Fulfilling Your Purpose

Your purpose is your unique identification in life. You are defined by your purpose and not your career or social status. The essence of your life is embedded in your purpose. Your career is not your purpose and it does not define your purpose either. Your purpose is rather supposed to define your career. Your career is  supposed to be the means through which you will be able to fulfill your purpose. Your career must reflect your purpose and you ought to use it to fulfill your purpose in life.

Your career path must be influenced by your purpose in life and so therefore, the discovery of your purpose is essential. Being a doctor, or a pastor, or a teacher, or any other profession is not one’s purpose but a vocation. Whatever field of work you find yourself, you must identify and understand how that will help you to fulfill your purpose. The fulfillment of your purpose is principal and you cannot overlook it. Failure to discover in order to fulfill your purpose means you have failed in life regardless of how prosperous you may be.

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