• Appetite for Wealth: Taste of Fulfillment

    Recently I have observed with amazement the rate at which today’s youth have made money the reason for their existence. Greed, envy, jealousy, anger and pain have engulfed the world as a result of money. Society no longer cares about how people make their money. Honesty and integrity are thrown to the dogs. In these difficult times, the desire for personal fulfillment must be the driver of our decisions, not money and wealth. Contentment is the key that opens the gate to fulfillment. This book is born out of my personal experiences, insight and intelligence gained while working, walking and studying at the feet of giants.

    Writing in simple language with his readers in mind, Ato shares in this book that money is only important as a servant, and no matter where you are, you can take practical steps to create and command wealth. It is through our greatest struggles, pains, fears, insecurity, roadblocks and challenges that opportunities for wealth creation show up.

    Ato takes the reader on a journey towards wealth and fulfillment and shares inspirational and challenging stories that should motivate the reader to action.

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