• Public Administration (AsanteBrako Political Series)

    Every person is impacted by public administration issues, yet many people do not fully understand the processes involved in getting the problems that confront them addressed by the government. It is an undisputable fact that our very survival as humans, in terms of protection against harm and provision of our welfare needs, hinges heavily on the state. To be able to discharge these functions effectively demands an effective and efficient public administration.

    What is public administration and what makes it relevant? This introductory Public Administration textbook is designed with the intention to provide students and practitioners with concrete tools, not only to understand public administration issues in general, but also to enable them to analyse specific theoretical and practical questions. The book offers an extensive overview of the current thinking on critical issues in the discipline, with an emphasis on accessibility and synthesis, rather than novelty or abstraction.

  • Africa: From Colonialism to Independence (AsanteBrako Political Series)

    Authoritatively and comprehensively compiled, this book, Africa: From Colonialism to Independence, offers a wide-ranging account of the political history of Africa, from pre-colonial times through colonial rule to the period of attainment of political independence. It sheds much light on the traditional political institutions that prevailed on the continent prior to the advent of colonial rule and how they were transformed by the systems of colonial administration as well as the new set of political institutions that emerged following the resistance to colonialism. The book covers all the geographical parts of Africa in a systematic order such that it will be found useful by readers in all geographical locations on the continent and beyond.

    The book gives penetrating descriptions of the colonial policies of all the major colonial powers and dilates on the positive and negative impacts of colonialism on the African subjects and African political institutions as well. It also gives a vivid account of the struggles by the Africans to get rid of the European hegemony. This straightforward, illustrated and factual text allows the reader to access personalities and events on the African continent during the period under review.

    In fact, the book Africa: From Colonialism to Independence is an authentic reference material for the avid reader, students and tutors of African political history as well as those who are enthusiastic to know more about African politics.

  • Understanding Political Institutions (AsanteBrako Political Series)

    Understanding Political Institutions comprehensively addresses both the theoretical and practical aspects of institutions in governance and politics. Written in an accessible style, the text is designed to introduce readers to political institutions and how they function to ensure sustainable peace and stability in the state.

    The focus of the text is on meanings, origins, features, structures, principles, theories and functions of both formal and informal political institutions, including the legislature, executive and judiciary, as well as civil society organizations, such as political parties, interest groups and the media. Other institutional processes and principles like separation of powers, checks and balances, rule of law, electoral processes and systems and constitutions are discussed.

    Each chapter features the key issues discussed, a summary of contents and sample examination questions. Understanding Political Institutions is indeed an essential reader and a must-read for anyone who is interested in gaining adequate knowledge about how both formal and informal political institutions function in a state.

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