• The Ones We Find

    Age Range: 15+ years
    Available from 11th October, 2023
    Something Happened Last Night…
    Five years ago, a chance meeting with Femi Uzoechi changed Marilyn’s life. Except for the part she keeps under lock and key in her house of cards. The line between her past and the one she wanted was long drawn in the sand. But all that changed on the eve of her wedding.
    When an urgent call drags Marilyn to work on her day off, a cryptic conversation with Femi leaves her with unanswered questions. ‘Something happened last night,’ he says.
    Hours later, Femi is dead.
    An accident? Suicide? Murder? The police see no foul play. Neither does Femi’s TV-famous widow. But Marilyn can’t shake off those haunting words. As she digs up the graves of Femi’s past in pursuit of the truth, the cracks in her own life begin to surface, threatening to send everything she’s built crumbling down. Every thread she unravels takes her a step closer to the scattered pieces of the girl she left behind, a crossroads she can no longer evade, and a killer with nothing to lose.

    The Ones We Find

  • The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa

    Fifteen-year-old Andrew Aziza lives in Kontagora, Nigeria, where his days are spent about town with his droogs, Slim and Morocca, grappling with his fantasies about white girls–especially blondes–and wondering who his father is. When he’s not in church, at school or attempting to form ‘Africa’s first superheroes’, he obsesses over mathematical theorems, ideas of black power and HXVX: the Curse of Africa.

    Sure enough, the reluctantly nicknamed ‘Andy Africa’ soon falls hopelessly and inappropriately in love with the first white girl he lays eyes on, Eileen. But at the church party held to celebrate her arrival, multiple crises loom. An unfamiliar man claims, despite his mother’s denials, to be Andy’s father, and the gathering of an anti-Christian mob is headed for the church—both set to shake the foundations of everything Andy knows and loves.

    The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa announces a dazzling, distinctive, new literary voice. Profound, exhilarating and highly original, this tragicomic novel is a stunning exploration of the contemporary African ‘condition’, the relentless infiltration of Western culture and, most of all, the ordinary but impossible challenges of coming of age in a turbulent world.

    The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa won second prize in the 2020 Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers Award while still in manuscript form.

  • Màmá, It’s a Girl

    Available from 4th September, 2023

    For years, the people of KAMINWANAGA have lived by specific rules and traditions, but the birth of a feisty, determined and resilient young girl would shake up the whole village.

    Her curiosity about the world beyond KAMINWANAGA and determination not to be a statistic leads to a series of life-altering events that causes her to grow into the woman who would change the course of history for her people.

  • No Be From Hia

    A homecoming tale of a family brought together by migration and torn apart by tragedy and secrets. In a search for identity, love and acceptance – two ordinary girls travel from London to Lusaka to Lagos in order to save their family and discover their destiny.

    Meet the Ayomides and the Kombes – Zambian-Nigerian-Jamaican powerhouse families brought together during the post-colonial migration of the 1960’s to the UK – and later separated by death, divorce and betrayal. Scattered between London, Lusaka, and Lagos, only the new generation can save this family.

    Maggie Ayomide and Bupe Kombe are cousins on either side of the world who couldn’t be more different. Zambian-Nigerian and Zambian-Jamaican, both yearn for their disbanded family to reunite. When Bupe leaves Brixton to go to secondary school in Zambia, she brings light and disorder to Maggie’s world. However, the girls are hindered by dark family secrets such as the mysterious death of their late grandmother, and Maggie’s missing Nigerian father.

    From the blazing streets of Brixton riots to multi-party elections in Zambia to glitzy Independence Day celebration and adventurous nightclubs in Lagos, this heartwarming story breathes life into the modern-day result of postcolonial Africa and 20th Century migration as it follows two ordinary girls trying to find their identity and reunite their family.

