• Management and Cost Accounting (Fourth Edition)

    This book contains:

    • Extensive new material on corporate strategy, performance evaluation, corporate governance and the network economy.
    • Many new unique examples of management accounting in real-world action.
    • Revamped references at the end of each chapter to reflect new literature and the latest thinking.
    • Richly illustrated with a striking full colour text design and photographs to further engage the reader, reinforcing the practical relevance of issues discussed.
    • In-depth unique European and Harvard Business School case studies. A mix of new and classic real-world cases that pull together themes and offer a broader perspective of how management accounting can be applied in a range of different contexts.
    • Extensive assessment material, including questions taken from past professional papers, allows students to consolidate learning and practise their exam technique. Questions are available for every chapter and are classified according to level of difficulty.
    • Concepts in Action and Surveys of Company Practice boxes allow students to appreciate how accounting techniques are put into practice by managers in the business environment.

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