• Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage (4th Edition)

    Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage is a fictional narrative, which examines the consequence of being a person of racially mixed parentage in our world today.  It is a thrilling and critical appreciation of such experiences as told by Miranda the heroine; experiences that will be familiar to many people of similar background.

    The novel uniquely and passionately explores issues from both sides of the racial divide. The novel challenges stereotypical perceptions about power and influence, about love and hate.

    It is a story of healing, of hope and of promise for a racially divided world.  Miranda, in Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage, takes the reader through her life in Britain, Ghana and the USA. “Am I black or white”, Miranda constantly asks herself.   Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage is a powerful narrative and compelling guide for persons of mixed-race origins embarking on a search of their ancestral routes.

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