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  • Close Your Circle

    Close Your Circle” is a profound and insightful exploration of the vital importance of discernment and discretion in our relationships and associations. Drawing deeply from biblical principles and profound spiritual wisdom, this transformative piece addresses the critical need for believers to be intentional, discerning, and selectively protective about who they allow into their inner circle. Through Prophet Akosa’s compelling teaching and practical, life-changing guidance, readers are challenged to approach their friendships and relationships with a heightened sense of spiritual discernment. The author underscores the grave dangers of indiscriminately sharing one’s innermost secrets and vulnerabilities emphasizing the necessity of carefully curating the individuals with whom we choose to be truly transparent and open. At the very heart of this impactful book lies the sobering truth that not everyone who claims to be a friend or ally truly has our best interests at heart. Prophet Akosa masterfully equips readers with powerful spiritual tools to identify those toxic, draining, or opportunistic individuals who may seek to exploit our openness for their gain. Alongside this crucial wisdom, the author provides clear guidance on how to establish healthy boundaries that steadfastly protect our God-given destiny and sacred purposes. Ultimately, “Close Your Circle” aims to help readers discern, with piercing clarity, those who are truly worthy of their trust, as opposed to those who may pose a grave threat to the fulfilment of their divine purpose. “Close Your Circle” stands as a timely and transformative read for any believer seeking to navigate the complex landscape of relationships and friendships from a profoundly biblical perspective. This book equips readers with the spiritual insight and practical wisdom needed to position themselves for unprecedented growth, Kingdom impact, and the realization of their God-ordained destiny.

  • I am Married but I am Single: The Other Side of Spousal Migration

    A wife’s migration to the United States physically separates a couple seven months after their wedding. The anticipated brief period of separation between the couple extended unexpectedly for six years. I Am Married But I Am Single: The Other Side of Spousal Migration captures the intricate dynamics of the couple’s married but single life and how they bounced back from a near marital wreck to a happy life together

  • Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation

    “Woman Redefined: A Spiritual Journey to Unveil the Gem of Creation” by Anthony Selom Dzadzra explores the essence of womanhood, revealing women as Divine Partners, guardians of strength and wisdom, and uniquely designed masterpieces. The book highlights women’s achievements throughout history and provides an exposition on Proverbs 31, guiding readers towards becoming a model woman of grace, strength, and virtue.

    The Guys’ Corner offers a unique perspective on harnessing women’s potential, challenging societal expectations and encouraging women to break free from limitations and expectations of the society. The author also highlights the concepts of “Woman You Are Not” and “Beautiful Women” and argues against the notion that women should conform to someone else’s expectations and celebrates them by emphasising that their beauty is not just skin deep but radiates from the inside out.

    The concept of the Combo is introduced, celebrating the multifaceted nature of every woman, and the author concludes the book with a powerful message of “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” encouraging women to break free, be themselves, and shine in all glory.

    “Woman Redefined” is an indispensable guide for those seeking to uncover the extraordinary gems within the heart and soul of every woman.



  • DISCIPLE SHIP: Maneuvering the Master’s Mega Mandate to Make Disciples of All Nations

    The church is busy. Very busy. But the myriads of meetings and conferences, programs and projects are only important to the extent that they contribute to the main reason for her existence: making disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is a vessel, a Disciple Ship, whose business and busyness are to discover, develop and deploy disciples; nothing more, nothing less. Disciple making is thus not one of the key activities of the church; it is the key, the main thing which everything must lead to and lead from, like the spokes of a hub. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper understanding of this mega mandate and/or a lack of practical steps and processes, tips and tools for undertaking it, the mega mandate has largely become a mega miss, leading to a mega mess, of church and society. But no more! This vital book addresses both needs—Condition, Characteristics, Channels, Counterintuitive Conduct, Cardinal Components, Contraptions, and Conclusion of the Mega Mandate—with the hope that through it, deeply transformed people who will deeply transform society shall emerge, exponentially, everywhere, especially on the continent that hosts the highest number of people who identify as ‘Christian’ today. And from Africa, to the Rest, here comes Disciple Ship, a provocative memo to the church and a practical manual for her.

  • Talent & Purpose Maximization

    Each individual possesses unique talents and a distinct purpose. Success doesn’t demand genius; it requires the discovery and pursuit of your inherent abilities and life purpose. This book presents a systematic approach to identifying your talents and purpose, guiding you on how to maximize them. Drawing inspiration from numerous historical figures who successfully maximized their talents and fulfilled their purpose, the book provides compelling examples. Moreover, it outlines a clear pathway for making career choices that lead to life satisfaction.

  • Dare to Be Different

    Fornication typically refers to consensual sexual intercourse between individuals who are not legally married. In 2 Timothy 2:22, the Bible advises, “Flee also youthful lust, but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

    This book offers valuable tips and insights on how to maintain purity and avoid fornication. It provides practical guidance for those already involved in such behavior, offering a pathway to overcome it. Tailored to real-life situations, this book is highly recommended for young individuals in Junior High School, Senior High School, and universities, as well as for those who are unmarried. The content is equally relevant and beneficial for married individuals seeking to uphold purity and values in their relationships.


