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  • Why Go for Crumbs If you Can Own the Bakery

    Why settle for crumbs when you have the power to own the entire bakery?

    In this inspiring and empowering book, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance and start living the life you truly desire. With inspiring stories and practical advice, this book will help you break free from limiting beliefs and empower you totake bold action towards your goals.

    Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, student, athlete, or anyone looking to unleash their full potential, “Why Go for Crumbs If You Can Own the Bakery? ’will help you unlock your true potential and create a life that’s truly worth living.

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to claim your rightful place at the table and own the bakery of your dreams.”

  • Igba-Boi: Repositioning the Igbo Apprenticeship System (Hardcover)

    Igba-boi: Repositioning the Igbo Apprenticeship System highlights the entrepreneurial exploits of the Igbos of south-eastern Nigeria. Despite the globalisation-accentuated influence of western business culture, the Igbos have sustained their indigenous business system undergirded by an ingenious apprenticeship system, Igba-boi.

    This apprenticeship system has existed in the Igboland for decades as an important heritage, embedded in cultural norms and values passed down for generations. The authors argue that the unique framework and rules of operation of this viable socioeconomic empowerment model will, if well-positioned, make significant contributions to the advancement of the boi/Nwa-boi  (apprentice), the Oga (Master), the community (Ndi-Igbo) and the achievement of the country’s overall developmental goals.

    Case studies of prominent and successful Igbo people in business feature in the book to illuminate our understanding of the system:

    • President and Chairman, Coscharis Group – Application of Design Thinking to Igba-boi Business Model leading to extraordinary business success

    • Chairman, E. Sunny Vespa International – Disruption of Motorcycle Engine Technologykey lessons and success story

    • Chairman and Chief Executive, Chisco Group – Building an Empire on Integrity & Authenticity

    • Chairman, Legacy Motors – Apprenticeship, Ndi-Igbos and ASPAMDA Market, Lagos

    A timely, easy-to-read, valuable resource and reference text for scholars, practitioners and regulators interested in institutionalising a sustainable business model in Africa based on a tested indigenous apprenticeship system.

  • A Stranger in their Midst: A Memoir (2nd Edition)

    Charles E. Archibong was elevated to the bench of the Federal High Court of Nigeria in 2002—the primary superintending forum of Nigeria’s federal system, with jurisdiction over the executive activity of the federal government and all its agencies.

    This book details matters that came before Archibong during his time as a Federal Judge. His characteristic approach to adjudication was a decided bent toward speedy conclusion of proceedings before him. These cases ranged from the abduction of a sitting state governor, the recall of the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, a trial of activists of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), to pushing through trial a civil claim against federal authorities over publication of an air accident report, oil magnates and communication czars tangling with their creditors. The stories are told with the skill and pathos of an excellent writer.

    Things reach a climax when Justice Archibong collides with senior lawyers engaged on behalf of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to conduct a major criminal trial, and about the same time the Judge gets caught in the crossfire of feuding political bigwigs litigating for the control of party political structures. These conflicts will lead to the premature termination of his judicial career.

  • No Human Is Useless

    In “No Human Is Useless,” William Plange shares a remarkable and transformative journey of self-discovery. Amidst navigating living in the forest, enduring betrayal, and grappling with the influence of religion, He discovered the resilience to preserve his dreams.
    This captivating memoir delves into the profound impact of embracing one’s unique talents, transcending the barriers imposed by religion, and forging a path toward personal fulfilment. Beyond overcoming challenges, William also reveals how he defied societal norms to create successful businesses and garner international recognition. Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a transformative exploration of your potential, triumph over adversity, and ignite the power of your unique brilliance
    Every Human has a hidden talent that needs to manifest for the world to see.

  • Fundamentals to the Art of Winning (Pre-Order)

    Available from 18th September, 2023

    The purpose of this book is to throw light on the adoption and execution of basic universal and economic principles that can lead you to wealth, prosperity and freedom in simple terms that all can relate with.
    Fundamentals To The Art Of Winning offers a unique perspective on financial success and the quest for personal sovereignty. It challenges the conventional wisdom about the traditional paths to achieving financial independence and presents alternative real-world approaches that Gould fast-track your journey to financial success.
    The author presents you with a unique understanding of how you can use the power of your mind to manifest your dreams. Winning starts with a belief system that cultivates in you some ideals that allow you to take action in the direction of your personal purpose

  • The Lady in Boots: Memoirs of Ghana’s First Female Major General

    Available from 11th September, 2023
    The book is Major General Constance Edjeani-Afenu’s remarkable memoir. It chronicles her 43-year extraordinary journey in the Ghana Armed Forces.
    She was the first female Commanding Officer, and the first female Major General. Her story is a testimony to dedication, leadership, and resilience.

  • Book Set: Red Oak Heroes Series (6 Books)

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    This is a bookset of all six titles in the Red Oak Heroes Series:

    • Theodosia Okoh
    • The Big Six
    • Abedi Ayew Pele
    • John Agyekum Kufour
    • Kofi Annan
    • Dr. J. B. Danquah
    Introduce your children and adolescents to these Ghanaian Heroes.
  • The Chronicles of the Black Star Jersey: A Historical Compilation of Football Kits Worn by the Ghana National Teams (1951-2022) – Pre-Order

    Available from 25th September, 2023

    Football has gained considerable grounds in the sporting culture of Ghana. Along with it came other auxiliary aspects of the game, as the beautiful sport assumed global status. Ghana’s introduction to the game in its formal aspects commenced with exposure by foreigners in thier trade missions to the shore of the Gold Coast. Interactions with these foreigners led to several eye-opening aspects of the game from training and preparations, strategies and tactics, as well as apparel used for matches.

