• The Daughters of Nandi

    As she took her dying breath, Nandi Mhlongo, mother of Shaka kaSenzangakhona, cursed the house of Zulu and her family, the Mhlongos, for the disrespect she endured at their hands. In the ancestral realm, Nandi worries that her malediction may have been rash and too dangerous for the descendants of the two houses. The curse can be undone but it will need a human medium to convey the message to the progeny.

    Through three historical periods, three women who are extraordinary in their different ways will seek to get restitution for Nani. Gentle Keeya, a Motswana woman of the House of Moagi who marries one of Nandi’s descendants as the English, the Boers and the Zulu go to the war in the 19th century; Uju, a spirited married woman who carves a space for herself in history during the forced removals of Sophiatown in the 20th century; and in the 21st century Amangwe, who reluctantly joins her fellow students as they speak up against a meaningless freedom during the #FeesMustFall protests.

    Will any of these three women manage to ensure Nandi Mhlongo is appeased and if not, what shall be the consequences to the Houses of Mhlongo and Zulu and to the three Daughters of Nandi themselves?

    An engaging debut which seamlessly weaves fact, fiction and spiritualities while subverting the way the reader perceives history.

  • The Enemy of the State and Other Stories

    Set in the fictional African country of Ghaspata, a country a bit too suspiciously like Ghana, these eleven short stories hinge on themes of identity, violence, love and cruelty, fear, desperation, and man’s search for happiness and meaning.

    Adolika Nenah Sowah’s quirky imagination produces an oddly familiar world, laced with bolts of striking new realities that the author weaves into her stories – a teacher strangled by the very trees whose branches he uses to cane children, and a mysterious okro plying the skies of Ghaspata.

    Compelling, ironic, bizarre, and immensely humorous, The Enemy of the State and Other Stories is sure to leave readers highly entertained.

  • ADZE

    When Selase and other abnormals are freed from their imprisonment in The Facility, her life spirals out of control. She must navigate through an alien environment that brims with strange and powerful forces. These forces have one mission: to see Selase and her kind dead. With assistance from a traditional priest, she realizes that she has a mission to change the world. Together with her friends (Adobea, Elikem and Esinu), she begins a journey of self-discovery that is frightening and exhilarating at the same time.


  • Beauty and the Beast

    A Tale as Old as Time…

    Belle wants more out of life than the small provincial town of Villeneuve can offer. There she stands out from the crowd with her unique point of view, her strong-willed independence, and her love of books. She longs for travel and adventure, for a life as exciting as the stories she reads.

    But when Belle’s beloved father is taken prisoner by a beast in an enchanted castle, her path is forever changed. Risking her freedom and her future, she takes her father’s place secretly vowing to escape. But as she learns more about the Beast and his mysterious castle, Belle realizes there may be more to his story– and her own– than she ever could have imagined.

  • Mafoya and the Finish Line

    Age Range: 8+ years

    Mafoya is an accomplished sprinter but she is tired of being second-best. She hatches a wicked plan and succeeds in beating Amina in the 100-metre dash. Elated by her victory, Mafoya decides to employ the same trick in the athletics championships but things take an unexpected turn.

    In the middle of the race, a strange whirlwind sweeps Mafoya away to Musanga kingdom- the land of talking animals and birds. Mafoya face both hostility and friendship as she travels an impossible journey back to the world she knows.

  • Eclipse (Twilight #3)

    As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob – knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?

  • The Hidden Star

    Nolitye lives in a shack with her mother Thembi in Phola, a dusty township on the edge of Johannesburg. She is good at maths and likes collecting stones, which she places in a bucket under her bed. She also has unusual powers: she can communicate with dogs. Nolitye has two close friends, Bheki, who is overweight, and the bespectacled Four Eyes, who join with her to resist the bullying from Rotten Nellie and her gang of Spoilers.

    One day, Nolitye finds a special stone that has the power to make people feel happy and laugh. Her mission from now on is to gather together the other pieces of the stone and reunite them, to stop darkness from taking control of her world.

    The Hidden Star

  • Sunny and the Mysteries of Osisi (Sunny’s Adventures #2)

    Sunny Nwazue is back in this gripping sequel to Nnedi Okorafor’s What Sunny Saw in the Flames.

    Sunny has settled into life at the Leopard Society, with friends Orlu, Chichi and Sasha. Her magic powers continue to grow under the tutelage of her mentor Sugar Cream, as Sunny studies her strange Nsidi book and begins to understand her spirit face, Anyanwu. But Sunny cannot escape from her destiny, and she soon finds she must travel to the shadowy town of Osisi. The journey is fraught with danger, taking Sunny through unseen worlds, and awaiting her is a battle to determine humanity’s fate.

    Sunny & The Mysteries of Osisi is a compelling tale combining culture, fantasy, history and magic.

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