You Are Dearly Loved


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When mama loses her only child to suicide, she is overcome with grief and depression. Knowing she needs all the help she can get, Maame is introduced to a support group where she meets parents who share the same fate as her. They share their stories as they embark on a path of healing from their losses.

What could have made these young ones take their lives? Is suicide really the easy way out of hardships life throws at us?

Follow the story of Maame who battles the prejudice of a Ghanaian society who blame parents for the suicide of their children and the grief that makes her suicidal.

This book is for those who battle the abyss of depression and need a way out. It is for those who forget that suicide destroys not just the life taken but also the lives of the people left behind.

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Alice Opoku

Alice Opoku is a young enterprising lady with several qualifications in computer studies, cosmetology, hospitality and healthcare. She is a God-fearing woman and had the vision of transforming the broken woman into a resourceful and productive woman in marriage, family, business and mostly leadership.

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