• Shattered Dreams

    Age Range: 6 – 12 years

    Rose and Susan were very close friends. They attended the same school, were in the same class and did everything in common. One thing kept close. Both of them took great delight in following rich old men and slept with them expressly for money.

    While Susan’s parents were against their habit of going after old men who could be their fathers, Rose’s mother encouraged her daughter in the act.

    “Use what you have to get what you want,” Rose’s mother used to tell her.

    The two girls continued with their wayward life until the inevitable happened.

  • Deception

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    This is a story of deception of a host of people by Chief Victor Okafor, the hero of the story. An orphan at a tender age, Victor ran away from the orphanage, joined street children, worked for one Chief Igwe and he grow to become the head of the street children, all of whom worked for Igwe as pickpockets.

    Victor abandoned the group after the arrest of Igwe and lived on his own, trafficking Nigerian girls to Italy. While all this was going on Victor’s matrimonial relatives were kept in the dark until his arrest and imprisonment.



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