• Beads and Strands, Reflections of an African Woman on Christianity in Africa (Theology in Africa)

    Beads and Strands, a selection of classic writings by the Ghanaian theologian, gathers a wealth of insights under three topical headings: Africa and Redemption; Global Issues in African Perspective, and Women, Tradition, and the Gospel in Africa.

    In her work, Oduyoye brings Akan and other African traditions into correlation with Biblical stories, showing how African wisdom offers a new and deeply spiritualy perspective into its timeless episodes and theme.

    Above all, Bead and Strands offers access to how one of contemporary Africa’s most noted women theologians sees the status and role of women in Africa today.

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  • Billy Graham: His Life and Influence

    If there were such a job as the nation’s pastor, Billy Graham would be the prime candidate.

    Having known more American presidents, foreign leaders, and famous people than any other American living or dead, he has been uniquely able to speak to the heart of the average person and bring peace and clarity to a nation in trying times. Graham’s ministry flourished during a challenging period in the American experience, when the nation was coming to terms with its unexpected new strength in the world and grappling with the most serious racial and social upheavals since the Civil War. Now acclaimed author and former Time magazine senior correspondent David Aikman sheds new and deserved light on that influence, probing critical episodes of Graham’s life that help explain his profound impact, both on the public life of America and other nations and the private lives of their cultural and political leaders. Aikman’s previous books, Jesus in Beijing and A Man of Faith have been praised by Foreign Affairs, The New Republic, and First Things.

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  • Christianity in Africa: The Renewal of Non-Western Religion

    Christianity’s centre of gravity has shifted in the modern world from the Northern continents to the South, with Africa playing a dominant role in the resurgence of the faith.
    When it was first published in 1995, this was the first book to examine this worldwide transformation of the faith from an African perspective and, nearly twenty years on, it remains one of the most incisive treatments of the subject, serving as an important textbook in universities and seminaries around the world.
    Bediako surveys this new role of African Christianity, beginning with the intellectual legacy of the 19th-century “Black Spokesman”, Edward Wilmot Blyden, who questioned the suitability of Western Christianity to Africa. He then moves on to varied facets of the twentieth-century resurgence and transformation of Christianity in Africa, including its deep mother-tongue roots, its liberating role and its connections with African primal spiritualities.He discusses the prospects of this modern African experience in the future shape of Christian theological discourse, in understanding of the nature of Christian history and in Christianity’s continuing social and cultural impact in the world,
    Kwame Bediako (1945-2008), from Ghana, was an outstanding African theologian and Christian interpreter of Africa and African Christianity during the late twentieth/early twenty-first centuries. He was the founding rector of Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana.
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  • Christians And Churches Of Africa: Salvation In Christ And Building A New African Society

    Ka Mana’s book revolves around the experience that Jesus as Christ and Savior comes into the heart of men and women to transform them from within and make them agents for the transformation of the continent.
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  • Cosmic Realities (The ABCs of the Christian, Volume 2)

    This is the second in the 6-part series called The ABCs of the Christian. This volume deals with the spiritual realities of this world.

    Over the years, there has been an upsurge of interest in the supernatural all over the world. The people who indulge in this do not, however, realise the gravity and eternal consequences of such involvements. This book describes some of the key spiritual figures like God, Jesus Christ, Satan and some important concepts, beliefs and practices like Evil, Occultism and Idolatry, as well as how to overcome the effects of the corrupted world.

    The book is written in clear easy step-by-step expositions to help the reader appreciate the state of the world as it really is.

    The contents are carefully selected and traced to their Old Testament origins to bring out the full meaning and the message of the subject under discussion. The book also seeks to answer some questions frequently asked and clarify some confusing issues.

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    Cry of the Spirit

    These powerful sermons by Smith Wigglesworth will help believers rise to new horizons in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they discover the power of a life completely devoted to God.
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  • Evangelism in Ghana — The Presbyterian Church of Ghana: 1942 – 1954

    First published in Twi in 1965

    Author’s note about the Book

    This book is the translation of an account of the last 12 years of the work of my father, the Rev. Emmanuel Victor Asihene in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

    It refers to his work as the First Evangelist Minister appointed by the Church at a critical time in its history. He wrote the book deliberately in Twi to make the story of the Evangelism Mission that he undertook readily accessible to all members of the Church.

    He was grateful to be assigned to carry out the Mission of Evangelism. In his own words, he explains:

    “On the day of my ordination in 1960, this verse, ‘I will tell of thy name to my brethren; in the midst of the congregation, I shall praise you,’ Psalm 22, verse 22 was my major vow and promise. With great joy therefore, I thank God that I have been chosen and given the chance to spread the word of the Lord, through Evangelism, here , in my own land, and among my own people.”

    At the time of his appointment, he had no doubt that “what was needed most was the grace and guidance of God and a great infusion with a personal spiritual strength.”

    The journeys that Rev. Asihene made, most of them on foot, to distant areas of the country were extensive — as can be seen from the list of places that he visited.

    Many of the difficult-to-read areas where he took the message of God are, even today, not readily identified on the map of Ghana. Accounts of his easy engagements with Church members, non-Christians and even with fetish priests are as fascinating as the return of backsliders, by the grace of God, into the Church.

