• Spiritual Corruption

    In this book Bishop Albert Luguterah takes us through the subtle world of spiritual corruption, its effects, consequences on the individual and the body of Christ as well as how to escape it.

    Bishop Charles Agyin- Asare, founder and Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International worldwide, captures the very core of the book so well describing it as one “written with the acumen of a skilled spiritual diagnostician” , and one which ” exposes symptoms of varying degrees of spiritual corruption”.

    The scriptures admonish “Let everyman examine himself whether ye be in the faith”. For the saint that seeks such an honest self-examination to keep on track with the Master’s will and purpose, this book is definitely going to be “a scriptural thermometer to measure, and give a clear reading of the spiritual temperature of your Christian faith and love for God, in the midst of a corrupt and perverted generation”.

    Reading through this book, you will be able to come to a clear diagnosis of the state of your walk with God and also find the biblical solutions to stay on track with God.

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