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  • Woman: What The Bible Really Says about Her-Story and Human Dignity

    WOMAN interrogates the different layers in the two creation stories of the Bible, its impact on gender relations, the personhood, womanhood and dignity of women.

    “WOMAN takes a focused approach, and Edem’s ability to delve into the multiple layers of the Genesis narrative is truly captivating.


    Rather than simply reciting existing beliefs, Edem guides readers towards nuanced interpretations, which underpins the core themes of the book.


    Through its thought-provoking pages, Woman invites us to re-examine our long-held beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices, and to consider God’s intention.

    The Genesis account in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) provides two different creation stories.


    The first, the Priestly (Elohim) story (Genesis 1:1-2:4a), emphasizes that God created humans as both male and female at the same time (en masse). The second, the Yahwist story (Genesis 2:4b-25) describes the creation of man and woman separately, with the woman being created as a companion for the man….

    Woman stimulates contemplation about God’s purpose for humanity, particularly women, womanhood, human dignity, marriage, and its origins…” -Excerpt from FOREWORD by Prof. Mercy Amba Oduyoye, First African Woman Theologian, Educator and Poet

  • She: The Feminine Enigma

    SHE is a groundbreaking book with important contributions to the ongoing conversation about gender relations, equality, and human dignity.

    This book explores the complex issues emanating from the relations between males and females, and the place of the woman in society, from a fresh perspective that is informed by research, nuance, and illumination.

    The author’s critical, provocative, and spiritually awakening writing calls for shift in Beliefs, challenging readers to unlearn unhealthy narratives about women that are often attributed to the Bible. Ultimately, this book aims to liberate people to fully realise their human potential and to create healthy space for all persons to fulfil their God-given Purpose.


    “For many Christians who have grappled with trying to understand issues of equality, complementarity, hierarchy, and subordination in relations between men and women, husbands and wives, you may well find answers from this book that decisively settle your questions.” – Excerpts from FOREWORD by Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, PhD, Christian Lawyer, Theologian and Counsellor


  • Celebrated: Nigerian Women in Development

    Celebrated profiles 29 contemporary Nigerian women who, through their own initiatives, are playing laudable roles in our society. They include lawyer and civil liberties activist Ayo Obe, fashion designer Deola Sagoe, and businesswoman Nike Ogunlesi. These women speak in Celebrated about their experiences, challenges and successes.

    The problems relating to the social worth of a woman, her ability to contribute to social development, the political, economic and social roles she is allowed to play, her pains and travails are issues that haunt all societies. These problems usually arise from the way society sees the woman and the way the woman sees herself. Perhaps because of these problems, despite the past achievements of Nigerian women, the number of prominent contemporary Nigerian women remains negligible compared to that of men.

    Ayona Aguele-Trimnell profiles here a few contemporary Nigerian women who, through their own initiatives, are playing laudable roles in society and yet remain largely uncelebrated. Women like Doctors Okonjo-Iweala, Obiageli Ezekwesili and Professor Dora Akunyili to name a few, who have performed as well as any, and better than most of their male contemporaries and predecessors. This is the sense in which this book become important.

  • We Learn About Fire Safety (Safety and Me Series)

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years

    In this series, children learn important safety measures that help them relate safely with their immediate environment. With age-appropriate language and fun illustrations, children gain useful knowledge on fire safety, preserving the environment, road safety and safety at home.

    This fully illustrated book is an exciting introduction to fire safety for children. Join the friends, Nana, Tobi, Grace and Hakeem, as they learn about keeping safe on the roads from the wise Uncle Omoh.

  • We Learn About Road Safety (Safety and Me Series)

    Age Range: 4 – 10 years

    In this series, children learn important safety measures that help them relate safely with their immediate environment. With age-appropriate language and fun illustrations, children gain useful knowledge on fire safety, preserving the environment, road safety and safety at home.

    This fully illustrated book is an exciting introduction to road safety for children. Join the friends, Nana, Tobi, Grace and Hakeem, as they learn about keeping safe on the roads from the wise Uncle Omoh.

