• Cooking Jollof with Jesus: Interacting with God (2nd Edition)

    Cooking Jollof with Jesus is targeted at every Christian who wants to stir up his or her relationship with God and anyone who is ready to begin a walk with God. It is a reminder of how close God is to us, and how He wants us to talk to Him and hear from Him concerning everything.

    This edition consists of five chapters:

    • Cooking Jollof with Jesus
    • Voices
    • Drowning the Noise
    • Obeying God’s voice
    • Begin your experience with God

    The first chapter explains the jollof-cooking experience its relation to how God guides us in all we do. The chapter on Voices talks about the different voices that we hear; the chapter on Drowning the Noise talks about how we can sift the voices we hear and listen to God’s voice; the chapter on Obeying God’s voice is on how we can obey God and, finally, chapter five shows how one can begin his or her personal experience with God.

  • Left at the Altar: Looking for God in the Light and Finding Him in the Dark (A Memoir)

    “Left at the Altar” is a book about a dark period in the author’s life when she was left at the altar by her fiancée, a pastor.

    The author weaves into the story the supernatural Hand of God as He leads her through forgiveness, emotional and physical healing, wholeness, and restoration.

  • Moments & Memories: My Journey of Grace – An Autobiography

    Sharing our experiences in various ways helps us accept the lessons God has for us. These experiences go a long way to help those who read or hear them. I consider myself a beautiful piece of broken pottery put back together by God Almighty for a purpose.

    As an Adult, I realised that the challenges I had experienced as a teenager would prove very useful as I worked with young people. When I tell young people that there is nothing they are doing that I have not done before, they look at me with doubt, as if to say, “No, You are just saying that to make us feel better”.

    A successful life has within it good things as well as challenges, and the total outcome is based on how we allow the Lord to lead us. Many times we see the hand of God long after the outcome.

    This has been my life. This is my story. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from my Moments and Memories.

  • Appetite for Wealth: Taste of Fulfillment

    Recently I have observed with amazement the rate at which today’s youth have made money the reason for their existence. Greed, envy, jealousy, anger and pain have engulfed the world as a result of money. Society no longer cares about how people make their money. Honesty and integrity are thrown to the dogs. In these difficult times, the desire for personal fulfillment must be the driver of our decisions, not money and wealth. Contentment is the key that opens the gate to fulfillment. This book is born out of my personal experiences, insight and intelligence gained while working, walking and studying at the feet of giants.

    Writing in simple language with his readers in mind, Ato shares in this book that money is only important as a servant, and no matter where you are, you can take practical steps to create and command wealth. It is through our greatest struggles, pains, fears, insecurity, roadblocks and challenges that opportunities for wealth creation show up.

    Ato takes the reader on a journey towards wealth and fulfillment and shares inspirational and challenging stories that should motivate the reader to action.

  • LIVING BEYOND TODAY – Living Principles For Success Tomorrow

    Living Beyond Today is the result of a decade of research and personal experiences. In this book, Ato Sarpong charts a compelling path to your desired destination and freedom. He shares insights that help readers understand that respect for the future is demonstrated by a healthy insensitivity to the past.

    Readers will learn that life is the result of choices: to pursue your dream and achieve success, you need to be courageous, you must overcome fear, and you must face the future with enthusiasm. Through this book, Ato teaches that decisions shape destiny. To be an achiever, you have to be short in words, deep in thought, and heavy in action. This book is not about theories. Apart from writing about his personal successes, Ato has written about his mistakes and failures, and how he overcame them.

    Inspired by his audiences, and writing in simple language for all readers, Ato offers insight into a well-researched and well crafted solution to success.

    Living Beyond Today is packaged in three parts:

    • The six empowerment principles that impact behaviour and action
    • The five enablers of life that influence thought, focus and direction
    • The seven enrichment laws that drive results and shape destiny.

    This is an inspirational book full of stories and practical steps that should challenge readers to reconsider their current state and make a start on the journey to wealth, happiness and joy.

  • In Times Like These (Hardcover)

    In times of trouble and crisis, in looking for answers, we clutch at things that will give us some form of hope.

    In 2020, COVID-19 struck and with it came the psychological, social and financial strains.

    This inspirational book is filled with powerful, encouraging messages that address topics such as: repentance, trust, prayer, worship, giving, thanksgiving, pain, sorrow, anxiety, peace, joy as well as fear arising from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

    The messages will help you to remain hopeful and cling to God in the challenging times.

  • Faith of Our Fathers: A Call to Contend for the Christian Faith

    A glance through the Bible reveals a call for God’s people not only to believe and live the gospel but also to safeguard the gospel and ensure that it is passed on to the next generation without distortion or contamination. Indeed, the fiercest battle of the Christian faith has been the battle against error and false teachers. It is against this background that God wants you to contend for the faith which was once and for all delivered to the saints. This book will help you do that effectively.

