• How to Turn Your Talent into a Successful Career

    Dreams only come alive when we are able to identify who we are and what we are able to do in bettering our lot. From the knowledge stock of a great industry colossus comes yet again another compelling book titled , “How To Turn Your Talent Into A Successful Career”. In a narrative that clearly seeks to inspire young minds on how to maximize their talents, the author sets the stage for individual talents to be utilized by recounting his personal life experiences. The carefully selected words are meant to be thought provoking and serve as a guide. With only six chapters, the language is simple and genuine. Reading should come with a price and that surely would be ‘growth’.

  • I am the Street Lawyer (Hardcover)

    In this book, the author chronicles his perilous journey to becoming a household name in legal practice in Ghana, by sharing stories from the Victims’ perspectives.

    His simple practice of the law demystified the revered and mysterious legal profession.

    He became so common and accessible to the poor and most vulnerable victims of varied violations of our dysfunctional system, much to the annoyance of the true owners of the law profession; the Law Lords.

    Moved by compassion, he led and represented several victims of rape, defilement, Military brutality, Police abuse and extrajudicial killings, religious and political abuses to navigate and find justice in a corrupt, unjust and dysfunctional justice system.

    Discover how a street child became a street lawyer at the risk of losing his own legal career as beneficiaries of the corrupt system fight back.

  • The Pro Bono Lawyer without Honour (Hardcover)

    Having represented several hundreds of prisoners through his Justice for All Programme at no fee and providing legal assistance, advocacy and support to very needy victims in civil claims as a Pro Bono Lawyer, his career hit a major road block as the General Legal Council (GLC ) hounded him in 2017.

    As an ordinary individual who found the strength to persevere and endure, in spite of overwhelming obstacles meted out to him by the GLC, the author remains the light, that refused to surrender to darkness: a true survivor’s story.

    In this book, the author shares very insightful lessons to young lawyers on the dangers of pro bono practice, by recounting his experiences with some pro bono clients, and the General Legal Council, in 10 separate frivolous and vexatious complaints brought against him with the abetment of the GLC within 5 years.

    The author takes readers through the proceedings before the GLC, by giving vivid accounts of what transpired in all these 10 separate complaints, exposing the clear targeting of lawyers by the Council; the abuse of lawyers who appear before the Council; and the gross violations of all known rules of law and justice by the Council in a grand conspiracy to shame, ridicule and persecute him.

    Readers will be amazed at the circumstances leading to the GLC itself being complainants in three of the cases against the author; himself being the first lawyer in Ghana to be suspended for 3 years for touting; being the first to have a ruling of the GLC quashed; as well as the naked abuse of power by persons in positions of trust.

    Through empirical evidence, the author makes a case in support of the need for the existence of more pro bono lawyers, to enhance access to justice delivery, to aid the heavily under resourced Legal Aid Scheme, but details how the GLC is a disincentive to this call.

    The author ends by sharing the spiritual aspects of law practice he has experienced and demonstrates how his personal faith in God has saved him. According to the author, he is not what happened to him but what he chose to be in the midst of naked persecution.

    He was compassionate to his clients and worked with passion to get them justice, but WHERE IS HIS HONOUR?

  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Hardcover)

    Guilty Until Proven Innocent is a true reflection of the bizarre criminal injustice system that we have. It’s a legal satire that uses the true-life stories of various actors who have been fictionalized to expose the gory systemic failure of our Criminal Justice System which have had dire consequences on the liberty, livelihood and future prospects of several individuals who became victims of our Injustice System.

    You’ll discover the grand conspiracy between the police, prosecutors, judges and political influences through unlawful arrests, abuses of bail, fraudulent and expired warrants and general abuses that put the individual citizen at the mercy of this perilous system of injustice.

    The book finally reviews major laws and institutions of the Criminal Justice System and provides empirical evidence on the lack of confidence in the system.

    In its concluding chapter, the book talks about the price of injustices.

    Injustice to any individual in our country is injustice to the collective sense of justice of the nation. A violation of any individual is a violation of all of us.

  • Love Lifted Me from the Street

    For a young man who was born in a slum by very poor parents, access to basic necessities of life were luxuries to him; even education. To him, comfortable living was meant for a particular class of people, of which, he believed his family was far from; given the acute hardship conditions his family was going through.

    This book is a memoir of the Author’s street life as a teenage school boy, whose major ordeal was to hawk on the street, sleep on the street and virtually live off at the mercy of the street.

    The Author highly attributes his success story to LOVE. “Without love, I have nothing. All throughout my life, many people have in diverse ways shown me love, and that gesture of love has made me who I am today”.

