• The Usurper’s Dream (Weaving of the First Gods #1)

    “If you can, you wrestle with fate and damn everything else”

    The story of Osei Tutu begins under the tyranny of the mighty Denkyira. Destined for a life of captivity, Osei Tutu must risk everything to free his people from the over a century rule of Denkyira. His fight will cause division among the very gods that set him on his path and he will threaten everything in his quest for freedom.

    The Usurper’s Dream combines all the elements of pre-colonial legends: adventure, magic and history in describing the lives of its heroes. A delightful, entertaining story with disparate takes on characters whose belief in magic, gods and destiny shapes their lives.

  • Black Queen Sceptre

    He stole her dignity from her. He was one close friend she could count on. On the night of her seventeenth birthday, her life took a pivoting turn. This was more like survival of betrayal for Nana Fima. To Ma Kukua, it was like déjá vu.

    A passionate quest for revenge leads to a peek into prison life. A flash through New York City, where life takes a second major turn, full of uncertainties. A love story surfaces, with twists and turns and soon a genius is discovered while a ruthless criminal, Rich Hitler, officially becomes an Emeritus of world crimes.

    Nana Fima has to fight a difficult battle once again with unexpected tragic events along the line. Is victory coming from the Black Queen’s camp or it is going to be the same old story of the bad guys winning while the good people fight with their hands tied behind their back?

    This is survival of deception, college life away from parental scrutiny and an interesting detection of crimes.

  • The Compulsive Gambler

    Frank, a brilliant and hardworking young man who just completed high school, had always aspired to become a medical doctor.

    The once hardworking and trustworthy Frank had now turned into a serial gambler. He would defraud and dupe anyone at the slightest chance to get something to gamble. Upon all this, Frank held his reputation in high esteem and would not sacrifice it for anything. What was so fascinating about his cheating lifestyle was how his shenanigans were usually well orchestrated. He would always find a way to squeeze money out of people and still receive laudatory for it.

    How did he get involved with gambling in the first place? Was he able to perpetrate his furtivity on all the innocent victims and get away with it? What could have caused the sudden change in Frank’s character?

    Frank, starting to turn over a new leaf after realizing he was treading the wrong course, managed to obtain a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba due to his intelligence and hard work as a pupil-teacher. What happened to his scholarship? Will he become that medical doctor?

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