Aba Yankah Geker

Aba has always been passionate about children and the youth throughout her teen up until now. She joined the Sunday School ministry of a local church immediately she completed her high school education in Wesley Girls High School. Her active role as a children's minister eventually landed her in the youth ministry where she held the position of the Financial Secretary and the Youth Ministry President for 1 and 2 years, respectively. She has always been zealous about spreading the Word of God among the youth.

Aba demonstrated her interest in writing when she wrote her first book at the age of 19; although the book was never published, she pursued her education to the tertiary level after which she got married and now has three beautiful children. Throughout her years as a student, a wife and a mother, Aba gained a lot of experience in family related issues; where she placed God as the center and ultimate in all matters. Her experiences led her to write this book to teach the youth how to apply the Word of God in their daily activities to keep themselves out of sin and to remain holy until the day of judgement.

Aba is currently a member of the children's ministry at the International Central Gospel Church.