  • What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist

    This book is a real eye-opener for both Christians and non-Christians. It has lots of examples and instances from both the Bible and daily life matters. Throughout the book, Mrs. Doris Aidoo calls on all to serve God with their whole heart. It’s also a clarion call for all Christians to take life seriously. As you read through each chapter, you will be enlightened and encouraged to always reach out and help someone.
    Today, it is very common to hear all sorts of sarcastic criticisms or jokes made about the Church and by extension, Christians.
    I believe a walk through some of the topics outlined in this anointed book will prove helpful for all who read it. “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”
    Whatever God determines to do, either in heaven or on this planet earth, must come to pass. He is in perfect control of everything going on in the earth and in heaven (Matthew 19:26 – 27).
    Everything was spoken into existence, giving credence to the magnificence of the power of God who holds the whole world in His hands.
    I believe the impossibilities of men are possibilities with God. In the earthly realm, God uses human beings to execute projects that are beneficial to men. Ordinarily, men cannot execute any work requiring the unction of the Spirit to fulfill, but when empowered by God, they can do exploits. Elijah was an ordinary man like us, but because of God’s anointing on him, he performed many humanly impossible things.
    The reason why “what God can not do doesn’t exist” is that there is no situation, no matter how hopeless or irredeemable it seems, that God can’t change for the better. The only things God can’t do…is to lie or break His promise, because He is a covenant-keeping God…He can’t deny Himself.
    This is the basis upon which this book is written.

  • Brain Challenge (Activity Book for Kids)

    Age Range: 6- 8years

    BRAIN CHALLENGE activity book for children aged between 6-8 years or lower primary or K1-K3 levels. This book is packed with challenging activities such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, Sudoku puzzles, colouring, scrambled words and more. It is based on digital literacy and mathematics theme.
    The book will challenge kids digital literacy knowledge and critical thinking while making learning fun and keeping kids busy.

  • The Great Revelation (Vol.1)

    THE GREAT REVELATION is the complete image of the [over] 1,900 detailed Bible lessons prepared by the author: It explicitly discusses all [major] theories pertaining to the Kingdom of God (Heaven and the Church), Revelation, Daniel, Biblical Prophecies, Biblical Eschatology (Preterism, Idealism, Historicism, and Futurism), the A.D 70

    Kingism, Methods of Bible Interpretation, etc.

    The book is meant to teach, instruct, inform, secure the Christian faith, and spread the true doctrine of Christ with respect to the subjects discussed, across the globe.

    It’s the prayer of the author that this book reaches every Christian and the world at large, to cling to the human heart and mind, soul and spirit -to prepare all saints for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.



  • The Altar

    Understanding that altars have the power to speak in our lives gives believers the will to fight and remain firm in our walk with God. It is interesting to know that aside from altars that destroy destinies, the Bible highlights some good altars that were raised by men to activate and maintain covenants between themselves and God. This book highlights the power of altars and the need to build holy altars as Christians.

    The Altar

  • Woman, the Battle Lines are Drawn

    In a world filled with distractions and adversities, the call for Christian women to rise as empowered warriors is more profound than ever. This book is a compelling guide that emboldens women to embrace their God-given purpose, resist the subtle deceptions of

    Satan, and navigate life’s challenges with unwavering resolve.

    This book reveals the secret to unlocking your inner strength and finding your purpose in God’s grand design. As a woman, it is time to embrace your calling and embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment and spiritual fulfilment.

  • Giving Grace: Releasing The Power For Wealth (Hardcover) – Pre-Order

    Available on 14th November, 2023

    “Giving Grace: Releasing the Power for Wealth,” offers a profound exploration of the spiritual principles and teachings surrounding giving within the church. It explores the transformative potential of generosity and its profound impact on individuals and communities.

    The book explains the significance of giving within the church by examining biblical passages and stories, providing meaningful interpretations and practical applications to show how giving, based on biblical principles, can bring abundant blessings and unlock wealth. Additionally, the book offers guidance on financial stewardship, clarifying misunderstood concepts such as tithing, sacrificial giving, and the benefits of sharing resources with others. The book serves as a roadmap for aligning personal wealth with biblical teachings.


  • Sharp Brain Games: Word Search

    Age Range: 5- 10years

    Discover the joy of learning while having fun and conquering boredom with Sharp Brain Games: Word Search Book for Kids (Ages 5-10), our focus lies in selecting age-appropriate and captivating topics and words that cater to children’s interests. Our aim is to ensure that word search puzzles are a delight for everyone, devoid of words that might prove either too simple or excessively challenging to identify.

    Our book features:

    Captivating puzzles for kids aged 5 and above

    Themed puzzles tailored for kids, boasting accessible and moderately challenging words

    A rich selection of over 400 words waiting to be uncovered

    Comprehensive puzzle solutions located at the back of the book – we’ve got you covered!

    Clear and legible Large Print text, enhancing readability for all ages

  • Psst…Just Saying: Musings of an Exasperated Woman

    In Psst…Just Saying, Obafunke draws readers out of their comfort zone into her orbit without apologising for her viewpoint. Her central argument is that cultural norms evolve and exist for reasons that ensure their survival in the Zeitgeist.

    These deeply personal and emotional poignant essays present the writer’s concerns about modernism, culture, respect and life. They make for a read that is in turns deadly serious, outrageously funny and profoundly honest.

  • I Love You Adjoa: A Letter from Mum (Hardcover)

    Age: 3 to 6 years

    “I loved you even before I saw you.

    From the day I knew I was going to be a mum

    on that day my eyes went twinkle twinkle”

    These simple words from the book convey a lot of emotion and a feeling of belonging that every child seeks. They are reassuring and soothing. These words will help quell a lot of insecurity and fear. They go a long way to help shape behaviour and boost confidence.

    These semi-personalized books are written for every child using their day names, following a Ghanaian cultural norm. Find the day of the week on which your child was born and choose from the range.

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