• The Mumfordians: Memories of a Sea Boy

    In one beautiful swoop, this book takes you to the nostalgic past and the aspirational future of an African nation still in the throes of defining self-determination. With the brilliance of powerful recalls, it dissects the socio-cultural as well as the political. It is one man’s journey from an idyllic African fishing village, through his self-improvement to become the executive secretary of a Pan-African body travelling several capitals of the world in the service of his employer.

    It is also a book about people − their history, their dreams and the ills they seem unable to decidedly confront. But what makes The Mumfordians a keepsake is its richness in national promise and communal nostalgia.

  • The UT Story: Building A Winning Team – Volume 2 (Hardcover)

    *Available from 23rd February
    In this second instalment of Capt. Prince Kofi Amoabeng’s (Rtd) memoirs, he discusses in painstaking detail, how he led his team to consolidate the gains made in the early days. He also dwells on how he established a unique corporate culture mainly through leading by example, and how essential that corporate culture was to the sustenance and growth of the business.

    PK, as he was affectionately called by his team, lays bare UT’s ambitious expansion drive which culminated in establishing branches in nearly all the regions of Ghana as well as the founding of subsidiaries in Nigeria, South Africa, and Germany.

    If the first instalment of the UT Story was delightful and inspiring, this second instalment is insightful, touching and thought-provoking. And as always, it is an in-depth, no-holds-barred, unabashed account driven by the enigmatic figure of Capt. Prince Kofi Amoabeng (Rtd).

    Written with George Bentum Essiaw, an award-winning writer, author and filmmaker.

  • Absolute Radio: The Inspiring Story of the First Private Radio in Ghana’s Western Region

    *Available from 6 September 2022

    From the heart of Africa, a spellbinding true story of entrepreneurship, media, culture and tradition, all tastefully rolled into one! Absolute Radio is an authentic story of girls and boys who became women and men – and heroes – on the wings of a radio station. Running the course of 25 years, the story comes from the culturally stylish twin city of Sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana, with global footprints.

    It is the most tantalising and ground-breaking body of work about Ghana’s private broadcasting industry. The author, former journalist Phillip Nyakpo, is himself an eye-witness and a participant in these true events.

    From his base in Perth, Australia, Phillip interviewed women and men across four continents who made it happen over a quarter of a century.

    The result is that he opened up to the world, a character and spirit of Africa that is all too often missing.

    In telling the story, he writes a compelling narrative that is delicate, witty, eye-opening and wonderfully inspiring.

  • Determined to Do More: The Mission is Possible (An Autobiography)

    Journey along with Nenyi George Andah as he weaves stories of his childhood, teens and adulthood, guided by his Can-Do attitude. His captivating and exciting life stories provide a brilliant tool for anyone to imagine their future. – Geraldine Nartey (nee Andah)

    Determined to Do More is an uplifting story of struggles, successes, personal tragedy and an unending desire not to give up. – Ras Mubarak, Former MP, Kumbungu Constituency

    My recommendation is to read how the last child of John and Theresa Andah got to where he is today. You wouldn’t struggle to go through in a few hours of light reading. – Ato Afful, MD, Graphic Communications Group Limited

    The life of Nenyi George Andah as detailed in this thriller is so captivating. Readers will be held spellbound by the roller-coaster events that define his illustrious life. – Dr Joseph K. Essibu

    The story of the young man who saw the possibilities of mobile money long before anyone believed Ghanaians could be persuaded to appreciate the merits of cashless transactions. – Elizabeth Akua Ohene, George Andah’s Special Grandma

  • The UT Story: Humble Beginnings – Vol 1 (Hardcover)

    How does an Army Captain who failed to obtain a ₵20 million (about $20,000) loan from the banks, set up a successful finance house and cause such a monumental paradigm shift to the lending culture of a country?

    Capt. Prince Kofi Amoabeng(Rtd) defied the odds to found Unique Trust Financial Services Limited, which was later rebranded to UT Financial Services Limited and metamorphosed into a Bank (UT Bank) under the UT Holdings Umbrella together with subsidiaries in Germany, South Africa and Nigeria.

    In this first instalment of a series of memoirs, PK, as he was affectionately called by his fiercely loyal and dedicated team, shares an inspiring, in-depth, no-holds-barred, behind the scenes, unabashed account of how and what made UT a household name and impacted so many lives.

    Written with George Bentum Essiaw, a tenacious, talented writer and filmmaker, The UT Story: Humble Beginnings is replete with profound lessons in entrepreneurship and leadership, employing an effective mixture of orthodox and unorthodox methods grounded firmly in time-tested military principles.

    Whatever your background or occupation, this book will fascinate and inspire you to dare.

  • Reaching Your Expected End

    There is surely a future hope for you and your hope will not be cut off.

