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  • Adventures of Cleopas (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    When Cleopas Onini was born, he had two front teeth and drank a big cup of porridge. At his naming ceremony, his uncle who had lived on top of a tree for 30 years climbed down to witness the occasion. As the family argued about the appropriate name for the baby, eight-day-old Cleopas sat up in his bed and clapped his tiny hands to show his preference for the name his uncle Ofutu announced. Everybody, including the catechist, took to their heels as they witnessed the strange scene. At three months, he could sit up, crawl and talk.

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  • Born on a Tuesday

    Winner of the 2017 Betty Trask Prize
    A Finalist for the Nigeria Prize for Literature
    Nominated for 2017 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award

    Longlisted for the 2016 Etisalat Prize for Literature

    From two-time Caine Prize finalist Elnathan John, a dynamic young voice from Nigeria, Born on a Tuesday is a stirring, starkly rendered first novel about a young boy struggling to find his place in a society that is fracturing along religious and political lines.

    This novel explores life, love, friendship, loss and the effects of extremist politics and religion on everyday life in Northern Nigeria.

    Dantala lives in Bayan Layi, Nigeria and studies in a Sufi Quranic school. By chance he meets gang leader Banda, a nominal Muslim. Dantala is thrust into a world with fluid rules and casual violence. In the aftermath of presidential elections he runs away and ends up living in a Salafi mosque. Slowly and through the hurdles of adolescence, he embraces Salafism as preached by his new benefactor, Sheikh Jamal. Dantala falls in love with Sheikh’s daughter, Aisha, and tries to court her within the acceptable limits of a conservative setting. All the while, Sheikh struggles to deal with growing jihadist extremism within his own ranks.

    Narrated in Dantata’s raw yet inquisitive voice, this astonishing debut novel explores brotherhood, religious fundamentalism and loss, and the effects of extremist politics on everyday life in contemporary Northern Nigeria.

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  • Echoes from the Past (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    Phoebe courageously steps in to avert a near-clash between Barbara Fhanuelle, the affluent but caustic-tongued client and the salon owner. Barbara, driven by curiosity to learn more about Phoebe, invites her home. Phoebe meets two men at Barbara’s residence: Felix Newgate, old enough to be Phoebe’s father but a wealthy, handsome and highly-respected doctor who offers her financial security, a future of bliss and also has the active support of Barbara; and Ekow, Barbara’s only son, who is younger, makes Phoebe laugh and open up in a way no one else has done before.

    But everyone, including Barbara, warns her to stay away from Ekow, who breaks women’s hearts.

    Kwaku Amoa, the famous investigative journalist, is convinced the playing field is not level and undertakes to dig up dirt, from Newgate’s past to permanently shame and disqualify him.

    The battle lines are drawn and it promises to be fierce.

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  • End of the Tunnel (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    She is beautiful and exceptionally brilliant. Born into a happy middle-class family, she appears to have it all. But all that changes when her parents divorce and she, together with her two siblings, are plunged into a nightmare of intense suffering. Her mother comes to the rescue but extreme poverty compels her to put pressure on Sekyiwaa to give up the one passion of her life – a dream to become a pediatrician. She vows nothing will stop her as she fights against surmounting difficulties with dogged determination. She receives a lot of love proposals and a very tempting one from Jeremiah, a handsome undergraduate with lots of money to spend. Sekyiwaa battles with strong emotions, which threaten to derail her cherished plans. Faced with pressures from within and without, will she be able to achieve her dream?

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  • Julia’s Dance (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    In the small town where she grew up everyone expects Julia, the beautiful intelligent and well-brought up young girl, to marry her childhood sweetheart, Michael.

    All is going on well till Jude Barimah, Julia’s ex lover, and the only person who is aware of the wild, rebellious spirit lying behind her ladylike exterior, appears on the scene asking for reconciliation.

    He convinces her to marry him against her parents’ opposition. Soon after their open antagonism against him, Julia’s mother dies under mysterious circumstances while her father narrowly escapes death.

    When Julia later discovers that behind the glamour, glitter and wealth of Jude Barimah lay blood-curdling secrets, he is determined to silence her forever.