  • What every Christian should know about the Rapture

    The most spectacular event of all time is yet to hit the world. On that day, Jesus Christ shall appear in the sky, tombs and graves shall split open in response to His voice. On that day, those who have believed in Jesus Christ, shall be changed and be snatched from the earth. All these shall happen in the event called the Rapture. Get deeper understanding of the biblical teaching on the rapture and get yourself ready for the appearing of Jesus Christ

  • The Resurrection: The Myths, the Mystery and the Truth

    The evidence is compelling and indisputable. It is indeed the most fantastic fact of history. Its effects are far reaching for Christians, non-Christians and the whole of creation. The resurrection of Jesus Christ sets Christianity apart from all the other religions of the world. It is the seal and headstone of the great work of redemption, which Jesus came to accomplish.

    In this book, you will find answers to the many questions surrounding the reality of a life beyond the grave, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of believers in the last day. This book will also challenge you to look forward to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • More than Treasures of Gold

    The book is practical and written in an easy to read style. Professor Drafor-Amenyah is writing what she lives, talking the walk. More Than Treasures of Gold invites the reader to action. – Eugene Yakohene, Pioneers-Africa Mobilisation Base Director

  • Your Life in the Supernatural: Engaging and Navigating the Unseen Realm

    Apart from my strong faith in the triune God and the total reliance on the sufficiency of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, I have always kept clear of the supernatural realm, because it has always been an enigma to me — until I read this book. It is a must-read for all, irrespective of age, academic standing, and religious persuasion. —Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng, President, Presbyterian University College, Ghana

  • No Percent Tithe: How to Say No to Tithing and Still Be Blessed

    For a lot of Christians, tithing is a deeply ingrained tradition, reinforced each week on television and in the pulpits by people they look up to. However, those who take the time to study tithing, as practiced in the bible, will find out that Christian or storehouse tithing is both unbiblical and cannot be justified.

    Why the fixation with tithing? Why all the manipulation and deceit on a topic Christians should not be concerned about?.


    No Percent Tithe is an easy to read book that shows you what the Bible really says about paying tithes. The book, 100% backed by bible verses, clarifies and answers the questions you have about tithing. Questions like:

    – Who Paid Tithes Under the Law of Moses?
    – Did Abraham and Jacob tithe?
    – Can you tithe money?
    – Can pastors ask for a tithe?
    – Why do pastors demand the tithe?
    – Are you cursed if you don’t tithe?
    – How should you give to God?

    The author uses charts and diagrams to explain and contrast tithing under Moses’s Law with Christian storehouse tithing and also looks into how Abram (Abraham) tithed.

    Christians who read No Percent Tithe will be surprised to find out that:

    – Abraham, Jacob and early Christians did not tithe;
    – Jesus, Peter and Paul could not receive tithes;
    – It is unbiblical to tithe money or your income;
    – The priests received ONE% not 10% of the harvest;
    – Pastors are not the modern day Levites;
    – There was money in those days, but God did not want money as a tithe.

    Here are the chapter titles:

    – Tithing under Moses
    – Why tithing to your church is not biblical
    – Abraham and Jacob did not tithe
    – 5 reasons pastors teach untruths about tithing
    – Why Moses’s law does not apply to Christians
    – God’s Portion Was ONE%
    – NO % Tithe … Just Give
    – Why you should say no to tithing

    After reading NO % Tithe you will understand God’s plan for Christian giving and realise that storehouse tithing is unbiblical. The Bible says that we must rightly divide the word of truth to prevent confusion in our thinking (2 Timothy 2:15), and that is why you must read the No % Tithe book.

    If your goal is to be free to give as led by God and not be ‘forced’ to give to a church or ministry, purchase a copy of this book.

  • Walking in your Exalted Position as a Believer

    Christians, by virtue of our association with Jesus Christ, have been exalted to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places. This position is what I call an exalted position. We have been raised together with Jesus to a higher position; we sit with him in the heavenly places. We must be aware and conscious of this exalted or elevated position so that we can walk in it. Hence the title for this book: “walking in your exalted position as a believer”.

    Paradoxically, many believers are ignoramuses so far as their exalted position in Christ is concerned. Such Christians have settled for mediocrity and given up the fight. Ignorance has reduced generals and giants in the lord to cowards and mediocre who shrink in the face of any challenge instead of rising above their conditions.

    To combat the antagonism and hostility of the world against us, we must be aware of the resources at our disposal. Appropriation of your exalted position in Christ is crucial to your ability to stand in times like these.

    Enclosed herein are the nine (9) elements of the believer’s exalted position in Christ which is received by grace through faith as part of our salvation package and which must be utilized for our benefits.

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