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  • Mastering People Management in the Modern Workspace

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the mastery of people management has become an indispensable skill for leaders and professionals alike. In this compelling and insightful book, Patrick Oteiku-Boadu takes you on a transformative journey through seven essential chapters that illuminate the path to effective people management in today’s dynamic corporate world. With “People Management in the Modern Workspace” Patrick Oteiku-Boadu offers a comprehensive guide that transcends mere management and delves into the art of inspiring and guiding individuals and teams. Master the essential skills to adapt and succeed in the ever-shifting, complex, and diverse world of modern work. Whether you are a leader, a professional, or an inspiring manager, this book is your compass to navigate the intricate terrain of today’s workplace, leading with wisdom, compassion, and effectiveness.


  • Customer Service Delivery

    This book approaches the concept of service delivery from a totally new perspective. Relying on the first-hand experience as a customer service representative and a deep understanding of behavior modelling, this book captures the novelty of areas not typically addressed in service delivery. It is designed for leaders, managers, supervisors, and the entire staff making them understand a new approach that yields instant and pervasive mindset review on the subject of quality service delivery. Teams could regularly meet to discuss contents in this book in their periodic clinical sessions on quality service delivery.

  • An Appraisal of Ghana’s Public Procurement Regime

    It is a “must-have” book that captures almost every relevant thematic area of Ghana’s public
    procurement regime under the current dispensation.
    The book aims to serve as a foundational guide for readers seeking to understand the fundamental principles, processes, and regulations governing public procurement in the country. The detailed exposition of the historical antecedent helps any student of procurement to understand how far Ghana has come as a country.
    The materials in the book are well-organized, presenting a clear and logical flow of information.
    It starts with an introduction to the concept of public procurement, followed by a detailed appraisal of Ghana’s specific regulatory framework.
    It is noteworthy that not many authors make an effort to trace history in this way, which makes the book a special reference for experts, practitioners, and students studying procurement.
    The incorporation of pertinent case studies augments the book’s relevance by helping readers to comprehend authentic instances of the obstacles and achievements in Ghana’s public procurement system.
    For readers who may not be familiar with the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663), as amended, a thorough analysis and appraisal of the Act has been provided.
    The legislative and regulatory structure governing public procurement in Ghana was reduced to the level of a university student.
    In Ghana, most lawyers and judges still grapple with the concept of procurement and the laws governing public procurement. The authors’ ability to break down the Act and the associated statutes in the way they did is highly advantageous to the reader.
    The authors took time to discuss the object of Act 663 as amended and expounded the
    concept of value-for-money in a very simplified manner.
    Therefore, we highly recommend the book to procurement students at all levels, lawyers, judges, Heads of Entities, Entity Tender Committee members, Directors of both public and private companies, and most importantly, procurement practitioners and decision-makers in Ghana.
    This book will come in handy for any professional in the industry.

  • My Testimony

    The tale of Blue Rose Limited—a journey from the rural landscapes of Ghana to pioneering the construction industry and earning global recognition—an enigma forged from one person’s ambition to serve humanity by solving accommodation woes. Across the globe, people seek a place to call home, a sanctuary for their families. Through integrity, innovation, diligence, and grace, Blue Rose fulfilled that need.

    Yet, the saga of Blue Rose didn’t leap effortlessly into prominence—no true success story ever does. It navigated through phases of adversity, turmoil, and challenges, as you might expect.

    Within these pages lies a spark to ignite a flame within you—a flame that fuels dormant dreams, urging you to realize your full potential, to accomplish a unique assignment only you can fulfill. Regardless of your origins, experiences, or current challenges, there’s a “blue rose” within you waiting to bloom. Embrace the possibility that the blue rose story can resonate with your own journey, perhaps even surpassing it.

    Enjoy the read.


    My Testimony

  • How to Raise Capital for your Start-up Business

    The most important skill for every aspiring entrepreneur to develop is to be able to raise capital for your start-up business.

    The book serves as a complementary knowledge in building this very important skill which will ultimately help to grow start-ups to big companies that will contribute to economic development.

    This book also serves as a motivational book for this generation of both the young and old to continue to believe in their dreams of building start-up businesses, and apply this handy knowledge to raise capital.

    The seven chapters book is built around the word CAPITAL for readers to easily recall the contents and apply them in the process of raising capital for start-ups.

  • Environmental Safety: Techniques For Identifying Soil-Human Health Risks In Mine-Site Reclamation

    In order to attain sustainability in the extractive sectors, such as in the metal mining, it is imperative for these industries to address both environmental and social impacts of their projects. Thus, it is crucial to employ many methodologies and procedures to accurately identify these aspects of concern and track their accessibility to humans. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the many scientific methodologies used to identify environmental risks related to potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in mining sites.

