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  • The Soon Coming King

    In the history, there has never been one quite as He. He Lived a simple life and yet impacted his world and generations unborn in a way that has never been!
    He was many things while he’s walked the earth-healer, saviour, miracle worker, even a carpenter. HE IS JESUS-THE SOON COMING KING.

  • The Coming of the Antichrist

    When Jesus talked about the end time times, it was not to scare the believers but to let  us be aware of what the future holds for both Christians and non Christians.In fact Jesus described how the End times as “ end of age”, which is a message of hope rather than what people as a time of doom. Jesus wanted Christianity to know that, a new era was going to come which of course will be far better than this current position. We shall be with him and reign with him, that is to say where he will be there  (Heaven).There will be no more pain,grief,sicknesses,hunger,death etc. You can just imagine

  • Personal Grooming Blueprint: A Grooming Guide to Transform Your Life

    If there’s any book filled with real-life stories that can persuade you to commence a personal journey urgently, it’s this one. In the fast-paced world we live in, no one is truly prepared for your ‘BUT’ or your ‘Excuses,’ so the sooner you embark on this journey, the better it will transform your personal and professional life. This book provides practical guidelines to ace your personal grooming journey, enabling you to become a person whose present life surpasses their background. Grab a copy and embark on this transformative journey!

  • Someone Birthed them Broken: Stories

    In this startling collection of short fiction, Ama Asantewa Diaka creates a vibrant portrait of young Ghanaians’ today, captured in the experiences of characters whose lives bump against one other in friendship, passion, hope, and heartache. Men like Opoku Sr., not yet forty and struggling to keep his family’s cocoa business afloat after his father’s unexpected passing. Opoku strains under the burden of caring for his eight younger siblings and the child whose mother ran off. When his new girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant, he knows he has nothing left to give.

    Years later, that girlfriend’s son, Opoku Jr., now faces his own troubles, including his girlfriend Boatemaa, who (correctly) suspects he is sneaking around, and Amoafoa, the woman he’s seeing on the side. And there is John, who confides to his crush Baaba about a surprising encounter with a male friend over a game of FIFA; Baaba, who falls into a whirlwind romance with her professor that ends in violence; and their friend Ayeley, who is learning to accept pleasure after being raised to believe it is sinful.

    Diaka charts this constellation of interconnected lives in thirteen stories, exploring themes which run through the collection like a current: corruption and economic hardship, trauma and infidelity, shame, neglect, and the tribulations of the female body. In telling their stories, Diaka illuminates hope, freedom, and triumph that can be found in the everyday—the bonds between women, the joys of love and sex and art and dancing, the possibility of repair and redemption.

    Renowned for her spoken word artistry, Ama Asantewa Diaka demonstrates her lyrical brilliance in this emotionally rich work that unveils profound truths about her country, its inhabitants, and the universality of human experience.

  • Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation

    “Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation” by Anthony Selom Dzadzra explores the essence of womanhood, revealing women as Divine Partners, guardians of strength and wisdom, and uniquely designed masterpieces. The book highlights women’s achievements throughout history and provides an exposition on Proverbs 31, guiding readers towards becoming a model woman of grace, strength, and virtue.

    The Guys’ Corner offers a unique perspective on harnessing women’s potential, challenging societal expectations and encouraging women to break free from limitations and expectations of the society. The author also highlights the concepts of “Woman You Are Not” and “Beautiful Women” and argues against the notion that women should conform to someone else’s expectations and celebrates them by emphasising that their beauty is not just skin deep but radiates from the inside out.

    The concept of the Combo is introduced, celebrating the multifaceted nature of every woman, and the author concludes the book with a powerful message of “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” encouraging women to break free, be themselves, and shine in all glory.

    “Woman Redefined” is an indispensable guide for those seeking to uncover the extraordinary gems within the heart and soul of every woman.



