf in the Flock (Living Scrolls Comics)

    A little lamb learns to be careful around strangers in a hard way. Enjoy this creative adaptation of the warning against wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • The Chosen One (Living Scrolls Comics)

    Sequel to “At the King’s Party”. Esther is made honorable by her display of good virtues. She replaces Queen Vashti, Find out her secrets of success.

  • The Phoenix of Love


    “The book The Phœnix of Love has been written… to answer the coyly defiant questions as to what love means and entails: Nature and activity of love, love of fellow creature, of God, of country, of social causes, self-love, dynamics of love…? Great and capable minds such as Thomas Aquinas, Erich Fromm, Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe, C. S. Lewis and Irving Singer have, over the years, sought to unravel the meaning of the idea or concept of love, yet understanding love appears to be a discursive journey that is set to continue for a while longer…. The Phœnix of Love is, to my mind, one of the unimaginably giant steps in the unfolding discourse on the nature and activity of love and what it entails….

    The young, brilliant and gifted author Anthony Gyening-Yeboah ingeniously employs philosophical, theological, scientific, psychological and sociological ideas to present his understanding of the concept of love in an intellectual and conversational manner that illuminates as much as it enriches the concept of love and the activity of loving.”


    –Justice Yeboah, author of ‘The Alchemy of Social Justice’ & ‘Rights in Action’ 

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