  • The Credibility Capital

    In The Credibility Capital, the author provides insights into the principles of credibility and the practical journey toward establishing a strong, lasting reputation. From personal branding to business operations and social relations, the book explores how credibility capital becomes a powerful asset; one essential for growth and success. Drawing upon relevant and personal anecdotes from different people, the narrative unfolds to underscore the importance of building an unshakable reputation. In an era dominated by the pursuit of social capital, the book challenges us to question whether we seek true credibility or merely its appearance. It cautions against the pitfalls of wielding any influence without the bedrock of credibility. 


    This book prompts introspection about the long-term consequences of habitual white lies and the importance of evaluating the true cost of living a life of pretense. It challenges the reader to consider how the authenticity of a person or endeavor is ultimately determined by the merit of their actions over time.

  • Key Banks in Ghana + Telcos + Accounting Firms

    The book is a treasure trove of photographs of the most iconic buildings which embellish the skyline of Accra. In this book, Mr. Wilfred Kojo Ephraim, the author and photographer, takes us on a pictorial tour of the capital. With brief touch downs in Abelemkpe and on Ring Road Central, he leads us from Airport City through Cantonment City down the length and breadth of Independence Avenue, to the Central Business District of Accra.


    The book is a one stop shop, the first of its kind to assemble information on the Headquarters Buildings, Visions, Missions, Values, and provide a cursory look at Financial Performances about the major banks, telcos, and accounting firms operating in Ghana. One can browse through and favourably compare the Ghana Commercial Bank Head Office building which was completed in the sixties/seventies, to the more contemporary Standard Chartered Bank building at 87 Independence Avenue or the Ultramodern EY and PWC buildings in Cantonment City.


    This book is for all who appreciate Accra, or who plan to visit the city.  It is for children learning about the capital of Ghana, as well as for adults who know it well.  It is a memento of the city and belongs on everyone’s bookshelf!

  • The Working Woman’s Guide to Living in Purpose

    Life is indeed an interesting journey with various twists and turns. With age comes wisdom, and in my view, the obligation to share that wisdom with others; particularly young women in society who are trying to find their feet. In that regard, I have written this book to share the lessons I have leant over time in seeking a life of purpose.

    Part 1 of this book is focused on helping you live in purpose. It consists of three chapters that help you find purpose, walk in purpose, and stay in purpose.

    Part 2 of this book focuses on helping you build better relationships with others. It consists of two chapters that will help you understand how to work with people effectively. Part 2 is an important aspect of this book since working with others in purpose are crucial when you want to have a great impact on your life’s journey.

    Part 3 of this book is about walking purposefully with your core team: your family. It focuses on the importance of understanding love, building yourself to be the anchor of the home, and making God the centre of the family.

    Part 4 of this book consists of workbooks that would help you tailor the advice shared in this book to your life and purpose walk.

    I hope you enjoy this book, and I also hope that this book provides you with some key lessons (at the very least) that would make your purpose walk successful.

  • Petroleum and Energy Management Sourcebook (Hardcover)

    The petroleum industry is unique and complex. It requires massive investments, long lead times and great perseverance and tact. This book, Petroleum and Energy Management Sourcebook provides comprehensive source material with introductory content and detailed analysis of key concepts and fundamental principles for understanding operations and transactions of the petroleum and energy sectors. The simplified explanations and examples given make it easy to understand.

    The sector thrives on stable sources of financing, robust regulatory and fiscal regimes and a skilled workforce. Risk, in all its forms, is a central theme in the sector. It is essential to understand the concept of risks and how tools such as the fiscal regime and regulations can be deployed to deal with them.

    This book identifies and provides a simplified explanation of complex issues. It is a good source of literature for those who want to understand the petroleum and energy sectors, those who work in the industry and those who aspire to be part of it.

    As a result of the complexity of the petroleum and energy sectors, the book is divided into two parts: Part One deals with the petroleum sector value chain analysis from upstream exploration and production to crude refinery economics and consumption to petroleum trading and risk management. Part Two focuses on energy project financing, development, electricity industry value chain analysis, renewable energy, environment and sustainability.

  • Ghana Energy Law and Policy: Electricity (Hardcover)

    Electricity is an essential commodity for modern life, and Ghana is no exception. The country’s economy, social well-being, and development rely heavily on the availability and accessibility of electricity. However, despite significant strides made in the electricity sector, Ghana still faces several challenges, including inadequate supply, high tariffs, and inefficient distribution.

