My Home, My Hell: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Within three weeks of the 2020 UK pandemic lockdown, an unprecedented number of women – sixteen – were reported to have died. This figure does not take into account unreported deaths across the globe. Domestic violence is a global crisis which cannot be ignored. My Home My Hell is an insightful read for anyone about to get into a relationship, in a relationship, in a position to influence couples and not only the victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Nana explores relationships in her straightforward writing style and catalogues the kinds of abuse that can manifest within these circumstances. She highlights the warning signs of abusive relationships and marriages and through the lens of real examples, she encourages the reader to reflect on their own lived experiences. By offering practical advice on how to safely exit a toxic relationship, she hopes that readers within such situations will be motivated to make informed choices and avoid becoming a statistic.

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Nana E. Fynn


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