• Counsels from the HillTop

    The statement, “What they don’t teach at Harvard Business School,” has been so used to describe and enhance most life learning experiences that it has almost become a cliché, but this book does, indeed, delve into areas that the most prestigious of universities would not open to you.
    From daily vitamins in minute doses, with biblical coatings in all walks of life like finances, walking, reading, singing, the Author seeks to reproduce more Solomons of our time and the future.
    This book deals with aspects of life that affect every single soul, regardless of social condition, gender, race, colour, nationality or religion.

  • Conversations from the HillTop

    Conversations from the HillTop sets out to educate, guide, advise and encourage both the young and the not so young, about getting wisdom and understanding, using real life experiences and lessons. All things are possible if we set our minds to it.

    The Author gives very useful points aimed at imbibing discipline, perseverance, a sense of destiny and the fear of God into positively impacting others and our communities. This book is a blueprint for success in all facets of life.
    The simplicity of language used makes reading very interesting while giving the reader that sense of belonging.

  • Timeless Wisdom from the HillTop

    In this fascinating book, the author shares with the reader nuggets for daily living which will enrich the reader and leave him or her wiser. You may not be able to conquer the world but you may apply these nuggets to conquer challenges one day at a time.
    Nothing in this book is shallow.

    Every story shared is real and the Author’s style of writing brings the experiences close to his readers. The book teaches us to take advantage of all situations be they good or bad. This is a radically personal, honestly engaging and spiritually illuminating book.

  • Living with Purpose – HillTop Perspectives

    This book provides strategies for letting go of unfavourable self-perceptions in order to live a life with purpose. It will force you to ask yourself serious questions that go to the core of your being.

    It brings to the fore the essence of purposeful living and draws attention to all stages of life for any person who desires to have a fulfilling life.

    Living with Purpose is a breath of fresh air blowing from the author’s perch on the hill. He encourages the reader that living a meaningful life is possible, but only when you know your purpose in life.

  • Golden Footprints: Memoirs of an African Development Worker

    This book is a biography within a biography; it is about the author’s life lived in the northern part of Ghana in the peculiarities of the undocumented socio-cultural uniqueness of the region. It mirrors the hard road the author and many first-generation literates of his generation have travelled in building their lives in significant ways to impact society. A major part of the book is dedicated to a narrative of the experiences of the author while working for the NGO community across the African continent. It documents the challenges these organisations faced in various countries where they facilitated development and outlines how the interventions of NGOs have benefited rural populations. It is fodder for intellectual consumption, literature for academic discourse and more information for development students and practitioners. The book documents indigenous knowledge that has hitherto been left to oral tradition and ignored in the Ghanaian education system. Finally, the book demonstrates the divine hand of the Almighty God in the life of the author as one reads through breath-taking moments of divine interventions that otherwise could have ended his life and career. All these are narrated to provide the suspense normally found in fiction books.

  • In Times Like These (Hardcover)

    In times of trouble and crisis, in looking for answers, we clutch at things that will give us some form of hope.

    In 2020, COVID-19 struck and with it came the psychological, social and financial strains.

    This inspirational book is filled with powerful, encouraging messages that address topics such as: repentance, trust, prayer, worship, giving, thanksgiving, pain, sorrow, anxiety, peace, joy as well as fear arising from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

    The messages will help you to remain hopeful and cling to God in the challenging times.

  • Step Magazine: Volume 27 Issue 2

    The StepMagazine has exciting sections for the youth and throws more light on Youth in Business!!
  • My Happiest Day

    Almost everybody in the village of Akroful can sing well except Kofi. But when Christmas comes, Kofi is chosen to sing the Christmas carol for his class. He displayed a hidden talent to the admiration of all. Kofi can dance better than everybody.

    My Happiest Day

  • Frema Visits the Airport

    Ever since Frema saw the huge iron bird in the sky, she was excited about aeroplanes.

    She knew she wanted to be a pilot in future. Follow Frema as she takes a trip to the airport to learn all about aeroplanes.

  • The Tale of Bantama

    There is almost a story behind every name. When Serwaa asked about the meaning of “Bantama”, she is given two meanings behind the name.

    Which is true? Which one should she believe?

  • The Yellow Ball in the Sky

    Araba is excited when she sees the bright yellow colour of the Sun in the sky. When she asks about the yellow ball, her mother tells her that it’s the Sun.
    Araba decides to ask the Sun many questions. When the Sun replies, they become friends.
    What does the Sun tell Araba? Will Araba heed to the Sun’s words or order for them to be friends forever.

  • A Journey to Lake Sana

    Lake Sana is one of the beautiful Lakes visited by many including tourists. It has a lot of fishes and other aquatic animals in it. Oduro was very happy when he returned home because his teacher had told them they will be going on an excursion to Lake Sana,
    His father had promised him to pay for the excursion if he placed first to third position in class.
    What will Oduro do in order to go to Lake Sana?

  • Beware of Bad Friends

    Five frogs-Quinie, Bownie, Tinie, Crippie and Ninie-live with their close friends, the three snakes and the singing bird.

    They are so close that they do all things together, including throwing parties.

    Sadly, the frogs begin to die one after the other. Who is behind their death and why are the frogs always crying? The wisest bird will tell ..

  • Naughty Adwoba

    When Adwoba is punished for her naughty behaviour, she escapes into the bush. She falls into a deep sleep and wakes only to find herself in a strange room with some other children whose hands and feet are tied up.
    As she screams and cries for release, an ugly-looking man enters. What happens to Adwoba and the other children? Will she ever see her mom and friends again?

    Naughty Adwoba

  • Fafa at the Zoo

    Fafa, a beautiful girl of about eight years old loves animals. Her parents promised to take her to the Zoo when she comes first in class. She studied very hard and came first. Mr and Mrs Osei sent their daughter to the Zoo as they had promised.

    Fafa at the Zoo


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