    No Be From Hia

  • In Search of Vengeance

    A very embittered man sets out on a journey of revenge, to seek justice for himself and his deceased mother from two key players in his life: his former girlfriend (for aborting his baby) and his truant doctor father. When the story opens, Sulemana Bashiru has arrived in Sunyani from Northern Ghana and is making enquiries from a druggist about a suitable resthouse from where, as we learn later, he would operate with the assistance of a teenage boy.

    How far does Bashiru go in his search for vengeance? To what extent is he able to visit his wrath on his male- factors and carry out his long-intended destruction? What methods does he use? The pages of this book smell vengeance, conflict, confrontation and pour out bitter venom but they also portray, ultimately, the intervention of mercy and the power of reconciliation.

  • Daughter in Exile: A Novel

    The acclaimed author of The Teller of Secrets returns with a gut-wrenching, yet heartwarming, story about a young Ghanaian woman’s struggle to make a life in the US, and the challenges she must overcome.

    Lola is twenty-one, and her life in Senegal couldn’t be better. An aspiring writer and university graduate, she has a great job, a nice apartment, a vibrant social life, and a future filled with possibility. But fate disrupts her world when she falls for Armand, an American Marine stationed at the U.S. Embassy. Her mother, a high court judge in Ghana, disapproves of her choice, but nothing will stop Lola from boarding a plane for Armand and America.

    That fateful flight is only the beginning of an extraordinary journey; she has traded her carefree existence in Senegal for the perilous position of an undocumented immigrant in 1990s America.

    Lola encounters adversity that would crush a less-determined woman. Her fate hangs on whether or not she’ll grow in courage to forge a different life from one she’d imagined, whether she’ll succeed in putting herself and family together again. Daughter in Exile is a hope-filled story about mother love, resilience, and unyielding strength.

  • The Choice She Made

    What choice does one make when faced with the reality of a dark painful tomorrow and respite comes only by accepting a stigma for life?
    This is the first of a 3 part story of love and the pain it brings and the choices therein.
  • My Strong Tower: The Genesis

    My Strong Tower: The Genesis is an exciting novel, based on the everyday life of the average Ghanaian Christian. Ewuresi, Akosua, Ayele and Kumi are young adults battling with the daily temptations that young Christians are bound to face.

    Ewuresi is a teenager who has completed her secondary school education together with her best friend, Akosua. Although they both portray different personalities, they manage to go through tough times together and still maintain a close relationship. Kumi, their male friend, gets entangled between the two ladies through his witty and sociable attitude. Ayele, the eldest of the lot, provides the spiritual support to get the youth on the right path with their relationship with God.

    Each character represents the different levels of faith that can be seen among the lifestyles of the youth today, as they struggle to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy this wonderful story as you study the scriptures to get yourself better acquainted with the Lord Almighty.

  • Jennifer

    Due to difficult circumstances beyond her control, Jennifer Hayfron has no other choice than to share the same hotel with Dr Martin when the train on which she is travelling back to school suddenly breaks down at a late hour.

    By a fatal coincidence, Jennifer’s foster father comes around from nowhere and sees her daughter and Dr Martin coming out from the hotel and are about to get aboard a parked vehicle. Mr Hayfron’s hasty conclusion is obvious. There is verbal explosion on the spot, as well as a series of interesting drama in the ensuing days.

    The story, written for young people has been written in simple readable English.


  • Bambulu’s School Days

    Bambulu’s School Days, first serialised in The Mirror, Ghana’s most popular weekly, is the memoir of a Ghanaian School child who had a very uncongenial and difficult childhood because his parents were separated shortly after his birth. He, however, got over that initial puerile traumatic experience; which was, mostly, triggered by his father and stepmother.

    Little Paul, later known as Bambulu, really had a tough and rugged beginning but with a little twist in fortune he, eventually, reconciled with his mother.

    Thanks to his mother’s determination, complimented by an uncle’s generosity, Paul was able to gain admission to the Senior Secondary School. Nonetheless, bullying by senior students, strange teaching methods by some teachers and others do not make life in the Senior Secondary School as attractive as Bambulu would have expected.