  • DISCIPLE SHIP: Maneuvering the Master’s Mega Mandate to Make Disciples of All Nations

    The church is busy. Very busy. But the myriads of meetings and conferences, programs and projects are only important to the extent that they contribute to the main reason for her existence: making disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is a vessel, a Disciple Ship, whose business and busyness are to discover, develop and deploy disciples; nothing more, nothing less. Disciple making is thus not one of the key activities of the church; it is the key, the main thing which everything must lead to and lead from, like the spokes of a hub. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper understanding of this mega mandate and/or a lack of practical steps and processes, tips and tools for undertaking it, the mega mandate has largely become a mega miss, leading to a mega mess, of church and society. But no more! This vital book addresses both needs—Condition, Characteristics, Channels, Counterintuitive Conduct, Cardinal Components, Contraptions, and Conclusion of the Mega Mandate—with the hope that through it, deeply transformed people who will deeply transform society shall emerge, exponentially, everywhere, especially on the continent that hosts the highest number of people who identify as ‘Christian’ today. And from Africa, to the Rest, here comes Disciple Ship, a provocative memo to the church and a practical manual for her.

  • Reflections: 50 Lessons at 50

    Available on 25th April, 2024

    This is the story of a woman who after weathering life’s storms, not only found her true self but also a treasure at the end of her personal rainbow. The story is skillfully crafted as a compilation of lessons gained over the five decades of existence. It spans from her earliest days on earth, through her vibrant youth, to the challenging and gloomy periods when she navigated life’s intricacies on her path to becoming the person she is destined to be. You are certain to discover numerous valuable insights you can relate to from the pages of this masterpiece.

  • The Usurper’s Dream (Weaving of the First Gods #1)

    “If you can, you wrestle with fate and damn everything else”

    The story of Osei Tutu begins under the tyranny of the mighty Denkyira. Destined for a life of captivity, Osei Tutu must risk everything to free his people from the over a century rule of Denkyira. His fight will cause division among the very gods that set him on his path and he will threaten everything in his quest for freedom.

    The Usurper’s Dream combines all the elements of pre-colonial legends: adventure, magic and history in describing the lives of its heroes. A delightful, entertaining story with disparate takes on characters whose belief in magic, gods and destiny shapes their lives.

  • The Credibility Capital

    In The Credibility Capital, the author provides insights into the principles of credibility and the practical journey toward establishing a strong, lasting reputation. From personal branding to business operations and social relations, the book explores how credibility capital becomes a powerful asset; one essential for growth and success. Drawing upon relevant and personal anecdotes from different people, the narrative unfolds to underscore the importance of building an unshakable reputation. In an era dominated by the pursuit of social capital, the book challenges us to question whether we seek true credibility or merely its appearance. It cautions against the pitfalls of wielding any influence without the bedrock of credibility. 


    This book prompts introspection about the long-term consequences of habitual white lies and the importance of evaluating the true cost of living a life of pretense. It challenges the reader to consider how the authenticity of a person or endeavor is ultimately determined by the merit of their actions over time.

  • Hello Opportunity! A Tap On Your Shoulder

    This book will help you to know who you are, how to identify an opportunity and how to create your own opportunities. Chamming Pollock once said “Opportunity rarely knocks until you are ready”. And few people have ever been ready without receiving opportunity’s call.
    With everyone so busy, many are grateful for self-help books as this, that will allow them to pick up intelligent points in grabbing opportunities.
    So, I have put this together for grabs and easy reading. Some of the most inspiring thoughts I have come across are gathered through personal research and paying attention to the things and opportunities presented me, which are shared in this book. Seizing opportunities is you

  • The Working Woman’s Guide to Living in Purpose

    Life is indeed an interesting journey with various twists and turns. With age comes wisdom, and in my view, the obligation to share that wisdom with others; particularly young women in society who are trying to find their feet. In that regard, I have written this book to share the lessons I have leant over time in seeking a life of purpose.

    Part 1 of this book is focused on helping you live in purpose. It consists of three chapters that help you find purpose, walk in purpose, and stay in purpose.

