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Naomi Adjei

Naomi Adjei is a young writer who believes in the mastery of one's expression and use of N language to create change. Her first published book Talata, the child bride, recounted the true-life stories of some Ghanaian girls married off in their teens. The book did not only tell the pain of girls, but it also became a weapon, empowering the girl-child to take action and a mouth-piece sounding a call for action by organisations and institutions to strive to end child-marriage in the country and continent.
The book was well received and approved for use in schools by the Ministry of Education.
She currently works at Innova DDB Ghana, a renowned advertising agency in Ghana. She is affable, eloquent and passionate about women and women empowerment. She believes that change can be created, through the effective expression of one-self via the medium of language. The reality is that everyone has a story to tell - the differences only exist in perspective.

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