• Brain Challenge (Activity Book for Kids)

    Age Range: 6- 8years

    BRAIN CHALLENGE activity book for children aged between 6-8 years or lower primary or K1-K3 levels. This book is packed with challenging activities such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, Sudoku puzzles, colouring, scrambled words and more. It is based on digital literacy and mathematics theme.
    The book will challenge kids digital literacy knowledge and critical thinking while making learning fun and keeping kids busy.

  • Sharp Brain Games: Word Search

    Age Range: 5- 10years

    Discover the joy of learning while having fun and conquering boredom with Sharp Brain Games: Word Search Book for Kids (Ages 5-10), our focus lies in selecting age-appropriate and captivating topics and words that cater to children’s interests. Our aim is to ensure that word search puzzles are a delight for everyone, devoid of words that might prove either too simple or excessively challenging to identify.

    Our book features:

    Captivating puzzles for kids aged 5 and above

    Themed puzzles tailored for kids, boasting accessible and moderately challenging words

    A rich selection of over 400 words waiting to be uncovered

    Comprehensive puzzle solutions located at the back of the book – we’ve got you covered!

    Clear and legible Large Print text, enhancing readability for all ages

  • South Africa Map Jigsaw Puzzle

    Puzzles are really great way for you and your extended family to bond with a child.

    The Very Puzzled South Africa Map Jigsaw Puzzle consists of 100 pieces and each region of South Africa is  represented with a variety of landmarks, monuments and attractions it will provide endless fun and topics of discussion that can be used as fun way to learn for both children and adults.

  • Flags of the World (Hardcover)

    Age Range: 8+ years

    In this complete compendium of the world’s flags, each nation’s flag is paired with facts and tidbits of history. These flags provide a window into the histories, values, and cultures of countries around the world.

    Waving in the wind, a flag may not seem like a code. But hidden in the stripes, stars, suns, moons, and colors of the world’s flags are the keys to understanding different countries’ shared histories and cherished ideals.

    Flags do much more than identify countries and groups of people. In every color, pattern, and design, the citizens and governments of countries announce their allegiances and herald their history. If you know what to look for, a flag can reveal major insights into another country’s history and culture.


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