    This book catalogues the journey of the jerseys used by Ghana’s National Teams together with some key historical facts and tales about some legendary names to have ever donned the famous Ghana kit. From the colonial era, this heralded an active administration of the colony by the British, through to the glorious winning decades of the sixties and seventies, the ‘skin’ of Ghanaian players on the pitch, with its designs, meanings, and significance captured in simple but memorable fashion.

  • The Military, My Life: 43 Years – 5 Months – 25 Days: Autobiography

    The Military, My Life: 43 Years – 5 Months – 25 Days: Autobiography is General Frimpong’s fifth book.

    Starting from his primary school days across Ghana, his secondary education and enlistment into the Ghana Armed Forces in 1970, he discusses his long career in the military, community service, diplomatic life, incursions into academia, retirement in 2014 after over forty-three years’ service, and life after retirement.

    He also discusses his sojourns in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Canada and the USA.

    Maj Don-Chebe states in the Foreword:

    “For the officers who have schooled peacefully and smoothly in the Ghana Armed Forces, spare a thought for officers like Brig Gen Dan Frimpong, who blazed the trail and suffered all kinds of indignities to his person and unholy twists in his career path. His numerous runs-in with the Military High Command is a subject that should inform commanders at various levels that, a knowledge-based and future-focused Armed Forces needs a certain kind of officer hungry for knowledge and determined to compete with the best inside and outside.

    “The autobiography of Brig Gen Dan Frimpong should give hope and confidence to young persons, inside and outside the Military to continue to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Any setback can only be temporary; persistence, perseverance, determination and grit should drive you forward.”

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: Kofi Annan

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    From the day Awo, a seven-year-old primary two girl, first hears about Mr. Kofi Annan, the former United Nations Secretary-General, she becomes so fascinated by his great achievements that she vows to become like him.
    With the help of everyone she comes across, her Uncle, Mr. Thompson especially, Awo learns as much as she can about her role model. Her curious questions often jog the memories of those who answer them, causing them to remember even the least things they know about the first black African to occupy the United Nation Secretary-General position. Having secured her mother’s promise to take her along to visit Mr. Annan the next time he is in the country, Awo’s only prayer is for that day to come quickly. But will Awo’s dream ever come to pass?

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: Abedi Ayew ‘Pele’

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    From playing football barefooted in his neighbourhood as a young boy, Abedi Ayew is now rated among the top footballers around the world. He started playing for the Ghana senior national team when he was only seventeen years old. His passion for the game did not die when two arch-rival clubs in Ghana, Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko, refused to sign him on. He went ahead to sign a contract with AS Dragon FC of Benin and subsequently moved to European and United Arab Emirates clubs where he influenced their style of play. As an attacking midfielder, his spectacular goals were what pushed his teams to win trophies at major tournaments. Abedi’s contribution to football at both club and national levels is what earned him nicknames like ‘Pele’ and African Maradona.

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: Theodosia Okoh

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    When it was advertised in the dailies for the flag to be designed for Ghana, Theodosia Okoh took the opportunity to show her creativity. Her beautiful and thoughtful design replaced the Union Jack which Ghana was using as a flag even after independence. To every colour that is in the flag, she gave a meaning. She was not just an artist but a teacher who thought teaching was a duty to God and thus, did it for the good of all.
    In the story about the woman who designed Ghana’s most popular symbol, you will discover that the Ghana flag, like any other piece of art, can have several intriguing interpretations.

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: The Big Six

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    When Mintaa and Oforiwaa approach Grandpa Kwame under the mango tree and ask him to tell them about the Big Six, the old man turns off his radio and takes them through events following World War II till the night when Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said “At long last, the battle has ended! And, thus, Ghana, our beloved country is free forever.”

    Grandpa Kwame answers all their questions about the identity of the men who are famously known as The Big Six. He also tells them about the contribution each member of The Big Six made towards the fight for independence. Do you know that some of the men died in prison? Mintaa and Oforiwaa now understand why the pictures of these men are on most of Ghana’s currency notes.

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: John Agyekum Kufuor

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    From his childhood, he was raised to be a leader and J.A. Kufuor took advantage of every opportunity that came his way. His thoughtfulness enabled him to face all situations – a virtue that came with exceptional patience resulting in his ability to rise to the highest office of the land. At one time he was a political prisoner but that was not even enough to deter him from achieving his dream leadership. There is no wonder that this President achieved so much for Ghana. The ‘Gentle Giant’ is a man of vision and action.

  • Red Oak Heroes Series: Dr. J. B. Danquah

    *Available from 15 August 2023

    Age Range: 10 – 14 years
    Yirivie and his friends meet a historian on a bus while they are going to school and when the historian starts educating the passengers on Dr. J. B. Danquah, they become interested and ask for his contact. Back in school, they give the contact to their History teacher and ask her to invite the historian to come to the school to tell them more. The teacher agrees and books an appointment with Mr. Ofori, the historian.
    On the day of the appointment, it doesn’t look like Mr. Ofori will show up. Yirivie and his two friends who promised their class a great time with the historian are caught in a fix but things turn around in the most unexpected way.

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