• Siddhartha: An Indian Tale

    This is the spiritual journey of a boy who follows his heart and goes through various lives to finally understand what it means to be enlightened. He experiences life as a pious brahmin, a Samana, a rich merchant, a lover, and an ordinary ferryman, to a father. Nether a practitioner nor a devotee, Siddhartha comes to blend in with the world, resonating with the rhythms of nature, bending the reader’s ear down to hear answers from the river…

    Siddhartha: An Indian Tale

  • “IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH” The Grail Message

    The three-volume work “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin mediates the knowledge of the structure of creation, and its laws. On this basis it provides clear and comprehensible answers to the most important questions of life:

    • Where do I come from?
    • Who am I?
    • Where am I going?

    Gradually an all-encompassing picture of the entire creation unfolds before the reader of the “Grail Message”, and he recognizes the connections of cause and effect in world events in the past, present and future.

    The knowledge mediated in the “Grail Message” is also a valuable aid for self-help. For the knowledge of the connections allows us to find solutions to the big problems of our time, regardless of whether it is about issues concerning marriage and family, about psychic crises or fateful events.


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