• She Wasn’t The Gold After All

    She Wasn’t The Gold After All is based on a true love story. The author shares a story of a young man who was caught in the web of a “cunning woman” he met on Facebook.

    The young man, thinking he had found a treasure in a Good Samaritan in the most awkward way while he was not expecting it, ended up with the worst disappointment and heartbreak, leading to a divorce that changed his perspective about life, love and people.

  • Rama’s Lemonade

    Rama’s Lemonade is a semi-autobiographical epistolary of how Rama navigates the challenges of singlehood, churning lemonade out of life’s bitter lemons.

    Rabiatu’s Rama’s Lemonade is a journey of life lessons. She travels back in time, via memories and experiences, but voices them through a future version of herself – Grandma Rama speaking to her granddaughter in a series of twelve letters. And that is the genius of this book. Rabiatu deals with complex family relationships, death, friendship, loss, work, society’s pressures surrounding marriage and having children.

    Running through Rama’s letters is the undeniable signature of personal faith. This faith is the kind that is forged in the fire of trials and testimonies. It’s gritty, vulnerable and resilient faith.

    Regardless of where the reader is in their journey, they’ll find very relatable lessons in this book.

    It’s a must read!

  • Sweet, Sour or Whatever

    I made a safe home for my very personal thoughts in a little book and I filled it whenever I had an urge. It was all pure from the deepest depths of my heart and the only external influences on my writing were the occurrences that prompted me to write. I never thought too deeply about them. They just flowed from the streams of my creativity, through my imagination to the tip of my pen.

  • Highest Lows, Scattered Peaks

    I have been told by many that I have managed to put into words, things they have only managed to feel. Never express in words.

    This book is to let you know that it is okay to feel negative emotions strongly. It is okay to be confused, angry, sad and just plain old upset with life. But don’t stay negative. Don’t stay upset. Get it all out, and then move again.

    My goal was that after writing this, even if you cannot relate to them all, you will find one piece that is yours. You will find one piece that sounds like it was written just for you.

  • SHARDS and other poems

    Shards is a metaphor for everything life has to offer. This collection of poems is a potpourri of emotions, hopes, aspirations, heartaches, and dreams. In these pages, everyone finds a sliver of themselves. Each poem represents relics from the personae, like a carefully customized and time-stamped memento. It is an act of worship and praise for the courage that everyday heroes, like mothers, show. It is a testament to the fortitude of sons and daughters determined to forge new destinies, and blaze different trails. It is a poetic testament to the human struggle, its thousand defeats and its definitive triumphs

  • Lɔgɔligi Locomotion: A Logologo Collection of Poems

    This is a scattered jigsaw of poems that come together to exhibit the world in which the artist, Hondred Percent, inhabits. Each poem is a cog, spinning tales and depictions of Ghana, love, Christianity, life, desire, and women.

    Just like life, the poems in this book take you on a journey of loco-motion. The path is wriggly with bumps, smooth roads and ups and downs. Thus, the term ” lɔgɔligi “.

    The Poet Rapper immerses readers into his world and thoughts asking questions and repainting the world in his own color.

    Lɔgɔligi Locomotion is a unique Ghanaian kente cloth of diverse colours of poetry that navigate emotional landscapes of humor, hope, tragedy, and identity.

  • ….and so, She Wrote (A little book of poetry)

    A book of poetry that draws on nature as well as the poet’s personal experiences, conversations and observations, it includes a variety of poems that will elicit tears, laughter and provoke thought

  • I Wish You Courage In The Night Season

    I Wish You Courage In The Night Season is a memoire-like poetry collection. This debut book pores over the pain and confusion caused by identity crisis, fear of fear, and insecurities in a relatable, practical way. The compilation manages to capture the very essence of our human existence.

    It also attempts to provide some insight into some of life’s quintessential paradoxes:

    What is the meaning of life? Why death? Why racism? Why domestic violence? Why does seemingly unconditional love become conditional, and many more.

    It also includes, self development tools that are guaranteed to help readers in overcoming their own storms.

  • Her Diary of Sobriety

    After a five year long struggle with marijuana addiction, writer and poet Morningkhat, gracefully  found the strength to overcome. In ‘Her Diary of Sobriety’, she writes wholeheartedly about the daily 
    struggles on her journey, lessons, tips and insightful observations on living a life of sobriety. 
    The value contained in this book is priceless for any reader interested in relating with a true account  of an addict to trigger your own courage, or inspire others to create their path of freedom from this 
    fixation. This piece is sure to open up a new perspective, and spark a much-needed conversation  about society’s addiction problems. 

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