• Flutter Until You Fly: The Unwanted Child who Became Captain of the Biggest Passenger Aircraft of the World

    When he was six years old, he declared to the hearing of some friends: “I want to be a pilot when I grow up,” and it generated mocking laughter from them. The laughter became louder when at the end of sixth grade, his father lost his job and life went further downhill. From his family couch surfing in the neighbourhood for about seven years to having to cook and hawk kenkey, gari, and bake bread as a secondary school student, he kept going. He took the A Levels twice and performed poorly, disqualifying him from joining the air force even though he passed the army’s assessments twice. In Flutter Until You Fly, Captain Solomon Quainoo shares how he overcame these stumbling blocks and more, worked 17-hour days as a labourer, cleaner, pizza delivery guy, and traffic warden, to still become a captain of the world’s biggest passenger aircraft.

  • Leading Inside-Out: The Secret to True & Extraordinary Influence

    Every chapter closes with a practical guide and steps which calls the reader to action.

    Kwame Owusu-Boateng

    (CEO, Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd.)


    Emphasizes the significance of self-awareness, empathy, and integrity in fostering authentic connections with others.

    Arnold Parker

    CEO/Founder, Pesewa Rising


    Full of deep truths and insights, vignettes and practical exercises.

    Mike Ohene-Effah

    Co-Founder, LeadAfrique International


    Masterfully combines timeless principles with contemporary insights.

    James Kwesi Addison

    CEO/Founder, Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence (AICEl)


    Takes you on a journey of knowledge, inspiration and commitment.

    Patrick Otieku-Boadu

    CEO, Spearhead Consult


  • And The Eagle Flew to Heaven (When a Mother Loses Her Child)

    This book is about the experience of a mother who lost her child and her path to finding healing. It also provides guidelines as to how grieving parents can start the journey of recovering from the pain of losing a child.

  • Through Thick and Thin: Janet Neequaye – An Autobiography

    Through Thick and Thin is the story of Professor Janet Neequaye. Janet was born and educated in England and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), among other qualifications. She started working and teaching as a doctor in Ghana in 1971 and was one time Head of the Department of Child Health at the University of Ghana Medical School. She has published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals on malaria, chloroquine resistance, Burkitt lymphoma, HIV epidemiology in Ghana, neonatal jaundice, neonatal tetanus and sickle cell disease.

    The 199-page book with a photo gallery and an index talks about Prof. Mrs Neequaye’s life and career as a doctor, teacher and mother in England, Saudi Arabia and Ghana, where she lived on and off over the past 50 years. Through Thick and Thin illustrates the trials and triumphs of her life, stretching from 1946 to the present, starting at her birthplace in the provincial town of Benfleet, Southern Essex in England, and still ongoing in Accra.

    Some chapters in the book have titles such as: Life Today, My Family, Medical School, Marriage and Early Working Life, and Going to Ghana, among others.

    Though now retired, Professor Janet Neequaye has continued to be actively involved in matters relating to infant health in particular. This is evidenced by her decision to donate proceeds from sales of her autobiography to the Children’s Block at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to help improve on conditions there.

  • Resilience: Reflections From a Widow’s Diary

    Available on 21st July, 2023

    The book is about a young Ghanaian lady who lost her husband and decided to pick the pieces of her life and live for herself and her children. In this book, you will find how the author has motivated herself throughout this journey and has attributed her ability to survive to the grace of God. She also shares some lessons on her journey of grief, childhood experiences that has shaped who she is, among others.

    It is a deeply moving memoir of grief, and love, that ushers the readers into the life of a widow in a way that embraces and transcends expectations. This book reveals the raw emotions of her loss and the profound impact her husband left on her life, and the woman she has become after the loss. As much about life as it is about death, the book proves that regardless of the situation, love and hope have the power to survive.

  • Mma Ayara Atampugre: A Tale of Success Against the Odds

    This book tells the story of an unlettered woman in a harsh patriarchal setting who, with resilience and grit, managed to successfully overcome daunting life challenges and succeeded against the odds.

    It looks at the life of Mma Ayara Atampugre’s early as an orphan, when she became a wife, a mother, a wisdom and her life philosophies that became the pillars of her success in life. So much to learn from how Mma Ayara navigated through life inspite of her daunting life challenges. 

  • Concentric Circles: 30 Rich Life Lessons of A Resilient African Child

    Concentric Circles: 30 Life Lessons of a Resilient African Child, is a deeply personal and moving tribute to the strength and resilience of all those who have faced hardship and adversity. It is a powerful memoir that takes readers on a journey through the remarkable life of Elizabeth ‘Zionita’ Ofori. With her heartfelt dedication to those who have walked gruesome paths yet kept their fire, love, and light burning, Zionita invites readers to join her in celebrating the incredible strength and beauty of the human spirit.

    In this inspiring memoir, Elizabeth shares 30 life lessons that she has learned through her remarkable journey.

    Whether you are facing your own struggles or simply seeking inspiration and guidance on your life’s journey, Concentric Circles is a memoir that will speak to your heart and soul. Filled with powerful insights, moving personal stories, and a deep sense of hope, this book is a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest challenges.

