• Bed 27: Mental Strength and Healing

    How did we get here? Beri is in extreme pain and the confused doctors staring at her just makes it even worse. She has been hospitalized for 8 months, had multiple surgeries and lost 4.8meters of her small intestines and now her family is being told that she can’t survive without the ileum because that’s where food is absorbed. Almost every week of the 8 months have been one bad news to another. Things happening to her which she has never heard of before and to think that we have been told that when you are a dedicated Christian, nothing bad can happen to you. Eventually, she was given 3 weeks to live but heyy, things turned around and she is alive 7 years later telling her story. You will love to know how that happened.

  • 12 Dates with Autism and the Holy Spirit

    This book is a collection of experiences and lessons that demonstrate that in an uncertain world we can still know that God is in control. The Bible assures us that because God cares for and suffers our pains with us, He will not fail in executing His promises of deliverance and a perfect life for us in the end.

    The narratives herein point to the need for an understanding and appreciation of scriptures in everyday situations. Believers can obey the scriptures as God’s reliable guidance for living by faith, and this book encourages all persons who by reason of certain physical and or psychological disabilities feel beaten down, weary and discouraged to know that they are not alone. There is assurance in the Bible and in the reality of living with the Holy Spirit, that you can weather the storm and move ahead with a smile of victory. This book will help you learn those lessons and live that life.

  • A Little Flame of Hope

    A trail of unpleasant circumstances usher Ryan Hassan Asaba into the world. His resilient mother braces the tides and defies several odds to raise her disabled son. But when he needed her the most, she vanishes mysteriously. Now alone, Ryan is forced to navigate through the harsh realities of society. But an impending danger was fast approaching. Will his mother return to save him, or will the danger be potent enough to consume them both?

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