• No Percent Tithe: How to Say No to Tithing and Still Be Blessed

    For a lot of Christians, tithing is a deeply ingrained tradition, reinforced each week on television and in the pulpits by people they look up to. However, those who take the time to study tithing, as practiced in the bible, will find out that Christian or storehouse tithing is both unbiblical and cannot be justified.

    Why the fixation with tithing? Why all the manipulation and deceit on a topic Christians should not be concerned about?.


    No Percent Tithe is an easy to read book that shows you what the Bible really says about paying tithes. The book, 100% backed by bible verses, clarifies and answers the questions you have about tithing. Questions like:

    – Who Paid Tithes Under the Law of Moses?
    – Did Abraham and Jacob tithe?
    – Can you tithe money?
    – Can pastors ask for a tithe?
    – Why do pastors demand the tithe?
    – Are you cursed if you don’t tithe?
    – How should you give to God?

    The author uses charts and diagrams to explain and contrast tithing under Moses’s Law with Christian storehouse tithing and also looks into how Abram (Abraham) tithed.

    Christians who read No Percent Tithe will be surprised to find out that:

    – Abraham, Jacob and early Christians did not tithe;
    – Jesus, Peter and Paul could not receive tithes;
    – It is unbiblical to tithe money or your income;
    – The priests received ONE% not 10% of the harvest;
    – Pastors are not the modern day Levites;
    – There was money in those days, but God did not want money as a tithe.

    Here are the chapter titles:

    – Tithing under Moses
    – Why tithing to your church is not biblical
    – Abraham and Jacob did not tithe
    – 5 reasons pastors teach untruths about tithing
    – Why Moses’s law does not apply to Christians
    – God’s Portion Was ONE%
    – NO % Tithe … Just Give
    – Why you should say no to tithing

    After reading NO % Tithe you will understand God’s plan for Christian giving and realise that storehouse tithing is unbiblical. The Bible says that we must rightly divide the word of truth to prevent confusion in our thinking (2 Timothy 2:15), and that is why you must read the No % Tithe book.

    If your goal is to be free to give as led by God and not be ‘forced’ to give to a church or ministry, purchase a copy of this book.

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