My Strong Tower: The Genesis

My Strong Tower: The Genesis is an exciting novel, based on the everyday life of the average Ghanaian Christian. Ewuresi, Akosua, Ayele and Kumi are young adults battling with the daily temptations that young Christians are bound to face.

Ewuresi is a teenager who has completed her secondary school education together with her best friend, Akosua. Although they both portray different personalities, they manage to go through tough times together and still maintain a close relationship. Kumi, their male friend, gets entangled between the two ladies through his witty and sociable attitude. Ayele, the eldest of the lot, provides the spiritual support to get the youth on the right path with their relationship with God.

Each character represents the different levels of faith that can be seen among the lifestyles of the youth today, as they struggle to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy this wonderful story as you study the scriptures to get yourself better acquainted with the Lord Almighty.

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Aba Yankah Geker


Asempa Publishers


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