    Proverb 23:18 (indicate which Bible version)

    This is a well explained piece of content that looks at the causes of the downfall of man, how the evil one destroys mankind from getting to their desired destination and how man can be made whole again.

    In this book, Chris Quinston-Addo states how God has always had mankind on His heart even after the fall

     Reaching Your Expected End is good for everyone regardless of their background or religion




  • Knowledge Management and Network for Capacity Development: A Focus on Institute of Directors Ghana (Hardcover)

    The book examines how directors in Ghana share tacit knowledge and experiences on the board. The rationale is that there is the tendency for boards In Ghana to lose tacit knowledge, experiences, skills and particularly up to date knowledge required to inform their decision making due to lack of practical knowledge management system for directors’ capacity development. The focus is to examine how the Institute of Directors Ghana (IODG) can manage knowledge with the view to tackling challenges leading to losing tacit knowledge, experiences, and skills of boards in Ghana.

    The objective is to influence boards of organizations in Ghana to recognize and initiate knowledge management practices, as well as adopt policies that support the application of practical knowledge management systems and interpersonal networks for directors’ capacity development in Ghana.

    The results revealed the existence of records of minutes of meetings indicating a latent existence of knowledge management system within organizations but not formalized as a knowledge management system. Also, significantly missing was technology for knowledge transformation.

    The book recommends knowledge management systems backed by technology for acquiring and sharing directors’ knowledge for successful knowledge transformation.

  • Abrewa Nana: A Trajectory of Life – An Autobiography (Hardcover)

    Professor Addo-Fening’s life story is an inspiration to read. From humble beginnings, he rose to the peak of academic life. In all his life experiences, he shows his gratitude and humility. This book is a delight to read and I recommend it to all. – Professor Alison M. Howell, Formerly of Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana

    When the Historian sets out to write his own life story, what we get is a truly fascinating account. Here in Professor Robert Addo-Fening’s autobiography, we have a scintillating conversation with a master craftsman. Well done! – Dr. Maureen O. Iheanacho, Independent Scholar and Researcher, Accra, Ghana


  • Rewards: An Autobiography

    Prof. Marian Ewurama Addy was a Professor of Biochemistry. In January 2008 she was appointed President of the Anglican University College of Technology, then a newly launched private initiative for higher technical education in Ghana. Professor Addy’s interest and extension activities were in bridging the gap between scientific and indigenous knowledge and in the popularisation of science.

    In her autobiography Ewurama Addy takes us through the various stages of her life, culminating in her rise up the academic ladder and an affirmation of her Christian faith.

    Professor Mariama Ewurama Addy, the popular host of the Science and Maths quiz died at age 72 in 2014. Prof. Addy was the first woman professor of Science from the University of Ghana. She was also a resource person for science education programs in the country.

    As the Quiz Mistress of a national weekly science and mathematics quiz program on television, she contributed immensely to science education by making the subject interesting to Ghanaians of all ages. It is believed that her quiz mistress role inspired many female students to study science.

  • Finding Meaning in Life: A Modern Fable Which Reveals the True Meaning of Life

    Joseph Kyei Ankrah has long been a surefooted guide to those desiring to better themselves. Finding Meaning In Life will provide you with the ultimate tool to discover the true meaning of life. We find ourselves fighting battles we never declared and carrying burdens for reasons we do not understand. It is not the normal demands of life that break us: it is the painful surprises. When life hands us these painful surprises we begin to ask questions.

    This book seeks to provide answers to these nagging questions. Finding Meaning In Life provides a rare key to help you discover your destiny and leave a lasting legacy behind.

  • Key to True and Lasting Success: A Practical Guide to Successful Living

    Looking for a book with power to jump-start your life? Look no further. Ankrah’s key to true and lasting success will be your strategic partner to get you to your prophetic place in life. You will learn more ideas, concepts, principles and methods used by successful people in the world. You will immediately become self-confident and begin to think that success is not the preserve for the special people.

    The step-by-step approach for successful living presented in this book include proven concepts drawn from business, religion, economics, psychology and everyday life. These concepts are combined in a fast-moving, informative series of steps that will lead you to greater success than you ever imagine possible. They can improve your human relationship, health and financial situation.

  • Managing the Pressure of Success and Time

    If you are struggling with the management of your success, time and suffering from leadership challenges, read this book and then do what it says. A powerful and inspiring book that you will want to read again and again. Managing the pressure of success and time is a treasure trove on principles, methods, concepts, tips, techniques and ideas that will change your life. Whatever other self-help books you may read in your lifetime, make this one your top priority. A tremendous book packed with infinite wisdom.This book is a clear, simple road map that shows you how to focus on the vital few, rather than trivial many.

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