    The children’s questions are answered:

    • What is a zebra crossing?
    • Who is a pedestrian?
    • What kinds of different vehicles ride on the roads?
    • How should I cross the road?
    • What do traffic lights mean?
    • What do different road signs mean?
    • How can I stay safe and secure on the roads?

  • To Love Or Not To Love

    Where To Love or Not To Love is an interesting, and thought provoking read based on the true life story of the Forsons. The story is set on the hills of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where they found love. This beautiful story is intertwined with great lessons and life stories to inspire everyreader that love is possible and beautiful with the right person and commitment to make it work. To love or Not To Love will challenge your mindset on the current world’s standard for love, submission, respect and so on. The writers present practical stories and situations that eventually will help every reader to identify love and choose to love or not bearing in mind all consequences of each decision.
    Yet Christ is our helper so It is Possible To Love!

  • Revealed! The Storm is Over

    If you feel entrapped in the wilderness of being abused as a child, the loss of a loved one, and have reached the end of the road in your abusive marriage, and you cannot find the words to speak your truth boldly or how to find the peace you yearn for, this book is for you.

    The book chronicles the author’s experiences to help parents discover how children go through the trauma of sexual abuse, and to overcome it. The book also talks about marital abuse and divorce, how to identify the traits, when to walk out when necessary, and the loss of a loved one and how the grief can be handled. Note that your greatest gift lies next to your deepest wound.

  • And The Eagle Flew to Heaven (When a Mother Loses Her Child)

    This book is about the experience of a mother who lost her child and her path to finding healing. It also provides guidelines as to how grieving parents can start the journey of recovering from the pain of losing a child.

  • Through Thick and Thin: Janet Neequaye – An Autobiography

    Through Thick and Thin is the story of Professor Janet Neequaye. Janet was born and educated in England and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), among other qualifications. She started working and teaching as a doctor in Ghana in 1971 and was one time Head of the Department of Child Health at the University of Ghana Medical School. She has published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals on malaria, chloroquine resistance, Burkitt lymphoma, HIV epidemiology in Ghana, neonatal jaundice, neonatal tetanus and sickle cell disease.

    The 199-page book with a photo gallery and an index talks about Prof. Mrs Neequaye’s life and career as a doctor, teacher and mother in England, Saudi Arabia and Ghana, where she lived on and off over the past 50 years. Through Thick and Thin illustrates the trials and triumphs of her life, stretching from 1946 to the present, starting at her birthplace in the provincial town of Benfleet, Southern Essex in England, and still ongoing in Accra.

    Some chapters in the book have titles such as: Life Today, My Family, Medical School, Marriage and Early Working Life, and Going to Ghana, among others.

    Though now retired, Professor Janet Neequaye has continued to be actively involved in matters relating to infant health in particular. This is evidenced by her decision to donate proceeds from sales of her autobiography to the Children’s Block at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to help improve on conditions there.

  • Resilience: Reflections From a Widow’s Diary

    Available on 21st July, 2023

    The book is about a young Ghanaian lady who lost her husband and decided to pick the pieces of her life and live for herself and her children. In this book, you will find how the author has motivated herself throughout this journey and has attributed her ability to survive to the grace of God. She also shares some lessons on her journey of grief, childhood experiences that has shaped who she is, among others.

    It is a deeply moving memoir of grief, and love, that ushers the readers into the life of a widow in a way that embraces and transcends expectations. This book reveals the raw emotions of her loss and the profound impact her husband left on her life, and the woman she has become after the loss. As much about life as it is about death, the book proves that regardless of the situation, love and hope have the power to survive.

  • Names

    Adwoa (A-joa) comes home from school upset. Mom learns Adwoa’s name was mispronounced again, but this time in front of the entire school. Mom knows it is hard to say some names and even she, has struggled sometimes.

    Mom and Adwoa talk about what to do when someone says her name incorrectly. Thoughtful, kind people in the world will want to practice saying a name because behind that name is a real, breathing, living person.

    All proceeds will be donated to the R&F Foundation Ghana.