    Zionita’s story is a shining example of what can be achieved with grit, grace, and an unshakeable sense of purpose.

    The lessons Zionita shares in this book are both timeless and timely, offering valuable insights for readers of all ages and backgrounds. Filled with wisdom, heart, and hope, Concentric Circles is a must-read memoir that will leave readers feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on the world.

  • Unstoppable: Do You Believe That Except God and You, No One Can Stop You? (Volume 1)

    It is a simple truism that God has made you Unstoppable. The Unstoppable persons are not thermometers but more of thermostats that do not allow their environment to control them instead they determine what goes on in their environment.  Though unstoppable, there are many stoppers, nonetheless, with the right mental attitude and principles, the Unstoppable prevails against all stoppers and eventually stands tall.

    In this book, we shall look at who is unstoppable, what makes you unstoppable, what the unstoppable does, the authority of the unstoppable, what are the stoppers, stopping the stoppers, how to remain unstoppable, and the blessings of being unstoppable.

  • Positiveness: A Fuel For Success

    I’ve written this book for you because leaders are dealers in faith, hope and love. No matter how positive your goals in life are and how passionate you are about your purpose, you will need persistent faith on the journey. Life is tough and leadership isn’t smooth. My hope is to inspire and encourage you to build up and keep up that persistent faith known as positiveness.

    I pray you will be gingered up by this work into being better and going further in the things that really matter, knowing that once you have life, there is hope—and only people alive can read this book! Love life.

  • 29 Days of Leadership

    In 29 Days of Leadership Author Prince curates a compact, compelling compendium of leadership insights. It is replete with inspiring stories, instructive scriptures, informative sayings, and incisive slogans all nicely garnished with his original reflections. This book is bound to spark a must-do attitude in minds of emerging leaders and focus the power of established ones

  • Appetite for Wealth: Taste of Fulfillment

    Recently I have observed with amazement the rate at which today’s youth have made money the reason for their existence. Greed, envy, jealousy, anger and pain have engulfed the world as a result of money. Society no longer cares about how people make their money. Honesty and integrity are thrown to the dogs. In these difficult times, the desire for personal fulfillment must be the driver of our decisions, not money and wealth. Contentment is the key that opens the gate to fulfillment. This book is born out of my personal experiences, insight and intelligence gained while working, walking and studying at the feet of giants.

    Writing in simple language with his readers in mind, Ato shares in this book that money is only important as a servant, and no matter where you are, you can take practical steps to create and command wealth. It is through our greatest struggles, pains, fears, insecurity, roadblocks and challenges that opportunities for wealth creation show up.

    Ato takes the reader on a journey towards wealth and fulfillment and shares inspirational and challenging stories that should motivate the reader to action.

  • LIVING BEYOND TODAY – Living Principles For Success Tomorrow

    Living Beyond Today is the result of a decade of research and personal experiences. In this book, Ato Sarpong charts a compelling path to your desired destination and freedom. He shares insights that help readers understand that respect for the future is demonstrated by a healthy insensitivity to the past.

    Readers will learn that life is the result of choices: to pursue your dream and achieve success, you need to be courageous, you must overcome fear, and you must face the future with enthusiasm. Through this book, Ato teaches that decisions shape destiny. To be an achiever, you have to be short in words, deep in thought, and heavy in action. This book is not about theories. Apart from writing about his personal successes, Ato has written about his mistakes and failures, and how he overcame them.

    Inspired by his audiences, and writing in simple language for all readers, Ato offers insight into a well-researched and well crafted solution to success.

    Living Beyond Today is packaged in three parts:

    • The six empowerment principles that impact behaviour and action
    • The five enablers of life that influence thought, focus and direction
    • The seven enrichment laws that drive results and shape destiny.

    This is an inspirational book full of stories and practical steps that should challenge readers to reconsider their current state and make a start on the journey to wealth, happiness and joy.

  • Wrapped Gifts From Heaven

    Children are needy and dependent, and they know almost nothing about life. They function mostly on emotion rather than reason. They are simple, love without restriction and see the world as presented to them. Young children begin very early to internalize information which either encourages or discourages disclosure. This book attempts to highlight how actions and inactions of parents, teachers and significant others can make children optimise their potential and give their best to society or be a danger to themselves and to society in general.

  • Next Level Education Game Changer

    **Available in Ghana from 20 January 2021

    Next Level Education Game Changer seeks to engage our readers on how the theme “Quality Secondary, Technical & Vocational Education; A Catalyst for National Development” for the 91st Speech & Prize Giving Ceremony at Achimota Secondary School in Ghana on November 3rd 2018, inspired research work and findings that could contribute to a change in the educational landscape in Ghana.

    The book provides insights from students at Achimota Secondary School in 2018. Singapore’s educational system, considered the best in the world, was adopted as a benchmark, against which some educational proposals have been made.

  • Inspirational Quotes for Living

    This pocket book is a compilation of personal quotes from the author. The phrases are a reflection on life’s journey and some aha moments, which have been crafted into motivational words to guide the reader through the highs and lows of life

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