No Road Signs, No Manuals: My Journey Through Life

The book tells the life story of a typical rural lad who pulled himself up by his bootstraps from the deprivation and obscurity of rural life to the comparative luxury of an Ivory Tower and, subsequently, into the limelight of international diplomacy. It is an enthralling story which holds out hope for hundreds of today’s youth who find themselves in similar and seemingly hopeless circumstances. What’s more, it is readable and informative. Diplomats, Civil Servants and Academics alike, will find the book useful.

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Notion of the State in Contemporary Africa (Proceedings, 1998)

Proceedings, 1998.

Papers included are as follows:

Beyond State Collapse in Africa: Lessons for the Future – Nana Dr. S.K.B. Asante

Globalisation and the Future of the African State: Challenges and Opportunities – Mr. Alex Ashiabor

Overcoming the Development Problem of the Nation State in Africa through Regionalism – Professor S.K.B. Asante

Evolution of the Nation State in Africa: The Period Since Independence – Professor E. Gyimah-Boadi

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Implementing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)

Inaugural lecture by Nana Professor S.K.B. Asante. Delivered in 2006.

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