    Electricity law and policy play a crucial role in addressing these challenges and ensuring the sustainable development of the sector. Understanding the legal and regulatory framework governing electricity in Ghana is vital for stakeholders in the sector, including policymakers, regulators, investors, and consumers.

    This book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of energy law and policy in Ghana with an emphasis on electricity. It covers various aspects of the electricity sector, including generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. It also examines the role of regulatory bodies, such as the Energy Commission, in regulating the sector.

    The book features contributions from experts in the field of electricity law and policy in Ghana, offering a diverse range of perspectives on the sector. It is intended to serve as a reference guide for stakeholders in the electricity sector, as well as researchers, academics, and students interested in energy policy and regulation.

    As Ghana continues to pursue its development agenda, the electricity sector will remain a crucial component of its economic and social development. This book aims to contribute to the ongoing discourse on electricity law and policy in Ghana and, ultimately, to the sector’s sustainable development.

  • Millionaire Writer

    Takes us on a journey many have silently wished to gain guidance on.
    Kobby Kyei
    Blogger & Philanthropist


    A notch into the world of rediscovery where creativity meets monetary value.
    Ameyaw Debrah
    Ghanaian Entertainment & Lifestyle Blogger


    Revelations are twined with actions.
    Caleb Kudah
    Broadcast Journalist


    Provides valuable insights toward growth.
    Cwesi Oteng
    International Gospel Musician & Songwriter


    Treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration for those who are passionate about writing.
    Prince Akpah
    Founder- Avance Media


    Argues that all writers can benefit from the business side of their craft.
    Esther Wepia Kopiah
    Writer & Content Creator

  • Sand, Sun & Surprises: A Nigerian Expatriate in the Middle East – A Memoir

    Sand, Sun & Surprises is a personal story told by a Nigerian Professor about his experiences and observations working in, and visiting countries in the Middle East over 23 years. 

    The 316-page memoir includes descriptions of the social life, leisure and religious practices in the region. It captures a snapshot of the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria reeling from the economic depression of the late 1980s and the surprising contrasts with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, societies adjusting to dramatically improved standards of living as a result of their massive oil wealth.

    This book is a compelling read for those who intend to visit or work in the Middle East, or indeed pursue careers outside their countries.

  • Igba-Boi: Repositioning the Igbo Apprenticeship System (Hardcover)

    Igba-boi: Repositioning the Igbo Apprenticeship System highlights the entrepreneurial exploits of the Igbos of south-eastern Nigeria. Despite the globalisation-accentuated influence of western business culture, the Igbos have sustained their indigenous business system undergirded by an ingenious apprenticeship system, Igba-boi.

    This apprenticeship system has existed in the Igboland for decades as an important heritage, embedded in cultural norms and values passed down for generations. The authors argue that the unique framework and rules of operation of this viable socioeconomic empowerment model will, if well-positioned, make significant contributions to the advancement of the boi/Nwa-boi  (apprentice), the Oga (Master), the community (Ndi-Igbo) and the achievement of the country’s overall developmental goals.

    Case studies of prominent and successful Igbo people in business feature in the book to illuminate our understanding of the system:

    • President and Chairman, Coscharis Group – Application of Design Thinking to Igba-boi Business Model leading to extraordinary business success

    • Chairman, E. Sunny Vespa International – Disruption of Motorcycle Engine Technologykey lessons and success story

    • Chairman and Chief Executive, Chisco Group – Building an Empire on Integrity & Authenticity

    • Chairman, Legacy Motors – Apprenticeship, Ndi-Igbos and ASPAMDA Market, Lagos

    A timely, easy-to-read, valuable resource and reference text for scholars, practitioners and regulators interested in institutionalising a sustainable business model in Africa based on a tested indigenous apprenticeship system.

  • A Stranger in their Midst: A Memoir (2nd Edition)

    Charles E. Archibong was elevated to the bench of the Federal High Court of Nigeria in 2002—the primary superintending forum of Nigeria’s federal system, with jurisdiction over the executive activity of the federal government and all its agencies.

    This book details matters that came before Archibong during his time as a Federal Judge. His characteristic approach to adjudication was a decided bent toward speedy conclusion of proceedings before him. These cases ranged from the abduction of a sitting state governor, the recall of the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, a trial of activists of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), to pushing through trial a civil claim against federal authorities over publication of an air accident report, oil magnates and communication czars tangling with their creditors. The stories are told with the skill and pathos of an excellent writer.

    Things reach a climax when Justice Archibong collides with senior lawyers engaged on behalf of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to conduct a major criminal trial, and about the same time the Judge gets caught in the crossfire of feuding political bigwigs litigating for the control of party political structures. These conflicts will lead to the premature termination of his judicial career.

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