    The novel is a rich discovery of the Ghanaian Senior Secondary School system in the 1970s as seen through the unbiased eyes of an innocent school boy.

  • Pastor Kwesi: Trials and Triumphs in Domeabra

    Domeabra, which when translated from the Ghanaian local dialect, Twi, means “if you love me you will come” is the humble ministerial station of Pastor Kwesi Saka.

    Pastor Kwesi, a graduate from Bible School, is faced with two options − further his education or proceed into ministry. He chooses the latter at the expense of increased opportunities for a more comfortable life.

    The trying circumstances associated with his village ministry − a life of deprivation and frugality, a dilapidated chapel and residence, a tight-fisted congregation − do not deter him from literally laying down his life for his congregation and community.

    Read about how this faithfulness is rewarded by divine interventions in his ministry and in the life of his family members to strengthen your own faith to brace life’s challenges.

  • Crossroads at Ankobea

    John Blankson has just finished his studies at the university. Towards the end of his course he had come to a turning point in his life: he had decided to live from that time on under the direction of Jesus.

    When he leaves the campus for Ankobea, he has no idea that he is to be the next chief; but his uncle, Nana Kwesi Mensah III, had died and John discovers he has been chosen to succeed him.

    How would this university graduate, a young Christian, fare as a traditional chief? How would the demands of traditional customary practices affect his Christian faith? Crossroads at Ankobea illustrates the struggles entailed in any effort to wipe out superstition from an African society.

  • The Teller of Secrets (HarperVia Edition)

    In this stunning debut novel—a tale of self-discovery and feminist awakening—a feisty Nigerian-Ghanaian girl growing up amid the political upheaval of late 1960s postcolonial Ghana begins to question the hypocrisy of her patriarchal society, and the restrictions and unrealistic expectations placed on women.

    Young Esi Agyekum is the unofficial “secret keeper” of her family, as tight-lipped about her father’s adultery as she is about her half-sisters’ sex lives. But after she is humiliated and punished for her own sexual exploration, Esi begins to question why women’s secrets and men’s secrets bear different consequences. It is the beginning of a journey of discovery that will lead her to unexpected places.

    As she navigates her burgeoning womanhood, Esi tries to reconcile her own ideals and dreams with her family’s complicated past and troubled present, as well as society’s many double standards that limit her and other women. Against a fraught political climate, Esi fights to carve out her own identity, and learns to manifest her power in surprising and inspiring ways.

    Funny, fresh, and fiercely original, The Teller of Secrets marks the American debut of one of West Africa’s most exciting literary talents.

  • You Are Dearly Loved

    When mama loses her only child to suicide, she is overcome with grief and depression. Knowing she needs all the help she can get, Maame is introduced to a support group where she meets parents who share the same fate as her. They share their stories as they embark on a path of healing from their losses.

    What could have made these young ones take their lives? Is suicide really the easy way out of hardships life throws at us?

    Follow the story of Maame who battles the prejudice of a Ghanaian society who blame parents for the suicide of their children and the grief that makes her suicidal.

    This book is for those who battle the abyss of depression and need a way out. It is for those who forget that suicide destroys not just the life taken but also the lives of the people left behind.

  • Tamara’s Forgiveness

    Home is supposed to be haven, home is supposed to be safety. When even a mission house does not hold peace, even sinners would wonder. Why did a sixteen-year old Preacher’s daughter have to bear her father’s weight every night only to be dressed up as a princess every Sunday morning? When a mother turned punching bag cannot even save her own daughter from the grips of a devil in God’s robe, the child takes matters into her own hands. She would not take it anymore; leaving home was her only option.

    With one destination in mind — the city — Tamara could live her life anew. What she was not told was the abundance of men like her father even in the civilized big city. Without Sister Mary, could she have held it altogether?

    Follow Tamara’s story in this page turner as she battles her devils, seeks revenge and finally finds forgiveness and freedom for her soul.

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