• Just Between Us: Highly Sensitive Matrimonial Love Letters

    If you had the opportunity to write a critical letter to your spouse, what would the content of that letter be, especially if no one else but just the two of you would ever know what you wrote?

    In Just Between Us, twenty-four love-constrained people, having travelled several years into their matrimony, write letters to their spouses, revealing top secrets, scandalous confessions, bizarre observations, childish suspicions, irreversible regrets, real fear, unbelievable actions, and even laughable inhibitions – all of them quite shocking and a bit disturbing.

    “This is a work of fiction,” admits the author, “the figment of a fertile imagination.” Yet, this product of the author’s thought is so real that it will challenge your own wildest ideas about matrimonial relationships.

    You will find the stories in these letters to be highly sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable, but they are unforgettable and deeply touching.

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