Africa: From Colonialism to Independence (AsanteBrako Political Series)

Authoritatively and comprehensively compiled, this book, Africa: From Colonialism to Independence, offers a wide-ranging account of the political history of Africa, from pre-colonial times through colonial rule to the period of attainment of political independence. It sheds much light on the traditional political institutions that prevailed on the continent prior to the advent of colonial rule and how they were transformed by the systems of colonial administration as well as the new set of political institutions that emerged following the resistance to colonialism. The book covers all the geographical parts of Africa in a systematic order such that it will be found useful by readers in all geographical locations on the continent and beyond.

The book gives penetrating descriptions of the colonial policies of all the major colonial powers and dilates on the positive and negative impacts of colonialism on the African subjects and African political institutions as well. It also gives a vivid account of the struggles by the Africans to get rid of the European hegemony. This straightforward, illustrated and factual text allows the reader to access personalities and events on the African continent during the period under review.

In fact, the book Africa: From Colonialism to Independence is an authentic reference material for the avid reader, students and tutors of African political history as well as those who are enthusiastic to know more about African politics.

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Isaac Brako,

Kwame Asah-Asante


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AsanteBrako Political Series


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