• Reflections on Attributes of the Holy Spirit

    Joseph Akwei Allotey had invaluable experiences with the Holy Trinity from his infancy. His love for the Lord and for music spans over 35 years’ membership of five different choirs at home and abroad.

    The book shares the transforming power of the Holy Trinity for human well-being and God’s ability to direct humans to great spiritual values that would benefit those who will truly be faithful and obedient to Him. He believes that any person who reads this book about the awe-inspiring and heart-warming attributes of the Holy Trinity will be extremely blessed.

  • Guidelines for Christian Theology in Africa (Theological Perspectives in Africa #5)

    Professor Imasogie argues that the lack of total commitment of the average African Christian to Christ is due to the lack of “fit” between Christian Theological and African life. This is, in turn, due to the failure of Western orthodox theologians to take Africa world views into consideration in their theological formulations. If Christian theology is to be relevant for the African, his world view and self- understanding must be taken into serious account.

  • Purpose Capsules

    Purpose Capsules strongly implies that Purpose can be found in Jesus Christ and therefore one must know who he is in Christ to discover this purpose, which is not just the reason why you were born but why you are born to be born again in Christ. As a result, Purpose Capsules spends a great deal of time to explain who you are in Christ so that you really grasp why you are here on earth in the light of Christ. By this your mind will not only be challenged but be exposed to living to your truest and fullest potential in Christ so as to be better equipped to discover and fulfill your divine purpose – which is to manifest the Christ in you to the glory of God.

  • Building a 21st Century Church on the 1st Century Model (An Agenda for Generational Transformation)

    As Christian believers, we cannot remain comfortably seated in our church pews while still expecting a turn-around in the affairs of this world. We have been given an assignment to offer effective answers to deal with the challenges of this world. The role of the Church is thus to keep preparing us to be able to fulfil that assignment.

    This book presents the Church as the breeding ground for the ambassadors of Jesus the Christ to be used in reflecting God in every sphere of influence.

    We would realise that the people Jesus recruited and left behind effectively changed the history of their world for good. Unfortunately over time, the influence of Christians rather than increasing appear to have somewhat declined. This book therefore seeks to look at how far Christians have held on to the mandate since the days of the 1st Century Church.

    Eventually, as the Church effectively fulfils its purpose, this world would witness Christians exerting their influence much more forcefully in every sphere of life with principles of the kingdom of God in a way that ultimately glorify God the Father.

  • The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa

    In The Sacrifice of Africa, Prof. Emmanuel Katongole honestly confronts Africa’s painful legacy of chaos, violence and corruption. He shows how it continues to scar the imaginative landscape of African politics and society. He then demonstrates the real potential of Christianity to interrupt and transform entrenched political imaginations and create a different story for Africa – a story of self-sacrificing love that values human dignity and “dares to invent” a new better future for all Africans. Compelling accounts of three African Christian leaders and their work – Bishop Paride Taban in Sudan, Angelina Atyam in Uganda and Maggy Barankitse in Burundi – cap off Katongole’s vision of hope for Africa.

  • Women Do More Work than Men: Birifor Women as Change Agents in the Mission and Expansion of the Church in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana)

    Foreword by Mercy Amba Oduyoye
    The author was the first woman in Burkina to receive her Ph.D. in Theology, with research on the contributions of Birifor women to the growth of the Church in West Africa. Her work, which includes fascinating in-depth ethnographic research, has recently been published as Women Do More Work Than Men: Birifor Women as Change Agents in the Mission and Expansion of the Church in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana)

    In the book’s Foreword, Ghanaian feminist theologian Mercy Amba Oduyoye shares these thoughts: “If you have not heard of Birifor women, this is your opportunity to read about them. You are not alone, for before I read the thesis that preceded this book, I had no idea there was a people in West Africa called the Birifor. It is a fact that even among Africans, the neighbour is hardly known. The continent is so vast. This book is therefore a special treat as it is a lens into the lives of a minority among minorities. The marginalised of this minority are women.”

    Addressing this marginalisation further, Oduyoye notes that Dorcas’ book “demonstrates the two-edged sword that westernisation has been, especially in women’s lives. Specifically, Western education led families to privilege boys and thereby aggravated the inferior position of women among the Birifor, who are formally matrilineal but in practice extremely patriarchal and androcentric.”

    “Dorcas’ book is important for several reasons. Firstly, as Oduyoye notes, it sheds light on a people group many of us have never heard of, and within that context, draws attention to the important but very overlooked roles that women play. As Dorcas boldly states, ‘women do more work than men!’ Yet they more often receive ridicule, or face added obstacles, rather than respect, for such contributions. Dorcas’ work is also important for scholars of religion in Africa, with large sections of history and ethnographic research providing a comprehensive picture of the religious cosmology of the Birifor. Her treatment of funeral rites is fascinating!” — Dr. Sara Fretheim, Postdoctoral Researcher in World Christianity and African Christianity

  • Operation Rescue (The ABCs of the Christian, Volume 1)

    This is the first in the 6-part series called The ABCs of the Christian. This volume deals with the theme of SALVATION.

    Why are we adopted children of God? What is justification? How does Jesus Christ fulfill the role of the Messiah? What is the essence of Jesus’ sacrifice, substitution, atonement, redemption? This book explains such key topics and other related matters under the general theme of our Salvation.

    The book is a collection of essays, written in clear easy step-by-step expositions to help the reader understand and appreciate the fullness of our salvation in Christ Jesus and the love of God which made it all possible.

    The contents are carefully selected and traced to their Old Testament origins to bring out the full meaning and the message of the subject under discussion. In the process, the book seeks to answer some questions frequently asked and clarify some confusing issues.

  • Theology and Identity: The Impact of Culture upon Christian Thought in the Second Century and in Modern Africa

    Kwame Bediako examines the question of Christian identity in the context of the Greco-Roman culture of the early Roman Empire. He then addresses the modern African predicament of quests for identity and integration.

    Theology and Identity was one of the finalists for the 1992 HarperCollins Religious Book Award.

    “A book of quite outstanding importance. It is rich and rewarding both in interpretation and in construction, furthering understanding of modern African Christianity and relating it to the Christian tradition as a whole. No previous work has covered this range, nor has the perennial question of Christ and culture been pursued with more depth and insight.” — Andrew Walls, formerly Director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, University of Edinburgh

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