• 5 Things You Must Know About Missions

    The world is in a frantic position. Things are falling apart and every effort to hold them up has proved abortive. In our time, more systems have been tested over and over again but none has been able to provide holistic solution. The world is in pains and desperate in need of a loving able hands to help.

    This is where we come in. You and I are saved and sanctioned to bring God’s loving touch to this dying world. You are in God’s mission; a mission calling the world back to the place of WORSHIP. The night is falling and the curtain is dropping slowly, yet about two billion people are still waiting for the Good News.

    Will you rise and obey the ultimate call? Will you respond to the invitation to use temporary things to gain priceless eternal stuff?

  • A Living Story: Autobiography of Samuel Asante Antwi

    This fascinating story of a successful Servant of God, by the grace of God is a must read for all those who wish to take serious stocks of their ministries. This is indeed a thought-provoking autobiography by one of Africa’s great church leaders. Most Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi deserves commendation for this important contribution to ministerial formation.

  • Amu the African: A Study in Vision and Courage

    This book is an account of the life and work of Dr. Ephraim Amu, the renowned Ghanaian educationist and reformist — a great creative musician of world rank whose contributions are a cultural heritage for the world. It gives the story of Amu’s life and the contribution he has made to the development of the Church, Education, Morality, the Youth, Agriculture, Nutrition, Ghanaian Cultural Nationalism and, especially, the evolution of Ghanaian music.

    Not since Dr Kwegyir Aggrey has any other Ghanaian influenced more positively the development of Ghanaian culture and pride in the African Personality than Dr Ephraim Amu.

  • Billy Graham: His Life and Influence

    If there were such a job as the nation’s pastor, Billy Graham would be the prime candidate.

    Having known more American presidents, foreign leaders, and famous people than any other American living or dead, he has been uniquely able to speak to the heart of the average person and bring peace and clarity to a nation in trying times. Graham’s ministry flourished during a challenging period in the American experience, when the nation was coming to terms with its unexpected new strength in the world and grappling with the most serious racial and social upheavals since the Civil War. Now acclaimed author and former Time magazine senior correspondent David Aikman sheds new and deserved light on that influence, probing critical episodes of Graham’s life that help explain his profound impact, both on the public life of America and other nations and the private lives of their cultural and political leaders. Aikman’s previous books, Jesus in Beijing and A Man of Faith have been praised by Foreign Affairs, The New Republic, and First Things.

  • Cry of the Spirit

    These powerful sermons by Smith Wigglesworth will help believers rise to new horizons in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they discover the power of a life completely devoted to God.
  • Ephraim Amu: Nationalist, Poet and Theologian (1899-1995)

    “This book about Owura Amu is at once history and theology, a fitting tribute to a man who started ‘doing’ African theology before the academic theologians of Africa came on the scene to ‘invent’ and name it…All who have told or heard ‘the legend’ of preaching in Ntama must read the full debate.” — Mercy Amba Oduyoye, Director, Institute of Women in Religion and Culture, Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon

    “Ephraim Amu — teacher, preacher, patriot and musician — was a significant representative figure in the movement from colonial to independent Africa. Dr Laryea provides a fascinating portrait of a remarkable man, illuminating the cultural, social and religious issues of Amu’s times and the dynamics of his relations with others. Amu’s Christian faith and practice are explored in a most helpful way; one begins to realise why the portrait of this church teacher came to appear on Ghanaian currency notes.” — Andrew F Walls, Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong; University of Edinburgh and Liverpool Hope University

    “I will like to congratulate Dr Laryea for undertaking this detailed study of Amu, first for the painstaking manner in which he conducted his research and the comprehensive nature of the oral and documentary sources of information on the varied aspects of the life of Amu he brings together, which makes this study a veritable compendium of data for both scholars and writers interested in the humanistic story of this great personality.” — J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Emeritus Professor

