Augustus K. Annison is a licensed minister with Agape Gospel Mission. He served as the head pastor of Agape Church, Somanya and also served as the campus pastor of Wisconsin University College under Agape House New Testament Church – East Legon, Accra. He is currently an itinerant minister preaching the word of God with power and with precision. Many have testified of being healed in his ministry including the instant healing of a boy bleeding from the ears, among the healing of other chronic diseases.

He is a graduate of Agape Bible College – East Legon. He has an advanced diploma in biblical studies and a diploma in pastoral ministry. Pastor Augustus is a counselor, life coach, conference speaker and an author. He has authored several books including The Marriage Guide, Positioning Yourself For Spiritual Warfare, The Reinforcement of The S pirit, In Pursuit of Purpose and I Love You: Understanding The Concept of Love.. His passion is to see Christians fulfilling their mandates in life and raising believers for the work of the ministry.

  • I Love You: Understanding the Concept of Love

    Love is the most potent force in the world. It has the capacity to overcome darkness and evil. It even has the power to diffuse tension, to dispel hatred and to quench the fiery darts of anger. Love can bring to your doorstep what faith cannot bring even though it is driven or fueled by faith. It is fueled by faith because you cannot walk in love without faith. Faith gives you a reason to love even when the circumstances do not make it favourable to love. Love is a weapon that can win any battle if it is properly wielded. Regardless of the power love has to stabilize our lives and our world, many people have turned away from the ways of love.

    Love is hardly and rarely practiced even in the Christian community in recent times. The unfortunate truth is that we do not love anymore. We have become self-centered and most of the things we do are aimed at benefitting us rather than the people around us. We think about what we would gain before we do anything for anyone. If the outcome will not be beneficial to us, we refuse to do for others what they request of us. Although there are instances where people support each other sacrificially, most of our good deeds are motivated by selfish interest.

  • The Marriage Guide

    This book is designed for those who seek to have a fulfilled marriage. Lots of young people think that they have to find a partner and get ready for the wedding before going for counseling. They have no or little idea about the marriage covenant yet they rush into relationships and marriages that ruin their lives.

    This book teaches how to know if you are ready for marriage, how to find the right person, the purpose of God for marriage among many exciting lessons to help prepare you for the dream marriage you seek to have. If you are also having challenges in your marriage, this book offers practical steps to deal with them. How prepared you are will determine the success of your marriage. Get the right knowledge and embrace yourself for a blissful marriage.


  • In Pursuit Of Purpose

    The scripture is very articulate and clear about who God is not. He is not the Author of confusion. That means chaos, confusing and disorderliness do not emanate from God. You can conclude by saying that they come from the devil and you may be right. However, there is some truth beyond the fact that the devil is rather the author of confusion.

    Life without a sense of purpose will definitely lead to confusion and chaos without the involvement of the devil. So one way of eliminating confusion from our midst is to be purposeful. God is able to deal with confusion by being purposeful. One key thing about God is that, He is the God of decency, order and purpose. His sense of purpose is what enables Him to completely eliminate confusion from His dealings.

  • Fulfilling Your Purpose

    Your purpose is your unique identification in life. You are defined by your purpose and not your career or social status. The essence of your life is embedded in your purpose. Your career is not your purpose and it does not define your purpose either. Your purpose is rather supposed to define your career. Your career is  supposed to be the means through which you will be able to fulfill your purpose. Your career must reflect your purpose and you ought to use it to fulfill your purpose in life.

    Your career path must be influenced by your purpose in life and so therefore, the discovery of your purpose is essential. Being a doctor, or a pastor, or a teacher, or any other profession is not one’s purpose but a vocation. Whatever field of work you find yourself, you must identify and understand how that will help you to fulfill your purpose. The fulfillment of your purpose is principal and you cannot overlook it. Failure to discover in order to fulfill your purpose means you have failed in life regardless of how prosperous you may be.

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