    Readers will uncover the “from grass to grace” success story of the Author, who, is an epitome of inspiration to many youths today.

  • Homeless

    This book is an inspirational true story of a homeless young boy who, out of sheer tenacity, kept his eyes on EDUCATION to unlock his dreams of becoming a lawyer.

    The book contains life changing stories and experiences of the Author, which in essence, emphasizes the importance of EDUCATION in the life of every child, most especially the less-privileged, underprivileged or economically disadvantaged child, whose fortunes of successful living are uncertain.

    HOMELESS has been reviewed and approved by Ghana Education Service (GES) and Conference of Assisted Senior High Schools (GHASS) in Ghana as a supplementary reader for JHS, SHS, Vocational and Technical Institutions and Colleges of Education.


  • Being the Change

    Being the Change is a masterpiece for all Change Makers and those who desire to change the status-quo, by moving to the next level in their life, career or other pursuits. It contains practical lessons on how by our resilience, we can change our communities, nations, our worlds, and even ourselves; by becoming the change we desire. It reiterates that “The change we always desire must always come from us”.

    The author shares valuable collections of his work as a Member of Parliament; from connecting over 4500 youths to various job models on the MADINA Job Center, impacting Muslim communities through the Islam Project, Service Above Self Best Teacher Awards and other Educational Interventions, Heath Outreaches and many more. In less than two years, the Author introduced 5 New Private Members Bills personally and with other colleagues. The Book also shares a number of incredible articles written by or about the author, spanning governance, judiciary, rule of law, economy, security among others. This book in short, is a compendium of the life, work, practices, inspirations and the experience of a Change Maker. You will find inspiration to become the Change you desire after reading this book.

    Being the Change

  • Being Youthful & Useful

    This book is designed to guide you in the process of critical decision-making stage as a youth and gives you a perspective on how you can make your impact on your generation.

    It contains chapters such as:

    • The Paradox of the 21st century young person
    • The takeover generation
    • Broke and Broken and others for your consumption

    Undoubtedly, it’s a timely book that substantially or essentially deals with the reality of the state of our youth and the many opportunities that young people can readily tap into.

  • Live Your Dream: A Manual to Help bring Your Dreams into Reality

    There are lots of people who have conceived powerful and amazing dreams but are wallowing in uncertainty, doubt and fear. This classic book has extracted and unveiled the core values of true wealth ; and that living a purposeful life means living your dream. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dream is; you’ve got to live it until you become it.

    Live Your Dream is a divinely inspired manual uniquely crafted to inspire the young and the old to take huge strides in their God-given dreams.

  • Inspirational Master Pills: Collection of Divinely Inspired Quotes

    The Author writes to create a world of awareness on how great the Creator has given each and everyone an inspirational master pill to nurture our lives and to colour our worlds.

    In this script, one will realise the immense contribution and the vital role each pill plays in our lives as the nutrients of life.

    “Who you are is who you decide to be. Where you are is where you decide to be. Nobody can stop you from becoming who you were created to be and what you were created for except you. The greatest impediment on your progressive life is not the devil but the decisions you make. Every right decision you make has a tangible effect and produces the right result”.

  • I Dare You

    The Author in the timeline of the book, “ I Dare You” is the fighting spirit found in you. As humans, we need to unearth the positions of our inner spirit to enable us find our true strength of spirit.

    Loaded in this script, you will decode mysteries of your inner self and intriguing life-long stories of great personalities around the world who were not born into privilege but managed to become great successes today.

    Whereas some people might be born with “silver spoons” in their mouth, the chunk will have to strike hard  in order to make it. These blockages prevalent and come what may, you surely have to discover yourself and work on it.

    I Dare You

  • Infinite Roots

    “I must tell you my history,” Baba would roar, “the history you learn at school is not better than that which I have to tell you. My history concerns you directly, it is who you are, what you are, and what you’re going to become.”

    “…woven in an unbroken thread of prose…in a complex, digressive narrative that is like a set of Chinese boxes (or those Russian Matryoshka dolls), one laid inside another.” — Literary Review

    Infinite Roots follows the multi-generational story of a Ghanaian military family, composed through the eyes of a young daughter learning about her history and culture through the many stories of her parents and elders. This autobiographical novel spreads out across the 60s and 80s Ghana as the military family journeys from Wa to Tamale to Accra to Kumasi to Takoradi to Ho and more. As the young girl grows, she also begins to share her own re-tellings as her elders once did.

    “…it is an incredible survey of Ghanaian traditions, customs, superstitions and beliefs, as well as social and political history and the emergence of female education.” — Lee Oliver

    Infinite Roots


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