  • Men Across Time: Contesting Masculinities in Ghanaian Fiction and Film

    Men Across Time: Contesting Masculinities in Ghanaian Fiction and Film examines the various constructions and manifestations of masculinities from precolonial, colonial, independent and post-independent Ghana as portrayed in selected Ghanaian fiction, film and music videos. Two main questions are engaged here:

    • What predominant masculine images are present in Ghanaian texts?
    • In what ways has the passage of time affected the subversion of dominant masculine images, contested hegemony and created room for the presence of alternative masculinities?

    This book submits that in questioning the various masculine modes of behaviours portrayed in these texts, and negotiating their own masculine identities, the male characters showcase the mutations that are taking place within masculine representations over time and aver that other models of masculine expression are possible.

    This study’s engagement with the theory of hegemonic masculinity represents an important contribution to the discourse in gender studies in Ghana and Africa. In addition, it is well researched and presents a cutting-edge analysis of masculinity across genres. I cannot think of any other study in Ghanaian literary and cultural studies that provides such a broad historical background context and the book is certainly original in its approach.” — Professor Mansah Prah, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

    “The book’s major strength is in adding significantly to an area of study that is currently under theorised. This has the potential to make a robust and important contribution to the field of knowledge on representation of masculinities in African and specifically Ghanaian popular culture.” — Associate Professor Nicky Falkof, Media Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

  • She Wasn’t The Gold After All

    She Wasn’t The Gold After All is based on a true love story. The author shares a story of a young man who was caught in the web of a “cunning woman” he met on Facebook.

    The young man, thinking he had found a treasure in a Good Samaritan in the most awkward way while he was not expecting it, ended up with the worst disappointment and heartbreak, leading to a divorce that changed his perspective about life, love and people.

  • Jacob Was Rich: Why Not You? (The Spiritual and Material Blessings of the Fathers, Volume 3)

    A good man leaves an inheritance. – Proverbs 13:22

    He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus. – Galatians 3:14

    The blessings given to Abraham were not only spiritual but material as well, and they arose from Abraham’s blood covenant relationship with God.

    This book, written in 3 volumes, shows how all the patriarchs or fathers who were the bearers of the Abrahamic covenant became materially rich and passed their prosperity onto the next generation.

    Bishop Kantanka believes that Gentiles Christians, especially in Africa where poverty has become endemic, must claim their full inheritance spiritual and maternal through their covenant relationship with God in Christ as the Galatians passage says.

    “The Poverty Gap is a Technology Gap and the Technology Gap is a Dominion Mandate Gap and that is linked to a people’s exercise of the creative ability of God in man,” Bishop Kantanka declares.

    The book is the first workbook of the Rich Dad Club, a wing of the new ministry founded by the author − The Bishop Kantanka Teaching Ministry (see appendix for details). This book is a must-read for all who believe that African Christians must show the way that will lead to the blessing of our continent, both spiritually and materially.

  • Money: An Excellent Gift of God – An Exposition on John Wesley’s Teachings on Money

    “John Wesley has been revered but not carefully studied.” (Albert Outler)

    This book therefore makes a contribution to unearthing the holistic ministry of Father John Wesley, much of which has been put on the back bench for a long time. As a Methodist Minister, I had known that he gave the following three rules about money “Gain All You Can; Save All You Can; Give All You Can” and not much beyond that.

    Did you know that John Wesley described money as “neutral” and not “evil” as some Christians would make us believe? He wrote: “Let the world be as corrupt as it will, is gold or silver to blame? The fault does not lie in the money, but in them that use it. it may be used ill and what may not?”

    Note the positive ways in which he describes money:

    1. The Excellent Talent
    2. ii) The Wise and Gracious Providence of God
    • iii) The Valuable Talent
    1. The Precious Talent
    2. That Great Talent Money
    3. An Excellent Gift of God-(The Title of this Book)

    Did you know how he summed up his teaching on Tithing? He wrote: “You are a Christian, not a Jew” encouraging liberality instead of following rules and giving the barest minimum.

    I have founded the Movement for the Eradication of Poverty in Africa Through the Church (MEPAC) and this Exposition on John Wesley’s Teachings on Money is a welcome addition to my other books and teachings on the Eradication of Poverty from Africa. Get your copy and my other books in the MEPAC Series and follow my teachings on how we can solve Africa’s greatest problem − POVERTY.

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