• My Testimony: From Obscurity to Prominence

    The tale of Blue Rose Limited—a journey from the rural landscapes of Ghana to pioneering the construction industry and earning global recognition—an enigma forged from one person’s ambition to serve humanity by solving accommodation woes. Across the globe, people seek a place to call home, a sanctuary for their families. Through integrity, innovation, diligence, and grace, Blue Rose fulfilled that need.

    Yet, the saga of Blue Rose didn’t leap effortlessly into prominence—no true success story ever does. It navigated through phases of adversity, turmoil, and challenges, as you might expect.

    Within these pages lies a spark to ignite a flame within you—a flame that fuels dormant dreams, urging you to realize your full potential, to accomplish a unique assignment only you can fulfill. Regardless of your origins, experiences, or current challenges, there’s a “blue rose” within you waiting to bloom. Embrace the possibility that the blue rose story can resonate with your own journey, perhaps even surpassing it.

    Enjoy the read.

  • Flutter Until You Fly: The Unwanted Child who Became Captain of the Biggest Passenger Aircraft of the World

    When he was six years old, he declared to the hearing of some friends: “I want to be a pilot when I grow up,” and it generated mocking laughter from them. The laughter became louder when at the end of sixth grade, his father lost his job and life went further downhill. From his family couch surfing in the neighbourhood for about seven years to having to cook and hawk kenkey, gari, and bake bread as a secondary school student, he kept going. He took the A Levels twice and performed poorly, disqualifying him from joining the air force even though he passed the army’s assessments twice. In Flutter Until You Fly, Captain Solomon Quainoo shares how he overcame these stumbling blocks and more, worked 17-hour days as a labourer, cleaner, pizza delivery guy, and traffic warden, to still become a captain of the world’s biggest passenger aircraft.

  • Leading Inside-Out: The Secret to True & Extraordinary Influence

    Every chapter closes with a practical guide and steps which calls the reader to action.

    Kwame Owusu-Boateng

    (CEO, Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd.)


    Emphasizes the significance of self-awareness, empathy, and integrity in fostering authentic connections with others.

    Arnold Parker

    CEO/Founder, Pesewa Rising


    Full of deep truths and insights, vignettes and practical exercises.

    Mike Ohene-Effah

    Co-Founder, LeadAfrique International


    Masterfully combines timeless principles with contemporary insights.

    James Kwesi Addison

    CEO/Founder, Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence (AICEl)


    Takes you on a journey of knowledge, inspiration and commitment.

    Patrick Otieku-Boadu

    CEO, Spearhead Consult


  • No Human Is Useless

    In “No Human Is Useless,” William Plange shares a remarkable and transformative journey of self-discovery. Amidst navigating living in the forest, enduring betrayal, and grappling with the influence of religion, He discovered the resilience to preserve his dreams.
    This captivating memoir delves into the profound impact of embracing one’s unique talents, transcending the barriers imposed by religion, and forging a path toward personal fulfilment. Beyond overcoming challenges, William also reveals how he defied societal norms to create successful businesses and garner international recognition. Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a transformative exploration of your potential, triumph over adversity, and ignite the power of your unique brilliance
    Every Human has a hidden talent that needs to manifest for the world to see.

  • Odd Numbers: Building a Meaningful Career

    Career Coach and Communications Consultant, Antoinette Gyan discusses how to develop a meaningful career in her book, ‘Odd Numbers’.

    The inspirational writer has provided a reflection on career development and how to harness an individual’s best abilities to forge a worthy career and a meaningful life. From dealing with fear to improving mindset to career planning tips, the author craftly fuses her internal monologues and experiences of career development, career planning course and life and career essentials.

    With several ideas on personal and career development and an opportunity to prepare a career plan that will guide a person’s career development path, ‘Odd Numbers’ provides the space for personal reflection on a subject that all individuals grapple with yet left unaddressed.

    If you are a beginner or a mid-career professional, this simplified career development guide will improve your awareness on important steps and options available to you to build a thriving career.

  • Counsels from the HillTop

    The statement, “What they don’t teach at Harvard Business School,” has been so used to describe and enhance most life learning experiences that it has almost become a cliché, but this book does, indeed, delve into areas that the most prestigious of universities would not open to you.
    From daily vitamins in minute doses, with biblical coatings in all walks of life like finances, walking, reading, singing, the Author seeks to reproduce more Solomons of our time and the future.
    This book deals with aspects of life that affect every single soul, regardless of social condition, gender, race, colour, nationality or religion.

  • Conversations from the HillTop

    Conversations from the HillTop sets out to educate, guide, advise and encourage both the young and the not so young, about getting wisdom and understanding, using real life experiences and lessons. All things are possible if we set our minds to it.