    When I received and read my signed copy of the book 47 years ago in 1965, I knew that I would one day translate this unique record of extensive Evangelism by a local member of the Presbyterian Church in our own country, from Twi into a wider read language. I am glad and I consider it a great honour that I have been able to translate, into English, this important piece of history of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

    During this 125th Anniversary of his birth, this Translation of this book also marks the Dedication of the commemorative building, “The Rev. E.V. Asihene Quiet Room” at the Anum Presbyterian Secondary School, where he was Headmaster, about 90 years ago.

    — Letitia Eva Obeng (nee Asihene), January 2012

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  • God’s Generals Healing Evangelists

    In his fourth God’s Generals volume, Roberts Liardon chronicles God’s great healing evangelists of the twentieth century. Journey with such paragons of faith as:

    Oral Roberts —one of the most influential Christian leaders in the twentieth century, Roberts had a healing ministry that spread from rural tent meetings to a world-class university, hospital, and medical school.

    Lester Sumrall —after being miraculously healed of tuberculosis as a boy, Sumrall dedicated the rest of his life to sharing the gospel and God’s healing power with audiences around the world, both in person and through television broadcasts.

    Charles and Frances Hunter —often called the “Happy Hunters,” Charles and Frances were known around the world as two of the most anointed and enthusiastic evangelists on earth.

    George Jeffreys —this Welsh Pentecostal preacher ministered along with his brother Stephen at camps, conventions, and church meetings across England and Ireland, with reports of miraculous healings and other acts of God accompanying them.

    F. F. Bosworth —a Depression-era Pentecostal faith healer and one of the founders of the Assemblies of God, Bosworth was known during the 1920s for his interdenominational “big tent” revivals and large auditorium healing meetings.
    As you read about the lives of these ministry pioneers, your faith for signs and miracles will grow as you anticipate seeing God’s mighty hand move in the church today.

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  • God’s Generals the Roaring Reformers

    The Victorious Generals & Their Powerful Secrets Revealed
    In an atmosphere of oppression and darkness, the reformers came with revelation from God and translations of the Bible into common language. Roberts Liardon will introduce you to six men who fought to reintroduce the beliefs and principles of the early church.
    • John Wycliffe, “The Bible Translator,” who translated the Bible from Latin into English and was martyred for his efforts.
    • John Hus, “The Father of Reform,” who longed to spread the gospel and urged people to “search the Scriptures.”
    • Martin Luther, “The Battle-ax of Reform,” the monk turned reformer who found that man is saved by grace.
    • John Calvin, “The Teaching Apostle,” who organized the church and urged people to serve God in all areas of life.
    • John Knox, “The Sword Bearer,” the rough Scottish reformer who battled queens to gain the right to preach what he believed.
    • George Fox, “The Liberator of Spirit,” the founder of the Quakers, who lived through persecution after persecution yet humbly shared the Holy Spirit with everyone he met.
    As you read about these men who sacrificed everything in their fight for God, and view the many revealing photos, you will appreciate the freedom you have to worship, find encouragement for your spiritual battles, and be motivated to find biblical truth for your own life.
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  • In God’s Hands: The Spiritual Diaries of Pope St John Paul II (Hardcover)

    The spiritual diaries of Pope St John Paul II – published for the first time ever in English. The most intimate insight into the longest-serving pontiff of our time.

    Ten years after his death, the popularity and devotion towards John Paul II, the pope who helped bring down communism in his native Poland, the great statesman, and the most-travelled pope in history, remains as strong as ever.

    Since his early years as a priest in the 1960s, up until 2003, two years before his death, the pope kept a spiritual diary, recording his reflections on God, life, spirituality, the problems facing the church – and his own struggles.

    Never intended for publication, these diaries were entrusted before his death to his personal secretary, who saw fit to have them published as they represent an unprecedented and important testament to the spirituality of this Christian leader, adored to this day by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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  • Jesus in Africa, The Christian Gospel in African History and Experience

    Jesus in Africa was the first title in the series enttitled Theological Reflections from the South, which was initially a collaborative venture between Regnum Africa (Ghana) and Editions Cle (Cameroun). The series aims to make accessible within Africa, at an affordable price, some of the creative thinking emerging from the southern continents. Each title in the series provides pastors and thinking lay Christians with a selection of articles that represent the range of the author’s thought. Each book also serves as a reader for theological students and scholars and includes a short biographical introduction of the authors and a full bibliography of their works.

    Kwame Bediako (1945-2008), from Ghana, was an outstanding African theologian and a leading Christian interpreter of Africa and African Christianity during the late twentieth/early twenty-five centuries. The chapters in this book are an exceptional source of his insights into Jesus Christ as the one who is making an impact on African history and who animates African faith and experience. This edition also includes an updated full bibliography of his works.

    Kwame Bediako’s hope for Africa’s future was rooted in his perception that the kairos moment has come for the Christian Gospel in Africa. His call to African Christians to take up their responsibility for the Christian faith within the world of the twenty-first century is as urgent now as when he made it.

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