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    Made in Ghana: A Collection of Short Stories

    Made in Ghana is an anthology comprising twenty-five stories co-authored by two young Ghanaian writers, Rodney Assan and Fui Can-Tamakloe.

    This anthology offers a beautiful blend of comical, heart-wrenching and controversial stories suffused with a heavy dose of Ghanaian imagery that is sure to resonate with its readers. The stories draw on many day-to-day experiences that readers can identity with, and also touch on subjects that are often swept under the rug in the Ghanaian society.

    Beautifully-written, each story offers a dose of wry wit, and as any good story should be, leaves the reader wanting more at the end.

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  • No Roses for Sharon (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    Jabez and Sharon start off as childhood friends. As they grow up Sharon becomes a beautiful young lady with whom Jabez falls madly in love. Just when he decides to propose love to her, a much sought-after young Doctor comes in to sweep her off her feet leaving Jabez shattered. No amount of pleading influences Sharon whose mind is made up as she sees in the young doctor her only door to fame and luxury.

    Jabez, seeing Sharon’s attraction to the doctor, decides to pursue a course in medicine solely to win her over. He goes to Canada to pursue his dream and Sharon’s marriage to the young doctor ends in disaster. She moves to the city to work as a model and enters into another ill-fated relationship. Frustrated, Sharon turns her attention back to Jabez, the man she is finally convinced will always be there for her.

    Jabez’ mother is determined her son will not marry Sharon, the gold digger, and finds a beautiful, soft-spoken undergraduate for him. Will Jabez forget entirely about his childhood sweetheart with whom he’d shared the joys and pains of life or will he succumb to his mother’s pressure and the impeccable character and great beauty of his mother’s choice?

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  • Of Women and Frogs

    Available from 10 March 2019

    Esi is a feisty half-Nigerian girl growing up in post-colonial Ghana, with occasional visits to her maternal family in Lagos. When her curiosity about her body leads to a ginger-in-the-vagina punishment from her stepmother, Esi begins to question the hypocrisy of the adults around her and the restrictions they place on girls.

    Moving between Ghana and Nigeria, this is a heart-warming story of a girl beating a path to self-actualisation amidst political upheaval in Rawlings’ Ghana and strained relations between her ancestral countries.

    “This is a really wonderful story. [Bisi Adjapon] writes with incredible vividness and clarity. [Her] similies and attention to all the senses are really extraordinary.” ~ Dave Eggers, publisher of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

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    Peggy Oppong Bookset (17 books)

    Full compliment of Peggy Oppong books. 17 books including all her favourite titles such as No Roses for Sharon, Adventures of Cleopas, The Lemon Suitcase and The Black Heel.

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  • Powder Necklace

    To protect her daughter from the fast life and bad influences of London, her mother sent her to school in rural Ghana. The move was for the girl’s own good, in her mother’s mind, but for the daughter, the reality of being the new girl, the foreigner-among-your-own-people, was even worse than the idea.

    During her time at school, she would learn that Ghana was much more complicated than her fellow ex-pats had ever told her, including how much a London-raised child takes something like water for granted. In Ghana, water “became a symbol of who had and who didn’t, who believed in God and who didn’t. If you didn’t have water to bathe, you were poor because no one had sent you some.”

    Just when she makes peace with staying in Ghana, her mother summons her home to London to meet the new man in her mother’s life—and his daughter. The reunion is bittersweet and short-lived as her parents decide it’s time that she get to know her father. So once again, she’s sent off, this time to live with her father, his new wife, and their young children in New York—but not before a family trip to Disney World.


    Powder Necklace

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  • Scars of Love (Peggy Oppong Novel)

    All her businesses go bust, she suffers physical assault from city officials and loses devoted husband Dwamena. She has only a dream and an unflinching determination to succeed as she grapples with abject poverty while supporting four children. Caught in a cold, heartless city which has no place for losers, Assor is on a losing spree.

    With her back to the wall Assor has to make the toughest decision yet of her life: Give up her last and most treasured possession, all her four children, permanently to a wealthy couple.

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