    The Author gives very useful points aimed at imbibing discipline, perseverance, a sense of destiny and the fear of God into positively impacting others and our communities. This book is a blueprint for success in all facets of life.
    The simplicity of language used makes reading very interesting while giving the reader that sense of belonging.

  • Timeless Wisdom from the HillTop

    In this fascinating book, the author shares with the reader nuggets for daily living which will enrich the reader and leave him or her wiser. You may not be able to conquer the world but you may apply these nuggets to conquer challenges one day at a time.
    Nothing in this book is shallow.

    Every story shared is real and the Author’s style of writing brings the experiences close to his readers. The book teaches us to take advantage of all situations be they good or bad. This is a radically personal, honestly engaging and spiritually illuminating book.

  • Living with Purpose – HillTop Perspectives

    This book provides strategies for letting go of unfavourable self-perceptions in order to live a life with purpose. It will force you to ask yourself serious questions that go to the core of your being.

    It brings to the fore the essence of purposeful living and draws attention to all stages of life for any person who desires to have a fulfilling life.

    Living with Purpose is a breath of fresh air blowing from the author’s perch on the hill. He encourages the reader that living a meaningful life is possible, but only when you know your purpose in life.

  • Akan Proverbs: Their Origins, Meanings, and Symbolical Representations in Ghanaian Material Cultural Heritage

    In the Akan language, as in other Ghanaian and indeed African languages, proverbs (pieces of figurative language) serve as the spice with which thoughts are expressed. This book brings together thirty such proverbs. The author’s excellent exposition of these proverbs enables the reader to appreciate the philosophy of the Akan people which is illustrated by, and embodied in, these proverbs.

    All users of the Akan language, literary artists, students, communicators and all who are interested in the Akan, indeed African cultural heritage, will gain valuable insights from reading this text.


  • What I Learnt Late: 52 Life Lessons

    This book is a compilation of some of the lessons life has taught the author and presents readers with a view of some of what he hoped he had learned earlier on in life. He reflected on his life for fifty-two consecutive weeks and wrote down one key lesson. The lessons learned were from areas like personal development, entrepreneurship, career planning, romance, marriage, and financial intelligence. Some lessons in this book will resonate with you and make you say, “Aha, I knew that!”. There are others that will make you reflect on your life and say, “Oh, I wish I knew that!”. May the reading pleasure be yours!

  • The Power of Your Words

    Words are food that nourishes the mind and soul and those words can trigger sight for someone to see things they have never seen before, whether in themselves or in a situation or in their circumstance.

    The Power of your words helps to uplift the human spirit. One can upgrade his or her self-worth and cultivate charisma by affirmation and actions.

    In this book, I hope to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to rediscover the value of positive words: rejuvenating the spirit and prompting worthwhile action. Words are the most powerful thing in the world. You can use this book of positive words to affirm yourself, family or business daily. Whether you are a student, parent, worker, business executive, pastor or a senior citizen this book can help you with your choice of words. This book will help you learn to value the gift of speech.

  • Leading An Extraordinary Life: A Guide for Personal Transformation

    A comprehensive book seeking to promote personal transformation, advancement and growth of the individual. It serves as tool to help the young and the middle aged think beyond their imagination to create wealth beyond reliance on monthly salaries or wages. Contains 23 chapters covering economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, environment, law, employment, project management, communication, Christianity, politics, motivation among others.

    Some of specific topics are making yourself employable in changing times, awakening the entrepreneur within, fitting into the corporate environment, investing in the next generation, leaving legacy and hope for the hopeless.

  • Financial Whizzdom Nuggets

    Young Perbi had a rude shock in medical school: you can become a poor doctor! That set him on a journey to discover, practice and teach these 25 lessons in personal financial growth, success and significance. Financial Whizzdom Nuggets is the second a Financial Whizzdom triad and contains golden summaries of each of the 25 lessons in personal financial transformation in ‘the big book’, Financial Whizzdom. You will encounter eight financial growth nuggets, another eight financial success nuggets and a final seven nuggets for financial significance.

    It begins with getting your financial motives right and ends with getting off the fence, taking action on all the nuggets, now.

  • Positiveness: A Fuel For Success

    I’ve written this book for you because leaders are dealers in faith, hope and love. No matter how positive your goals in life are and how passionate you are about your purpose, you will need persistent faith on the journey. Life is tough and leadership isn’t smooth. My hope is to inspire and encourage you to build up and keep up that persistent faith known as positiveness.

    I pray you will be gingered up by this work into being better and going further in the things that really matter, knowing that once you have life, there is hope—and only people alive can read this book! Love life.

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