    “This book makes an excellent contribution to studies on Ephraim Amu’s philosophy of culture and his reflections on the relation between African culture and Christian theology, a relation that has been a resilient theological problem. This book is rewarding reading.” — Kwame Gyekye (FGA), Emeritus Professor of Classics and Philosophy

  • Evangelism in Ghana — The Presbyterian Church of Ghana: 1942 – 1954

    First published in Twi in 1965

    Author’s note about the Book

    This book is the translation of an account of the last 12 years of the work of my father, the Rev. Emmanuel Victor Asihene in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

    It refers to his work as the First Evangelist Minister appointed by the Church at a critical time in its history. He wrote the book deliberately in Twi to make the story of the Evangelism Mission that he undertook readily accessible to all members of the Church.

    He was grateful to be assigned to carry out the Mission of Evangelism. In his own words, he explains:

    “On the day of my ordination in 1960, this verse, ‘I will tell of thy name to my brethren; in the midst of the congregation, I shall praise you,’ Psalm 22, verse 22 was my major vow and promise. With great joy therefore, I thank God that I have been chosen and given the chance to spread the word of the Lord, through Evangelism, here , in my own land, and among my own people.”

    At the time of his appointment, he had no doubt that “what was needed most was the grace and guidance of God and a great infusion with a personal spiritual strength.”

    The journeys that Rev. Asihene made, most of them on foot, to distant areas of the country were extensive — as can be seen from the list of places that he visited.

    Many of the difficult-to-read areas where he took the message of God are, even today, not readily identified on the map of Ghana. Accounts of his easy engagements with Church members, non-Christians and even with fetish priests are as fascinating as the return of backsliders, by the grace of God, into the Church.

    When I received and read my signed copy of the book 47 years ago in 1965, I knew that I would one day translate this unique record of extensive Evangelism by a local member of the Presbyterian Church in our own country, from Twi into a wider read language. I am glad and I consider it a great honour that I have been able to translate, into English, this important piece of history of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

    During this 125th Anniversary of his birth, this Translation of this book also marks the Dedication of the commemorative building, “The Rev. E.V. Asihene Quiet Room” at the Anum Presbyterian Secondary School, where he was Headmaster, about 90 years ago.

    — Letitia Eva Obeng (nee Asihene), January 2012

  • Experiencing God Series Book Set (6 books)

    The Experiencing God series, seeks to explore the importance of being sent of God, the servant of God, the Word of God, Faith in God and the power of God in our lives, and how all these aspects influence the growth of the Christian.

    A powerful 6 book set, it is guaranteed to impact your personal growth in faith and life in a positive way.

    The 6 books are encased in a hard-card box and shrink-wrapped to make an excellent gift to friends and family.

  • Importance of Being Sent by God (Experiencing God Series #1)

    Importance of Being Sent by God, the first book in the Experiencing God series, seeks to explore the importance of waiting until you are sent of God. The key thought from this book flows from the Scripture which says, “And how shall they preach unless they are SENT?” (Romans 10:15) There cannot be a preacher or servant of God unless someone is sent by God.

    It is one thing to be called by God and yet another thing to be prepared and sent of God. Now it is those who are sent by God, who are given the power and authority. They are those who have a liberating message from God for the people.

  • Importance of Faith in God (Experiencing God Series #4)

    Importance of Faith in God, the fourth book in the Experiencing God series, seeks to explore the importance of Faith in God and how true faith in God can cause us to have an experience with God’s power in a particular area of need.

  • Importance of the Power of God (Experiencing God Series #5)

    Importance of the Power of God, the fifth and final book in the Experiencing God series, seeks to explore the all-important role of the power of God in our lives, and how we can experience this power through faith-filled prayer.

  • Importance of the Servant of God (Experiencing God Series #2)

    Importance of the Servant of God, the second book in the Experiencing God series, seeks to explore the all-important role of the Servant of God in the lives of His people. One way of helping people to experience the power of God is through the preaching and teaching of the word of God by His servants.

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