• Revealed! The Storm is Over

    If you feel entrapped in the wilderness of being abused as a child, the loss of a loved one, and have reached the end of the road in your abusive marriage, and you cannot find the words to speak your truth boldly or how to find the peace you yearn for, this book is for you.

    The book chronicles the author’s experiences to help parents discover how children go through the trauma of sexual abuse, and to overcome it. The book also talks about marital abuse and divorce, how to identify the traits, when to walk out when necessary, and the loss of a loved one and how the grief can be handled. Note that your greatest gift lies next to your deepest wound.

  • My Home, My Hell: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Within three weeks of the 2020 UK pandemic lockdown, an unprecedented number of women – sixteen – were reported to have died. This figure does not take into account unreported deaths across the globe. Domestic violence is a global crisis which cannot be ignored. My Home My Hell is an insightful read for anyone about to get into a relationship, in a relationship, in a position to influence couples and not only the victims of domestic violence and abuse.

    Nana explores relationships in her straightforward writing style and catalogues the kinds of abuse that can manifest within these circumstances. She highlights the warning signs of abusive relationships and marriages and through the lens of real examples, she encourages the reader to reflect on their own lived experiences. By offering practical advice on how to safely exit a toxic relationship, she hopes that readers within such situations will be motivated to make informed choices and avoid becoming a statistic.

  • Navigating Life Anthology: Health, Grief & Loss

    From surviving Leukaemia to starting a new life in a new country,
    From dealing with the murder of a child to navigating church hurts,
    From motherhood at 40 to learning to live differently after a near fatal car accident…

    Comes a moving collection of real-life stories that follow the raw emotional and courageous stories of 13 women as they share how they’ve navigated the complexities of life. You won’t be able to put it down.

    A new compilation of stories, of how God brought purpose out of pain – 13 Authors share in their own words, how they navigated pivotal moments in their life in EVOLVE: A Navigating Life Anthology.

    List of Authors:
    Paulette Morgan In Sickness And In Health: Navigating Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    Janet McNish Knocked Down Before Lockdown: Navigating The Unexpected

    Charmaine Dawkins-Alder From Debt To Freedom: Navigating Financial Literacy

    Faith Mathangani Loss of Mum: Navigating Legacy

    Doreen Douglas Unexpected Blessings: Navigating The Course Of Life

    Simone Scott-Sawyer From Pain To Promise: Navigating Endometriosis

    Pauline Mcfarlane The Pain Of Suspending Grief: Navigating Grief

    Precious Jason Finding New Life After Leukemia: Navigating My Diagnosis

    Glynis Brewster Reframing Loss: Navigating Loss And Acceptance

    Shireen Morrison How Pain Gave Way To New Life And New Ventures: Navigating Suffering To Success

    Anika-Adél Barnes Woman of Faith: Navigating Authenticity

    Denise H Lawrence From Pain To Purpose: Navigating Miscarriage And Church Hurts

    Jose Kalanda Navigating Life Without Him

  • A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health: Take Charge of Your Health

    A Woman’s Guide to Her Body and Her Total Health has been written by Dr. Barbara Entsuah after practicing medicine for over 30 years. It is to empower women to know about their bodies, what diseases affect it and how they can both prevent these or be knowledgeable about them. It teaches among other things, how to treat minor illnesses like common cold, allergies etc at home for symptom relief and the need to see a health professional if there is no improvement thereafter. It also encourages women to be involved in their own health by knowing about their medical conditions or diseases so that visits to health providers can be meaningful as well as useful.

    Both conventional medicines and complementary/alternative medicines are addressed and awareness of medications and what indications they are being used for and side effects of different medicines are also addressed.

  • The Right Treatment for the Right Disease

    Most people are confused about choosing between Alternative and Orthodox medicine. They are not certain about what to go in for: traditional medicine, herbal treatment, homeopathy, food supplements, divine (faith) healing or the doctor’s treatments (orthodox medicine). This book is written to clear these doubts and help you to make the right decision in those crucial moments in order not to be shortchanged. All the various options of healthcare available to you have been addressed in this material, and enough information has been provided to help you make the best of health choices towards living a healthy, long and satisfying life

  • Positive Health: Health Beyond Pills

    You don’t exist on earth with the main purpose of fighting disease or illness yet much focus of today’s health and healthcare is on how to take people out of negative health (disease and illness). Positive health however emphasises you as a healthy person with health assets for survival. In this book we discuss what those health assets are, that if you discover, cultivate or maintain you will ensure a healthy, happy and long life. In addition, we emphasise wellness as being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically healthy, and we show you how to achieve this kind of holistic health.

  • What You Need to Know About Medical Checkup

    There are limitations of healthcare that fight our health and longevity. This is why everyone should have an ongoing relationship with health knowledge and healthcare through a health maintenance programme, whether sick or not, to avoid surprises. In this book, we discuss the commonest causes of hospital visits and death, and ways to prevent them. An example of an ideal evidence-based medical checkup guide for adults and children has also been included for use with your health provider. Some people believe that the main work of health professionals is to show up only when someone is sick or about to die. However, healthcare is a preventive practice largely, with the intention of preventing death ultimately. This book will challenge what you already know about preventive services or medical checkup.

  • Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth


    Dr Essel combines his practical knowledge and skills in enlightening us all on ‘common’ but often not discussed topics affecting our health! And he adds simple and effective tips to remedy them as well! A must read and a copy of this book will surely keep the doctor away!!!! – Dr Albert Akpalu Consultant Neurologist, UGMS/KBTH/Albany Specialist Clinic

    Dr. Kojo Essel’s book Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is a welcome nugget to the literature on better living. Written in graspable and comprehendible form, the book is designed and destined to help the reader and the practitioner to live comfortably and also postpone death. Everyone needs a sound and healthy body to fulfill his/her God given assignment, this nugget Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is full of simple, practical steps to manage the spirit, soul and body to achieve that. In this insightful book of an experienced doctor, he enriches us with page after page of practical instructions about the fine elements of living better. It is easy to read and easy to apply. Go for the treasures. – Dr. Ebenezer Abboah Offei, Leader, Grace Evangelistic Team, Akropong-Akuapem

    Beautifully written, skillfully crafted, highly readable, very useful, recommended for homes, schools, libraries, offices and for all whose priority is to enjoy health, the book, Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth authored by Dr. K. C. Essel is a must have and a must read. – Doris Adabasu Kuwornu, Vice President of Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) 

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