Golden Footprints: Memoirs of an African Development Worker


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This book is a biography within a biography; it is about the author’s life lived in the northern part of Ghana in the peculiarities of the undocumented socio-cultural uniqueness of the region. It mirrors the hard road the author and many first-generation literates of his generation have travelled in building their lives in significant ways to impact society. A major part of the book is dedicated to a narrative of the experiences of the author while working for the NGO community across the African continent. It documents the challenges these organisations faced in various countries where they facilitated development and outlines how the interventions of NGOs have benefited rural populations. It is fodder for intellectual consumption, literature for academic discourse and more information for development students and practitioners. The book documents indigenous knowledge that has hitherto been left to oral tradition and ignored in the Ghanaian education system. Finally, the book demonstrates the divine hand of the Almighty God in the life of the author as one reads through breath-taking moments of divine interventions that otherwise could have ended his life and career. All these are narrated to provide the suspense normally found in fiction books.

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Samuel Dubinyale Braimah

Samuel Dubinyale Braimah was born into a Bissa (commonly called Busanga) family in the village of Manga, in the Bawku District of the current Upper East Region of Ghana.
He had his education in Manga Primary and Middle schools, Ghana College, Tamale (currently Ghana Senior High School, Tamale), and Navrongo Secondary School. Sam has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Cape Coast and a masters in Social and Economic Development from the University of Swansea in the United Kingdom.
Sam Braimah's Development career spans a period of over 30 years and he has worked at senior management and leadership levels for International Development organisations including World Vision International, the African Centre for Human Development, US Peace Corps, ActionAid, The University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa, Oxfam and the African Evaluation Association. He was the first Executive Director of the African Evaluation Association and started the secretariat of the Association in Accra, Ghana, in 2013.
During his long career in development work, Sam has made presentations on the RightsBased Approach to development, HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, Evaluation and Strategic Planning to several national and international development organisations across Africa, Europe and the USA including the UN and the World Bank. Throughout his career he has benefited immensely from the support of his family made up of his wife, Rachel, and children, Eunice Mayinni, Emmanuel Wusuntanni, Stephen Yiriwaya and their spouses as well as Salma Gifty.
Sam Braimah's belief in a sovereign God and commitment to principled Christian living have been consistent and integral parts of his life and career and these attributes show throughout his writing.

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Golden Footprints: Memoirs of an African Development Worker


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