    Part 2 of this book focuses on helping you build better relationships with others. It consists of two chapters that will help you understand how to work with people effectively. Part 2 is an important aspect of this book since working with others in purpose are crucial when you want to have a great impact on your life’s journey.

    Part 3 of this book is about walking purposefully with your core team: your family. It focuses on the importance of understanding love, building yourself to be the anchor of the home, and making God the centre of the family.

    Part 4 of this book consists of workbooks that would help you tailor the advice shared in this book to your life and purpose walk.

    I hope you enjoy this book, and I also hope that this book provides you with some key lessons (at the very least) that would make your purpose walk successful.

  • Manuwa Street

    “Lagos brings you alive. Lagos kills you. Here, you’ll be wrong about everything. Here, you won’t have anything to worry about. Lagos creates as many millionaires as it sends poor people to the mat. Here, Nature abounds as much as it self-destructs. And never, you humans, despite your beliefs and certainties, have you ever wanted to live so much. In the midst of this overflow, this too many people, this too much waste, injustices, parties and excesses. Of everything you’ve tried to ignore until now.”

    French journalist Sophie Bouillon documents living in Lagos in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a journalist, she gets out of her night to go and write the dispatch that will announce to the world that Africa, in turn, is affected by this “white virus” that is bringing the West to its knees.

    In this thoughtful narrative non-fiction, Bouillon explores everyday life in Lagos through experiences from her career and personal life. In one unforgettable year, the city was rocked by explosions, evictions and protests. A city that never sleeps put to bed by the pandemic. Manuwa Street is the impressive story of a year that will end with the uprising of a people. It is also and above all a hypnotic and luminous dive into a city that never lets up, meeting men and women struggling with the din of the world.

    But Manuwa Street isn’t just a disinterested documentation of a foreigner’s impression of Lagos; it is about love, uncertainty, hope and survival.

    Manuwa Street

  • A Possible Future: An Anthology of the Best Nigerian Writing (1789 – 2018)

    Spanning two hundred years and multiple genres, A Possible Future uses gorgeous excerpts from over eighty literary works to showcase the inventiveness in Nigerian letters and the various zeitgeists—colonialism, despotism, Afropolitanism, postcolonialism, race and sexuality—that have defined it throughout the country’s history. The writers whose works are represented here—A. Igoni Barrett, Taiye Selasi, Gbenga Adesina, Helen Oyeyemi, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Niyi Osundare, and many more—remind the world of our fraught yet rich literary backstory and point towards the immense possibilities awaiting us in its future.

  • Voice of America

    Set in Nigeria and America, Voice of America moves from boys and girls in villages and refugee camps to the disillusionment and confusion of young married couples living in America, and back to bustling Lagos. It is the story of two countries and the frayed bonds between them.

    In ‘Waiting’, two young refugees make their way through another day, fighting for meals and hoping for a miracle that will carry them out of the camp; in ‘A Simple Case’, the boyfriend of a prostitute gets rounded up by the local police and must charm his fellow prisoners for protection and survival; and in ‘Miracle Baby’, the trials of pregnancy and mothers-in-law are laid bare in a woman’s return to her homeland.

    Written with exhilarating energy and warmth, the stories in Voice of America are full of humour, pathos and wisdom, marking the debut of an immensely talented new voice.

  • Season Of Crimson Blossoms


    An affair between 55-year-old widow Binta Zubairu and 25-year-old weed dealer Reza was bound to provoke condemnation in conservative Northern Nigeria. Brought together in unusual circumstances, Binta and Reza faced a need they could only satisfy in each other. Binta – previously reconciled with God – now yearns for intimacy after the sexual repression of her marriage, the pain of losing her first son and the privations of widowhood. Meanwhile, Reza’s heart lies empty and waiting to be filled due to the absence of a mother. The situation comes to a head when Binta’s wealthy son confronts Reza, with disastrous consequences. This story of love and longing – set against undercurrents of political violence – unfurls gently, revealing layers of emotion that defy age, class and religion.

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