Ernest Nii-Okai Okai, simply called Nii Okai (aka Ataa Nii) is a visionary leader, having founded Nii Okai Ministries, International House of Virtue, Saving Hearts Foundation, the Harbour City Mass Choir (co-founder) among others; including a founding leader of the Ghana Christian Music Association and convenor of the Hephzibah Summit.

He is a multiple award-winning artiste with 6 inspiring albums including, “Moko be”, “Worshipful”, “Hymnz Unlimited”, “Holy Writings”, “Saving Hearts”, “Yesu hi”, a maiden book and an online devotional.

Nii Okai has been singing since childhood, a gift which got full blown during his days at Mfantsipim School, and has remained a part of his education, career and ministry progression.

Nii Okai rose through the ranks of corporate life until mid 2010 when he left Standard Chartered to obey the call to Mission. He currently holds an MA in Mission and Theology from the Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong-Akuapem.

Ataa Nii is married to Yaa Afaribea Okai and they are blessed with 3 children (Dede-Ode, Naa Korkoi and Nii Okaikoi).

Ps Nii is an apostle by function, has his roots in the Methodist church and pastors the International House of Virtue (iChurch) based in Tema. He is currently into church planting, teaching, music directing, worship leading, creative directing, counseling, event management, media and worship arts development both locally and globally.


  • Yesu Hi

    Yesu Hi track list:

    1. Okokroko

    2. Odofo Pa (feat. HCMC)

    3. Yesu Hi

    4. Psalm 145 (feat. Rev Mouha)

    5. Dibonyeni (feat. Lic Choir)

    6. Toffee (feat. Rev Sam Nelson)

    7. Praise Remix (feat. Joe Mettle)

    8. Mebo Ne Dzin (feat. Uncle Ato)

    9. Saamo Ohe

    10. Hwe Yiye a Eye Pii (feat. Maxwell Enchill & Dani Makafui)

    11. Manyie Yesu See

    12. Yesu Hi (Live)


    Yesu Hi

  • Worshipful

    Worshipful track list:

    1. Yi Na Ye (Praise Medley)

    2. Majie Oyi (feat. Abigail Nkansah)

    3. Oda (feat. Afiba Vanderpuije)

    4. Gye W’ayeyi

    5. Creator, Redeemer, Lord

    6. King of Kings

    7. Interlude (John 3:16)

    8. John 3:16

    9. Mhb 400

    10. Kwemo (feat. Evangeline Gbenartey)

    11. Makpasa Le

    12. Gye W’ayeyi (Reprise)



  • Saving Hearts

    Saving Hearts track list:

    1. Revival

    2. Mala

    3. My Helper

    4. Trinity

    5. Saving Hearts (feat. Ijeoma Mekomam)

    6. Faith of Our Fathers (feat. Ben Essel & Joycelyn Armah)

    7. Boundary Lines (feat. Koda)

    8. Coming Back Again (feat. Danny Nettey)

    9. O Holy Night

    10. Woana Na

    11. Mokobe


    Saving Hearts

  • Hymns Unlimited

    Hymn Unlimited track list:

    1. Benedicite, Omnia Opera

    2. Anwanwa Do (Come Let Us All Unite)

    3. Anwanwa Do (Come Let Us Sing)

    4. Anwanwa Do (And Can It Be)

    5. Sing We the King

    6. Adoremus (All Creatures of Our God and King)

    7Adoremus (O Worship the King)

    8. Adoremus (Praise to the Lord)

    9. Adoremus (When Morning Gilds the Sky)

    10. Adoremus (Saviour, Blessed Saviour)

    11. Adoremus (Fairest Lord Jesus) [feat. Eyra Tamakloe]

    12. Adoremus (Crown Him with Many Crowns)

    13. Ko-Yi-Ko-Ko (O Thou Who Camest from Above)

    14. Malaika (Hark, Hark My Soul) [feat. Dieu Donnee Anyekase]

    15. Cathedral (A Safe Stronghold)

    16. Cathedral (Jesus Shall Reign)

    17. Cathedral (Be Thou My Vision)

    18. Cathedral (Begone Unbelief)

    19. Cathedral (Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By)

    20. Happy Man

    21. Altar Call (Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast)

    22. Altar Call (Hark My Soul)

    23. Altar Call (My Faith Looks up to Thee)

    Hymns Unlimited

  • Holy Writings

    Holy Writings track list:

    1. Fa Makoma

    2. You Are Jesus (feat. Kwame Amihere & Harbour City Mass Choir)

    3. Ayeyi Soronko in Eb

    4. Shrine of Our Sanctuary

    5. You Are Beautiful

    6. Been a While

    7. Meeba Lala (feat. Eugene Zuta)

    8. Hello, I Still Love You

    9. Owui Ma Me

    10. The Way (feat. Cwesi Oteng, Koda, Ike Nanor & Sitso “Reazn”)

    11. Hiding Place

    12. Every Single Word (Asem Biara Meka No)

    13. You

    14. Thank You

    15. Safe in You (feat. Rev Joe Beecham & Ewurama Dua Anto)

    Holy Writings

  • Moko Bɛ

    Moko Bɛ track list:

    1. None Compares (feat. Danny Nettey & Ike Nanor)

    2. Moses’ Song

    3. Woana Na (feat. Nana Yaa Amihere)

    4. Moko Be

    5. Moko Be (Reprise)

    6. Kwemo (Teaser)

    7. Praise Joint

    8. Wontse Bo

    Moko Bɛ


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